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temporaryTemporary Dom by Holly S. Roberts

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


Luke Isaak, the drummer for Blood Rights, is on a mission. Machala Winters got away once and Luke is determined it will never happen again. She’s perfect for his sadistic proclivities though the first time she held herself back and drove him crazy.

Machala knows what she wants and if Luke would accept her submission and stop prying into her past, he would be at the top of the list. Some things are meant to stay buried and a certain Dom needs to respect her privacy.

Sometimes love hurts in more ways than one. And sometimes a Temporary Dom holds a girl’s heart forever.

Note: This is Book III of the Bad Boys of Rock and a spin off from the Club El Diablo series. It can be read as a standalone novel.


Holly Roberts took a risk with Isaak and Machala. While most romances open with the couple in question meeting for the first time, she chose to feature main characters who have not only met but are already in love with one another. On one hand, the pre-existing chemistry between them helped heavy sex scenes make sense early in the story. However, it also made their happily ever after seem inevitable fairly early on in the story despite the hurdle of Machala’s past that they had to overcome. They were so wrapped up in each other from the very beginning that no other outcome seemed possible. The only mystery that remained was how Isaak would encourage Machala to open up to him.

Some readers may not agree that ‘encourage’ is the right word to chose in this case, considering Isaak’s style of dominance. Although he comforted and held Machala each time one of their scenes led to a tearful breakthrough, he also used pee and enema-play to humiliate and break her will. He employed breath-play without consulting her in advance and then went on to repeatedly ignore her safeword. Regardless of whether part of him was truly doing this for Machala’s good, he was also hoping she would break through that trauma for his own benefit so they could be together forever. In the process, he continued scenes without her consent and risked making the situation even worse. This is not what a good Dom would do, or a good partner, and readers with abuse histories may find themselves triggered by this plotline. It’s with these consent issues that Roberts took her second risk with the novel, as she potentially alienated some of her reader base.

Reviewed by Ethan X. Thomas

lovingLoving Two Doms by Holly S. Roberts

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Bandmates Matt and Stephon have known each other for years and come as a set; you get one and you get the other. Lately Matt has been out of sorts and during a morning alone he stumbles across Jewel; a beautiful waitress but she is as vanilla as you can get. Yet no matter how hard he tries to stay away Jewel draws him to her. Matt will never be whole without Stephon, and he worries that Jewel will run once she finds out the truth. The men can only hope that their love is strong enough to convince Jewel to stay.


I really liked the plot of this book but I found it hard to connect to the characters. The emotions and intensity that were written did not come through for me. Matt and Stephon are good Doms and it was nice to see the way the two introduced Jewel to their lifestyle. Jewel is a strong woman and overcomes a lot in this book. Jewel may be new to their world but she is a fast and eager learner. The three deserve the happiness that they long for. As great as this books concept was it still came off as a dry read for me. The author told but did not show me the intensity of the men’s relationship as well as the love and trust between all the characters.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Holly Roberts: BDSM, HEA, and LAFS

Everyone is familiar with the BDSM acronym but I remember the first time I saw HEA and had to search online because my overly taxed brain couldn’t figure out Happily Ever After. This post is to introduce you to LAFS because I write it and live it. Come on take a guess. Do you give up?

When I was twelve-years-old, my family moved across country. I went from southern military school (Army Base) to Northern California. I left corporal punishment (bottom paddling & ouchy ruler implemented knuckle swats) to smoking in between junior high school open campus classes. No, I wasn’t a smoker then and I remain smoke free today. But, a good friend from my army camp days was suspended for a week, after our school commandant found a cigarette butt during locker inspection.

My parents dumped me into a new world with boys sporting long hair, girls wearing short skirts and twelve/thirteen year olds smoking, and it wasn’t just tobacco. Pure culture shock!

I tried to fit in but I just wasn’t cool enough. Thank goodness my imagination kept me going and I managed to gather a few friends who fulfilled my need for human interaction. One day, my bestest girlfriend Miriam, told me she had a mad crush on a studly jock. I had no idea who she meant and asked her to point him out. In between class, she covertly nodded her head. Standing twenty feet away was the boy of my dreams.

His angular face drew my eyes but so did the three inch brown curls falling past his neck, tight jeans shaping his ass, and a black t-shirt defining his athletic chest. No parent wants to know their twelve-year-old has these feelings, but I did. This young boy, several years from being a man, became my obsession. My young girl dreams filled with him holding my hand, giving me my first kiss, and then as I grew up, my teenage thoughts turned naughty.

My school notoriety never manifested but my body had another agenda. I’m also a blonde and our popularity was once again on the rebound. At sixteen, I sat in the high school rotunda studying for a test when something brought my gaze up. Standing a short distance away, surrounded by football players in their Friday jerseys, was my fantasy. The only difference, in this moment… frozen in time, were his dark eyes staring directly into mine. I almost fainted when his dimples quirked and his smile filled my world with blazing heat. My stomach pitched, my heart stopped. I gave a small shy smile and this budding man fell head over heels for the girl who loved him for years.

Now thirty-five years later, my husband, that beautiful sexy boy and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. We didn’t surround ourselves with our daughters or beautiful grandchildren, we… well that’s another spicy story though it did include some slap and tickle, bondage tape, and our favorite toys. I love giving TMI.

I believe in LAFS (Love At First Sight). It happened to me and I live it every day. My life changed and rewrote itself when I was twelve. Recently, a review of one of my Club El Diablo books stated they weren’t sure why the lead character found himself instantly attracted to his HEA. It was a good review but had that one little question. The answer is longer as you’ve read but oh so simple, LAFS.

Holly Roberts writes the erotic BDSM Club El Diablo Series, surrounds herself with her dogs and horses, and loves the outdoors. She writes every spare moment and kisses her LAFS each day as often as possible. Bad Boy Dom is the next book in the series due out February 14th, 2013. Add a box of chocolates and you’ll enjoy a yummy and kinky Valentine’s Day. You can find Holly on Twitter @ClubElDiablo Facebook http://www.facebook.com/clubeldiablo and her blog http://clubeldiablo.blogspot.com Her books are available at Amazon, B&N, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, and KOBO.

Touched by a Dom (Club El Diablo) by Holly Roberts



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Sir Kyle’s need for pain terrifies all but the kinkiest submissives. The willing screams of his hardcore subs ring through the walls of
Club El Diable.

Trisha is new to the BDSM lifestyle and has never experienced the big “O” with a man. Her vibrator does the job better than her last
boyfriend so who needs more?

Kyle’s dark secret keeps him from training new subs but he’s hot to test Trisha’s limits.

Can Trisha survive the painful ecstasy Kyle administers when she’s Touched by a Dom?


Touched by a Dom by Holly Roberts is third book in the Club El Diablo series. This book is about Trisha who confides in her best friend about her lack luster sex life. The best friend in turn convinces her to try Club El Diablo to find what she is missing. Kyle is a Dom that scares most subs because he is into pain. He is attracted to Trisha the first time he sees her even offering to train her which he has not done with anyone in years.

Holly Roberts did a good job with the BDSM elements. It came across as more believable than most. One could imagine people actually doing and enjoying what she described. The sex scenes are very hot, even with pain involved.

The ending was a bit odd. Most people are not as understanding as Trisha was. I would think that, someone would be wondering if Kyle really loved Trisha and not Amanda. Someone could also wonder if Kyle was trying to replace Amanda with Trisha. The story at 85 pages was a quick read. Overall, this was a really enjoyable story.

Reviewed by Melissa