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The Appeal by Christina Thacher theappeal

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


The Appeal is the third volume in a linked series of Novellas called, Lawyer To The Doms. It can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone, although as there are recurring characters in all three, it makes more sense to read the complete set.

The Appeal features the love story between, Mackenzie (Mac) Lyon, the Lawyer to the Dom’s of the title and Diana, a younger lawyer who comes to him for assistance in bringing down an abusive Dom, who is up to his neck in criminal activities.

The setting is Washington DC and their meeting place is The Club, an exclusive BDSM club, which caters to the Washington elite.

Circumstances separate Mac and Diana and when they are finally reunited, they have to find out if they are truly compatible beyond the first heat of sexual attraction. Mac is dominant to his core and although he considers a purely vanilla relationship with Diana, he knows that ultimately this wouldn’t satisfy him.

Although Diana is 29, she is not sexually very experienced and has never found vanilla sex to be very pleasurable. However, she has also experienced the worst aspects of non consensual kink at the hands of the Criminal Dom and is wary of BDSM. Mac endeavours to discover whether she will respond to his brand of gentle and refined Dominance.

Their sexual encounters are beautifully described and highly erotic but the kink level is quite low, as Diana says when their negotiating a scene, “I’m a crappy masochist” to which Mac replies, “I’m a crappy sadist, so no worries”.

I’m not generally a great fan of the novella format, too often it doesn’t leave room for character or narrative development but Christina Thacher’s writing style is literate and accomplished and she manages in 11 chapters to develop an intriguing and well researched plot, peopled with well rounded and sympathetic characters. I hope she will consider publishing all three novellas in one volume, they would make for a very satisfying reading experience.

Reviewed by Ariadne

The Negotiation: A BDSM Romance by Christina Thacher thenegotiation

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This was an enjoyable little novella with a strong submissive, a good plot and some hot sex scenes.

Isabella prides herself on being a perfect sub, but she doesn’t kneel for just anyone. When she sees Master Sebastian, the Demon Dom, she decides he’s the one for her. He is furious at her commentary during a scene with a sub, but agrees to do a scene with her. If she succeeds in taking what he gives her, she wins a weekend with him. She does win and the two go beyond the first weekend. But Sebastian is hiding a secret and pushes her away. Can she find a way to make this relationship work?

Sebastian’s vulnerability and his caring for Isabella make him a delectable Dom. Isabella’s motivation is less clear, but she is no one’s doormat, in spite of loving being a sub in the bedroom.

Expect bondage, anal play, flogging, wax play and other elements of BDSM, all within the context of a good plot and interesting story.

Reviewed by Karen

The-Bequest-200x300The Bequest by Christina Thacher

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


As a follow up to the Aerie Doms by Ms. Thacher, Mackenzie Lyon is featured as the “Lawyer to the Doms”. If you have read this series, some of the characters will be familiar to you, especially the sexy Mackenzie. If you have not read them you will be able to keep up; however, this will make you want to read them.

This proved to be an interesting read. An unusual set of circumstances bring two very interesting characters together. Nice storyline and flow throughout the novel. The characters are well developed. Both main characters have careers and goals, Sara as a CFO for a charitable organization and Cal as a composer. They are intelligent and driven in their own lives.

She is a sexual submissive and enjoys the lifestyle that entails. Having lived with her Master until his untimely death; she was willed to his nephew, Cal. Legally it has no bearing, but in the BDSM world she feels a certain obligation to at least meet him.

Discovering he is not in the lifestyle at all has her wondering what her Master was thinking. She is attracted to him at first sight. If only?

As an impoverished composer, who could only remember his uncle from one brief meeting, he has no choice but to move into his deceased uncle’s home while the will is in probate. Living with his uncle’s submissive may be too much for him.

Cal is unsatisfied with his sex life. That is until it is suggested he may be a dominant. He keeps telling himself he’s not a Dom. However, when his lawyer suggests that he think of sex like conducting an orchestra, things begin to click into place.

Visiting ‘The Club’ is a life changing experience for the young composer. Can he go back to the townhouse and fully claim his inheritance?

The story is told thru multiple points’ view, which gives great insights, and understanding to the situations the strange Bequest brings about. It will keep you on your toes wondering what will happen next.

Some of the sex is very hot; from scenes in the club to Cal’s office desk, they are exciting. Dominants and submissives are at play for everyone to enjoy in this novel.

You will want to read the rest of this series to see what happens to the characters you meet (or have already met). A very enjoyable read to say the least!

Reviewed by Wendy Dawn

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Sara leads a double life: CFO by day, sexual submissive at night. When her Master dies suddenly, Sara discovers his will leaves her to his nephew, as though she’s a valuable piece of furniture. She’s ready to move into a hotel when she gets her first sight of the new owner, gorgeous six-foot-five Cal. Sara has a sudden desire to kneel at his feet. Only problem, he’s not a Dom.

Cal, a gifted but impoverished composer, barely knew his uncle. So it’s a shock to inherit Bruno’s fortune … and his sexual submissive. Under the terms of the will, they’ll have to live as roommates before Cal can deed the house to her. Smart, lovely and graceful, Sara drives Cal crazy with desire. Only problem, he’s not a Dom.

Cal is used to directing an orchestra to create the performance he wants, but he has to visit The Club to understand why his uncle left him The Bequest.


When the car service drove up to the house, Cal got out first, then reached back to help Sara out, making her feel delicate and special. Worshipped. He took a long time appreciating the looseness of her bodice, running his finger along the edge of fabric, before putting his arm around her waist and leading her toward the house.

They walked together into the hallway.

“Give me the tour of the dungeon.”

“All right.” She started toward the door to the basement, but his hand on her nape stopped her.

“I don’t think you need the dress down there, do you?” His eyes were darkest chocolate. So addictive.

“No, Cal.” She stood still while he unzipped the dress, slipping the shoulder straps down her arms. When the dress was a ring of coral on the floor, he took her hand and helped her step over the fabric. It was a courtly gesture, like Sir Francis Drake or something. Only Queen Elizabeth had never been caught wearing a nearly transparent bra, a white lace garter belt, fancy silk hose and black Louboutins. Oh, and no panties.

He picked up the dress and folded it over the back of a kitchen chair. She couldn’t say why, but his concern for her clothes didn’t diminish his mastery at all.

“After you.”

The stairs to the basement were wide and gracious, with dark wood treads. There was a home theater in the main part of the basement, a home gym in the front, and down the hallway a laundry room. Just beyond there, behind a locked door, was the dungeon. It extended under the courtyard, so anyone expecting the hallway to stop at the end of the main floor would think it a small storage room.

Cal had the key. He swung open the door and flicked on the lights. “Ohmigod.”

Sara had her usual visceral response to the dungeon. She loved parts of it and hated others. Either way, her pulse and breathing always sped up.

Bruno had designed it to look like an Edwardian manor house. The ceiling was coffered in dark wood, a pale gold damask covered the walls above the gleaming wainscoting, and a massive Oriental carpet covered the floor. The rest was custom-designed BDSM equipment. A spanking bench, a St. Andrew’s cross, a four-poster bed, a throne-like chair with an elaborately carved back and legs. And, of course, the cage.

Cal went straight for the cage. “Who can I call to remove it?”

Sara froze. “I…uh, I don’t know.”

Cal nodded once. “Mac will know. Forget I asked. Forget it was ever here.”

Easier said than done.


She flinched.

“I told you to forget it was ever here. Even if you can’t do that, please respect my authority enough to stop staring at it.”

She blinked, then looked up at him. “I’m sorry, Sir.” She tried to dial back her terror. “What can I show you first?”

He glanced around, then pointed at the cabinetry along one wall. It looked like the built-in drawers and glass-fronted cabinets one might find in the dining room of an English manor house. “Let’s see the toys. I like toys.”

Sara liked some of the toys, too. “All right.” She pulled open shallow drawers with their velvet-lined compartments for clamps, clips, restraints and bindings. Another drawer contained vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. A tall cabinet had hooks for crops, whips, canes and floggers.

“Mac says he’ll give me a lesson on impact play.” Cal slanted a smile at her. “No need for you to be my guinea pig.”

She knew he was reassuring her, but quixotically she wished he would practice on her. She didn’t like the idea that he’d be at The Club, learning on a dummy or, worse, one of the slutty masochists who let anyone whale on them. Maybe she could say something to Mac…

“Sara,” Cal said in his Dom voice, the one that put her immediately in the mood for sex. “I want you to pick three items for me to use tonight. Not any of the crops, of course, but anything else you like.”

She sucked in a shaky breath. Cal’s face was stern but generous. This wasn’t about pain or punishment. She really could choose her favorite toys.

Nipple clips, but not the most painful pair. She selected a pretty set of round black clamps.

Padded cuffs that could be clipped together.

Final choice was her favorite vibrator. Master Bruno wouldn’t let her use it often because she came so easily with it. If Cal ordered her not to orgasm, it would be a painful choice, but he’d wanted all her climaxes last night. Be willing to be lucky, she guessed.

She placed the items in Cal’s hands.

“Very good. Last thing you get to decide. Which piece of equipment do you want me to use?”

That was easy. “The chair.” Maybe he’d spank her as well as play with the toys.

Cal folded his arms. “Very good. Take off the bra.”

She unclipped it, peeled back the cups and let it fall until it dangled from her fingertips. Cal took it, folded it carefully and left it on a table near the doorway.

He put his hand at the small of her back, just as he had at the restaurant. Funny to think she’d removed only two pieces of clothing, yet she’d gone from respectably dressed to a walking wet dream.