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What Some Women Tops and Bottoms Have in Common

Power dynamics have interesting implications. What some Doms do to control; others require their submissive to perform as a service. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

When I had a convertible, I always drove my own car. I enjoyed the turbo charged engine and its ability to take curves at high speeds. I never let anyone else behind the wheel of that car, and my submissive rode with me as a passenger. But, when I traded my sports car in on a sedate sedan, the dynamic changed. Driving became boring, so now my submissive chauffeurs me. It’s another way he serves me.

This implication can often be seen in D/s sexual interactions. When it comes to sex, women tops and bottoms often have something in common, besides the obvious. Although the context differs depending on their position in the D/s dynamic, many women abdicate the responsibility for their pleasure to their partners.

In some M/f relationships I’ve observed, the male puts a fair amount of effort into his submissive’s orgasms, whether it’s devising diabolical rape scenes or training her to come on voice command.

At the other end of the dynamic, some FemDoms expect their submissives to serve them by providing them with sexual pleasure — whether it’s fetish related such as foot worship or actual intercourse often of the oral variety.

In either dynamic, the genitalia of the submissive may be considered owned by the Dominant. But, attitudes toward their possessions differ greatly.

In both cases, Dominants might enjoy tormenting their toys’ sexual equipment. But, the male Dom may take pleasure in forcing his girl to come over and over again until she can’t breathe while the FemDom asserts control by prohibiting her boy from having an orgasm.

This dichotomy is especially observable in chastity devices. The male apparatus prevents him from having an erection and therefore, in most cases, an orgasm. The female restraint only obstructs penetration.

Now both top and bottom females may be very explicit about what they want, what arouses them, and what they find distasteful. And, of course the turn ons and offs are likely to be diametric opposites. But, even if they’re very explicit about their likes and dislikes, many women prefer giving their partner control over whether or not, and how often, they come.

Personally, I can’t comprehend why any woman would surrender her sexual pleasure to another, even if it’s someone who works hard to satisfy her. I wonder if women do so because society considers female sexuality subservient to male’s. Or are women hesitant to take control of their sexual pleasure because society dictates negative connotations for women who enjoy sex?

Who takes responsibility for female orgasms in your relationship and how does that impact your D/s dynamic.

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I.G. Frederick trades words for cash, specializing in erotic and transgressive fiction and poetry since 2001. Her erotic short stories appear in Hustler Fantasies, Forum, Foreplay, and Desire Presents, as well as electronic, audio, and print anthologies. Her novels receive high praise from readers, critics, and other authors.

A FemDom, Ms. Frederick owns the man she adores. Although dominant in the rest of his life, he demonstrates his love by serving as her submissive.

Ms. Frederick writes about finding love in BDSM relationships from the authority of one enjoying that for almost a decade. As an observer, she also sees the many ways BDSM turns ugly. She writes about abusive and tragic interactions as Korin I. Dushayl.

Under both names, she tells stories of characters spanning a wide range of gender and sexuality.

You can learn more on her websites: http://www.eroticawriter.net/frontpage.php and http://transgressivewriter.com

        Sometimes, only a thin line separates BDSM from abuse in a relationship. Especially online, you find people who claim that their “naturally dominant” personalities entitle them to demand submission of others: to take ownership of mind, body and soul. The only thing creepier than Dominants who profess their superiority are the submissives who offer themselves up for this sort of abuse.

          True, many submissives simply echo the erotic fantasies that haunt them, reciting the words they’ve seen others type. Most shun real-time opportunities. Although a few may go so far as to present themselves for service, reality and pain soon send them back to the comfort of their online world. But some actually put themselves in the hands of the those who have no education, little experience, and less understanding of the responsibilities that come with accepting someone’s submission.

            I especially worry about the submissives who have low (or no) self-esteem, who think enslavement will solve their vanilla-world problems, who make decisions based on the reaction between their legs instead of the one between their ears. They get damaged — emotionally, physically, and financially.

“I am dominant by nature and like to be in control,” more than one profile claims. They makes no reference to experience, knowledge or caring for a submissive. “I am a True Master seeking a true sub/slave to serve Me,” another common declaration. Exactly what does that mean?

BDSM organizations have defined abuse as: “Physical, sexual or emotional acts inflicted on a person without their informed and freely given consent.”

But without training and experience, without care and consideration, abuse can happen even with consent. Someone who consents to a D/s relationship without prior knowledge of what it involves or the person to whom he/she is submitting is a perfect candidate for emotional abuse. This statement, in a “slave’s” online journal, speaks volumes about what the person writing it has experienced in the past. “i need some security and to feel good that i am not going to be thrown away for a simple reason.”

That boi consented to a D/s relationship. He offered himself as a slave to someone who professed experience and presented a “leather resume” that was, for the most part fabricated. What he didn’t get from the Dominant to whom he gave himself was references from others who had served him. The emotional abuse that ensued took its toll, and it required the better part of a year for the boi to heal from a month-long enslavement.

To work, a Dominant/submissive relationship must offer symbiotic benefits to everyone involved. Even a slave should ask: “What’s in it for me?” Dominants who do not ensure that their submissives’ needs get met, as well as their own, do not deserve the title of Master/Mistress. Those who abuse their submissives — who don’t respect and treasure them as human beings — give all a bad name.

Friendship, love, intimacy, respect, and trust form the core of all relationships. Without any one of those, the connection between two (or more) people will not last. The strongest D/s relationships I know are the ones that started out as two people in love. Often the D/s aspect grew organically out of their love affair/marriage. Their unions have endured for decades. However, those who seek Owners or slaves without developing deeper relationships, most likely will not survive together a year.

One can meet one’s soul mate online. I know a number of couples/families who have done so, including those who started out geographically very far apart. And it helps if you share common interests in S&M and D/s, so seeking that soul mate on a site for alternative lifestyles offers advantages. But, look beyond the labels at the person. Get to know the man or woman on many levels before venturing into a Master/slave contract. D/s demands incredible trust. You cannot achieve trust without scrupulous honesty and that requires a lot of  communication.

The best way to avoid abuse is to take precautions from the moment you meet a potential new partner. I highly recommend Jack Rinella’s book Partners in Power. Not only does he address safety, but he also talks about types of real-world relationships and what it takes to find the right partner and actually make a D/s relationships work.

If you got involved in a relationship without taking precautions, if you allowed fantasies and desire to overrule common sense, it’s critical that you be honest with yourself now. Anyone who suspects they (or someone they care about) has suffered from abuse, needs to ask these questions (developed at Leather Leadership Conference in 1999):

“1. Are your needs and limits respected?

“2. Is your relationship built on honesty, trust, and respect?

“3. Are you able to express feelings of guilt or jealousy or unhappiness?

“4. Can you function in everyday life?

“5. Can you refuse to do illegal activities?

“6. Can you insist on safe sex practices?

“7. Can you choose to interact freely with others outside of your relationship?

“8. Can you leave the situation without fearing that you will be harmed, or fearing the other participant(s) will harm themselves?

“9. Can you choose to exercise self-determination with money, employment, and life decisions?

“10. Do you feel free to discuss your practices and feelings with anyone you choose?”

If any of those questions generates a “No” answer, the relationship is potentially abusive. You can find help by contacting the National Leather Association -International Domestic Violence Project at http://www.nlaidvproject.us, your local domestic violence hotline, or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or http://www.ndvh.org/

Stay safe.

I.G. Frederick has traded words for cash more years than she cares to admit and has specialized in erotic fiction and poetry since 2001. She has sold numerous short stories and poems to various print and electronic magazines and anthologies. Her four novels have received high praise from readers, critics, and other authors. Three of her four novels address issues of consent and abuse in a BDSM context. In her latest book, Playing With Dolls, Jesse enjoyed playing with dolls and wearing girls’ clothing as a child. His liberal father, resigned to having a gay son, encourages Jesse’s involvement in the LGBT youth culture of Eugene, Oregon where they live. On his eighteenth birthday, Jesse has his first sexual experience and hates it. A few months later, he is befriended by a Lesbian couple who introduces him to S&M. When they move away, he flounders, pretending to be a woman to get a job. Although Tony, a handsome leatherman, rescues him, Jesse finds the price too high for his liking. Then Tony takes his boys to Paradise and Jesse learns things about himself that he finds very difficult to accept. http://eroticawriter.net/


Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch?

I am a FemDom and a sadistic top. I own a male who is submissive to me and we live the lifestyle 24/7.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

I never really “decided” I wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica. The first story I ever sold to a magazine was about a male bottom and his first experience with a female top. That started me down the path of writing erotica. And, since my own erotic interests are tied up in BDSM (pun intended), more and more of my fiction found it’s way into that landscape. Even some of my “sweet” romance stories include just a taste – a skein of rope here, a paddle there. And then there’s Broken and Shattered –- hard-core kink with questionable consent.

Is there one area of BDSM that you tend to write about more? Why do you think that area creeps into your writing more than some others?

If there’s one area of BDSM that finds its way into most of my stories it’s FemDom/male submissive pairings. Even if that’s not the primary focus of the story, it’s often there. I’ve written a few stories from the female bottom/submissive point of view. I even wrote one story from the point of view of a male Dom, just to challenge myself when I realized I’d never attempted that POV before. But most of my POV characters are either male submissives/slaves/bottoms or female dominants/tops.

Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience?

I write about what I find interesting and sexy, but I tailor it to the audience I’m writing the story for. Often, that’s not so much a different story as a different use of language and a different story presentation.

What have you written in the past that you think your BDSM/kink fans might find interesting?

I’ve had three novels, 18 poems, and two dozen short stories and collections published that were set in the BDSM landscape. It would depend on what flavor the reader/fan might prefer. I have stories that are more about S&M and sex than D/s and stories that emphasize D/s over S&M. I have written cautionary tales that are designed to revolt as much as arouse and hot sexy romances. I have written female/male, female/female, male/male, male/male/female, and female/male/male combinations. Some of my work is more likely to appeal to male readers, some to female. My fourth novel, Playing with Dolls, which will be published in early ’12, is a gender bender. What’s your pleasure? Check my website and I’m sure you’ll find something to get you wet/hard and/or make you think.

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

It’s hard not to. I’ve so many kinky and erotic stories waiting to be told. But, I also have thrillers, fantasy, urban paranormal, and other genres I would like to explore.

What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option!

Chocolate, preferably with pieces of chocolate and/or fudge and/or brownie mixed in. You know those brownie sundaes they serve with vanilla ice cream? Make mine with chocolate ice cream, extra hot fudge sauce, and keep the whip cream off my chocolate!

Website, links info:

I.G. Frederick has traded words for cash more years than she cares to admit and has specialized in erotic fiction and poetry since 2001. She has sold numerous short stories and poems to various print and electronic magazines and anthologies. Her novels have received high praise from readers, critics, and other authors.

You can read reviews of her work and find links to purchase her novels, poetry books, and individual short stories on her website: http://eroticawriter.net/. You can also find her at Smashwords http://tinyurl.com/eroticawriter, Twitter http://twitter.com/eroticawriter, Facebook http://www.facebook.com/eroticawriter. and Amazon http://tinyurl.com/EroticaWriteronAmazon

I.G. Frederick
Pussy Cat Press [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1937471934
ISBN-13: 978-1937471934

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

An abuse of authority is not always a bad thing. When it is, it becomes a train wreck. When hard lines are crossed and someone is shattered into a state of suicidal depression, I’m furious. This book only generated negative emotions for me – fury, disgust, loathing and sorrow. The first three are all applied to Jessica who was the protagonist in the first book, Broken. In Shattered, she hasn’t changed. She’s still the spoiled brat who continues to demonstrate what Vanilla people believe BDSM people are like. I’m disgusted with her utter lack of ethics. I loathe her self-centered caviler attitude to someone she broke on purpose.

Zachary is a sweet, highly intelligent twenty-five year old with an undiagnosed Asperser syndrome. In his cry for help – Jessica, his psychiatrist, violates every code of ethics. I’m appalled at her thought process. Her treatment of Zachary is abhorrent to me specifically because he had no choice. I’m in agreement with Lady Alyssa that Jessica crossed lines that shouldn’t have been crossed. Jessica’s understanding of BDSM is so perverted and twisted, it pisses me off. I nearly gave this book a rating of one due to the BDSM lifestyle shown in the first part of the book. The ends do NOT justify the means. While Jessica’s “experimental” treatment of Zachary helped him to a degree, it merely placed a bandage over the grievous wound. This wound was never lanced and given the chance to heal. Instead, she added to the wounds with indifference and no forethought of what would happen to Zachary.

I ended up giving this a rating of three because of the growth allowed for Zachary. Ms. Fredrick’s second half of the book was four paddle material. The difference of Lady Alyssa’s Domming style pleased me. While Zachary completed almost the same duties, it was his choice. In addition, he was given a journal to express his thoughts and for Lady Alyssa to reflect. I found Zachary’s growth back into a valued human endearing. He’s such a sorry soul. Although the book did not resolve all the conflicts and left us at an unresolved ending, I’m glad for this. I found it pleasurable to see Jessica’s troubles. I felt hope for Alyssa and Zachary’s future.

Even though I found Jessica and her methods despicable, the BDSM scenes in the story are well done. I do have to commend Ms. Fredrick with her accuracy. Her contrasting portrayal of a bad Domme to a good Domme was nicely depicted. Her tackling of the difference between a slave and a sub was subtle and I’m not sure if everyone picked it up. I recommend this to BDSM lovers who want a meatier book. This one will make you think and analyze. This is not recommend for the SugarKink and GlitterKink crowd.

Reviewed by Book Addict

I.G. Frederick
Pussy Cat Press [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1937471918
ISBN-13: 978-1937471910

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Jessica is one of those spoiled princesses who go from riches to rags. She keeps her heads in the clouds working in her ivory tower on her PhD. After the death of her father, the truth about her financial stability comes out and she’s shocked. Orphaned, Jessica scrambles to figure out what to do. She’s never even seen the bills to her Mercedes, cell phone or credit cards. After much deliberation, she comes up with a plan. The only way to keep working on her PhD is begging to be taken on as an assistant of Professor Lawrence. It means she has to change her PhD thesis and what she really wants to research and write about, but he would be able to do more for her in the psychiatric field.

Now, one could feel sorry for Jessica and pray Professor Lawrence takes pity on her and gives her a job as a teaching assistant, despite her late application for financial assistance. I feel no pity for her whatsoever. In fact, throughout the entire book, I felt disgust and loathing for this character. She’s spoiled and feels she is above the rest. Not only this, but she rails at her situation rather than be thankful for it. The only reason I’m giving this book a three paddles is because I enjoyed the BDSM scenes. Based on plot and character development alone, I would give it 1 paddle. The actual message I take from this book is rather disappointing and puts both BDSM and femdom in a bad light. I would recommend this book only for people who are into BDSM and know the difference between fantasy and reality. Because if this book is given to those who are merely curious or new to BDSM, I fear what they will believe BDSM is about.

First, Jessica is forced into submission without any type of preparation – mentally or physically. While I enjoyed her humiliation and degradation because she is a snotty little bitch, four days is unrealistic. Second, unless this is a capture fantasy, I’m not particularly thrilled with someone who is vanilla to be introduced into the BDSM lifestyle in this manner. Third, when she learns about dominating, she lets her inner bitch out by taking out her revenge on innocent men. This is what bothered me most. I did not like this portrayal at all. She isn’t a true Domme. She’s just a cruel bitch who likes to abuse men because she feels as though she is wronged. The fact that she gleefully enjoys abusing the men and feels it is her right is most disappointing. Her interaction with Professor Lawrence is also unbelievable. While other women seek to be under his sadistic tutelage and he even turns away hopeful applicants, I’m not sure why he takes Jessica on. She’s ungrateful and manipulative. There is absolutely no trust in this relationship which is sad because that’s the essences of a good Dom and sub. If the Professor provided any training for her as a sub, it was completely missed in the book. He is a terrible Dom.

The author’s writing style is okay. The characters were all disengaging. The main thing I enjoyed was the dungeon scenes. In this story, there was no mentioning of limits and safewords which I’m okay with because I didn’t like Jessica and hoped she’d be damaged beyond repair. Alas, my hopes were dashed as she came through unscathed and with a deal to her advantage. I recommend this book for BDSM lovers who want to read some hot edge play scenes.

Reviewed by Book Addict

I.G. Frederick
Xcite Books [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1603814183
ISBN-13: 978-1603814188

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

Dommemoir is a chronological diary told from the point of view of Lady Genevieve and slave nicholas. Each character reliving the anguish of searching for a life they craved, yet unable to bring to reality. The characters were thoroughly developed to the point that as a reader, I was able to sympathize and feel the pain and suffering. The author was able to realistically re-create the basic explanation of the lifestyle and how one could possibly find themselves in either characters shoes.

Lady Genevieve, a strong and successful woman in her mid-forties, finds herself divorced and downsizing all aspects of her life to fit into a condo. For the first time in her life, Genevieve is responsible for maintaining her life and home. After sometime she discovers that she prefers the company of a submissive man to maintain her home and feed a side she has yet to fully understand. Lady G struggles through many failed attempts to find a slave that is offering the level of service and devotion that she seeks. Her frustration is palpable as she screens through the large volume of men seeking to serve through an online BDSM site. However, she misses the true characteristics of someone right under her nose. Jared, a young co-worker, who propositions Genevieve with the thoughts of a young lover.

slave nicholas, a man who can trace his desire to serve and nurture back to the age of innocence, is married to a woman who refuses to accept certain characteristics of her husband. In an attempt to fulfill his inner most desires, nicolas seeks out other woman who appreciate a docile man in an online BDSM forum. His wife discovers how truly deep his need goes, but does not want to understand and files for divorce. Now alone in the world, nicholas’ depression spirals out of control plummeting him into utter despair. While contemplating his life, nicolas receives a response to a previous online request of consideration that in more ways than one save his life.

As Genevieve and nicholas begin their path together, both fear the possibility of once again being rejected. The strength she draws from his competence and desire to fulfill her every command is verbally relayed to the reader. However, she has a second soul to consider in her quest and wants to include both in her life. Soon the two become three and find a rhythm to life, only to be interrupted by nosy neighbors bent on objecting to something they know nothing about. Geneveive decides that it is time to move forward in her life with her slaves and put down roots in a safe environment.

Dommemoir was a true eye opener. It caused me to stop and consider the other side of the coin through the eyes of the opposite sex. Men allowing women to be the dominant force in the relationship harbors such taboo’s in today’s world. The author touched on how society views men who enjoy allowing their significant others to be in control and be subservient to another. I stopped and pondered many views that I previously thought to be un-savorable, and reconsidered them with a more open, educated mind. A life devoted to servitude and devotion is a life fulfilled.

“How do you identify?” is a loaded question, no matter who’s asking. The query can refer to your gender, sexual orientation, or role in the BDSM lifestyle. In all cases, binary or even ternary systems leave many people out and can create a great deal of confusion, especially online.

With one exception (to my knowledge) every BDSM networking site offers only three or four labels from which to choose: dominant, submissive, switch, and possibly slave. This has made it difficult for those interested in learning more about kink to figure out their place in the spectrum because they have no clue what identities are possible. I know of one exception. Fetlife (http://fetlife.com) currently offers a more realistic 15 choices for BDSM role (and 12 each for gender and .sexual orientation).

What follows is my opinion of what some labels mean. I don’t hold myself out as an authority. But, I am a FemDom (and a top) and I own a submissive who lives in my home, serving me 24/7. I have spent a fair amount of time at various community events and also communicated with way too many online players. So for what it’s worth …

 Domme: This term created controversy (and also confusion about how it’s pronounced). When I first signed onto Fetlife a few months after it went live, if you selected “female” and “dominant” you were automatically identified as a “Domme.” This did not sit well with many. In general, the term refers to a female dominant as does

FemDom: Personally, I prefer FemDom because being a dominant female does present significant challenges in a patriarchal society and the dynamic of a F/m or F/f relationship tends (but isn’t always) to be different than that of a M/f or M/m. Which brings us to:

Dominatrix is a professional who gets paid to top someone (usually male) in a BDSM scene. Often they’re not dominants. They deliver what their clients want when it’s wanted. Although their clients may profess to be submissive, in reality, they’re usually a

Bottom, someone who is a masochist or has other fetishes that puts them on the receiving end during a BDSM scene. Bottoms get bound, hurt, and/or humiliated, but they choose with whom they want to play and whatever form of play their scenes involve. They negotiate the level of restraint, pain, and degradation their scenes will include. Bottoms can use safewords to reduce the intensity level or stop the scene all together. The bottom’s role end when the scenes does, unlike a

Submissive: Online you can find endless lists of profiles in which the writers try to convince the reader how submissive they are using words like ‘well trained’ and ‘obedient.’ Then they go on to describe how much they enjoy pain, bondage, and “punishment.” A submissive is someone who serves, who cedes control of themselves and some or all aspects of their lives to their dominant in a relationship. Whereas bottoms ask tops to perform certain tasks for the bottoms’ (and presumably the tops’) pleasure, submissives enjoy serving their dominant’s needs, even when that means performing tasks they would otherwise find onerous. The ultimate example is the submissive who is not a masochist, but who takes pain from their sadistic dominant only because the dominant enjoys hurting them. Depending on the relationship, submissives may not have safewords. One can demonstrate submission during a scene. But, if one wants to be submissive in a Dominant/submissive (aka D/s) relationship, it works best if your partner(s) is a

Dominant: The key to domination is control. In D/s relationships, dominants make decisions about everything from what their submissive will wear and eat to whether and where they will work and play. How much control a dominant has can vary greatly and defines the relationship.  The parties involved negotiate the level of control and type of relationship, but for months and years, not the few hours or days that a scene might last. If you’re negotiating a scene, you’re probably doing so with a

Top: In a BDSM scene, the top administers restraint, pain, and humiliation. But tops only deliver what the bottoms have requested and agreed to.

None of the definitions above are exclusive. One can be, for example, a dominant top (common), a dominant masochist (not so common), a submissive bottom, or a submissive top. A submissive who tops a masochistic dominant, delivering pain in exactly the way it’s requested during a scene, may or may not be a

Switch, someone who can assume either role: top/bottom or dominant/submissive. Usually, the latter folks do not switch with the same person. They might be submissive to one person and dominant of another. Sadistic and masochistic (aka S&M) switches are more likely to change roles with the same person, although again some may only top different people than those they bottom to. Because switch can refer to either dominant/submissive or top/bottom, the term can become confusing so some folks prefer, in the latter case,

Sadomasochist, someone who enjoys both sadism and masochism. A

Sadist is often defined as someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others. However, that definition is missing a term. The word is derived from reference to stories about cruel sexual practices written by Count Donatien A.F. de Sade (who, despite modern references, was not a marquis). Paper dictionaries and psychiatric texts almost always include “sexual” in the definition. But online references often leave it out and many people claim not to find sexual gratification in certain S&M activities. Consensual sadism usually involves, on the receiving end, a

Masochist, referring to someone who gets sexual pleasure from being hurt or abused. The word derives from references to writing about bottoming sexually by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (born more than two decades after de Sade died). Again, online references may omit the word “sexual” from the definition.

I’m not going to try to define  Master or  Mistress (which requires diving into gender politics). Many folks believe the terms can refer only those who own property. Others will claim they are such, regardless of their relationship status. Controversy around the term “slave” starts with how one differentiates between a slave and a submissive and includes disagreement over whether someone can claim to be a slave if they are not owned property.

Labels can confuse anyone, especially someone new to the lifestyle. One advantage of in-person over online interaction is that you’re less likely to get trapped by a label that doesn’t accurately define you, preventing you from wasting too much time corresponding with a dominant looking for a service submissive when you really just want a top who will blister your bottom.

I.G. Frederick (http://eroticawriter.net/) has traded words for cash more years than she cares to admit and has specialized in erotic fiction and poetry since 2001. She has sold numerous short stories and poems to various print and electronic magazines and anthologies. Her three novels have received high praise from readers, critics, and other authors.

You can read reviews of her work and find links to purchase her novels, poetry, and individual short stories on her website: http://eroticawriter.net/. You can also find her at Smashwords http://tinyurl.com/eroticawriter, Twitter http://twitter.com/eroticawriter, and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/eroticawriter.  She resides in Oregon with her submissive, Patrick.

I.G. Fredrick
Amazon Digital Services [link to book]
38 pages
ASIN: B005CX394E

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Erotic author I.G. Frederick’s latest collection, “Love Hurts”, offers up five quick tales of modern BDSM encounters, each previously published, but available for the first time as a consolidated purchase.

The first two tales, “Pussy Whipped” and “Knife Play”, share the same formula: mid-to late twenties male has first BDSM experience with petite, busty female Dom who, after having him sign a waiver, proceeds to run through the standard gauntlet of cuffing, paddling, whipping, gagging punishment; finally granting permission for the BDSM novice to cum. While “Knife Play” was an exciting premise, it did not follow through, and was almost vanilla in its execution.

A seedy hotel room framed “B&D Trainee”, which definitely pushed some kinky boundaries including a juicy pegging, doggy play, and more! Some readers might find the first three tales’ directness and distinct male voice off-putting; it does not, however, feel out of place in the context of the stories.

The author changes pace with “FemDom Fairy Tale”, which is told from a female’s point of view, and offers a quick foray into the head of a strong woman asserting her dominance over a willing, and deserving, service male. A seriously hot whipping scene is just the beginning…

The final addition, “The Auction”, returns to a male protagonist, this time of the Dom/Daddy persuasion, in a delightful tale of submission. Frederick’s understanding of the lifestyle shines through in the character of Crystal and her desire to please a Master: masochism, whipping, exquisite clean up scenes, and a girl who knows when to be on her knees.

The last three tales in “Love Hurts” qualify as one-handed reads, and easily justify the purchase of this collection.


Reviewer: MadFey