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Switching Mercedes by Jan Graham switching

Link to buy Switching Mercedes [Wylde Shore 3] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)

Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This story had all the ingredients for a great read: a complex plot including a murder mystery, two hot Doms, a strong heroine, good writing, good characters, and hot sex scenes, but it just didn’t hold my attention. It took me a while to determine what the problem was, and I finally decided it was the original concept of turning a professional Domme into a submissive.

Mercedes has her own business offering professional domination services to a select clientele.  Zane has been pursuing her for some time, and they have a bet that if he wins the Business of the Year Award, she will be his submissive for a week.His winning that bet is complicated by the fact that his twin, Ash, is in town and using his BDSM Club as the front for his mercenary activities.It is also complicated by the fact that a serial killer has targeted Mercedes as his next victim.

What Zane doesn’t know is that Mercedes had a bad experience as a teenager and the idea of being with more than one man at a time freaks her out. Can he overcome her fears, gain her submission and keep her safe while sharing her with his brother?

My problem was why someone who wants a submissive woman would go after someone who is a professional dominatrix. Why not go after someone who is a submissive? And why would a strong woman who has built her life around being in control, to the point of alienating her family, all of a sudden decide she wants to turn over control to someone else?

Expect bondage, impact play, wax play, anal play and double penetration.

Rating: 3.5 paddles for story and 4 stings for kink.

Reviewed by Karen H.

Playing Jax by Jan Graham



Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Steve Jax buried his heart, along with his soul mate, two years ago. He had his turn in the game of love, and it didn’t work out, end of story. His new neighbor might stir certain passions within him, but his dark, kinky desiresaren’t the sort of thing a sweet, naïve ex-nun should be exposed to.  All he has to do is convince the determined little minx of that. Rhiannon McCabe has never been in love. She’s hidden under a religious veil since she was eighteen. Now everything’s changed. She’s left the church, created a new life, and finally met the only man to ever arouse her sexual nature. Steve might think he doesn’t have the capacity to love her, but she’s determined to convince him otherwise. If love really is a game, then Steve Jax is a prize worth playing for.


This was a great read.  This story was part of a series but could be enjoyed without reading the other novel. It was a bit slow to start but once it did it took off. This story takes place in Australia so the terms are a bit off but does not take way for the story in the least.  All of the characters were strong and interesting in their own way.  Jan Graham does a great job of mixing an interesting story line, strong characters, and BDSM kink.  One of things that I found a bit odd though in the story was how fast Rhia sheds her religious background and delves into the BDSM lifestyle. 

Reviewed by Melissa

1.      When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?

I don’t exclusively write BDSM books. I write erotic romance that sometimes has BDSM/kinky elements in them. For me books and storylines should reflect real life, so the reader can identify with the characters and story. BDSM is something that people are involved in real life, so therefore some characters in the books live that lifestyle, but not all. The Wylde-Shore series revolves around characters that enjoy BDSM, but the storyline is more romantic suspense. The Sydney Cougar series are novellas that don’t include BDSM, at this point. There are still a few stories to be written in that series, so I’m sure someone’s bound to get their kink on at some stage.   

2.      Do you use a pen name? If yes (or no), why?    

I don’t use a pen name, I write under the name I was given at birth. I decided not to use a pen for a few reasons. Mainly I’m proud of what I do and the books I write, therefore I am happy to use my own name. The other thing with using a pen name is, I’d probably forget who I was and not answer if someone called me by my pen name. How embarrassing would that be?

3.      Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch?

I’ve been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for about 10 yrs, maybe more. I identify as a sub. I have been an interim Mistress for a friend once, after he and his Domme broke up. It’s just not my thing. During canings I kept asking him if I was hurting him…lol. I was so pleased when he found his new Mistress.

4.      At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

I don’t know that I consciously chose to write BDSM themes. It’s part of my life, something I enjoy, and know about. In some way it was just a natural extension of me to include the themes in my work. When the characters for Finding Angel came to me they were into BDSM, they lived the lifestyle and they were also just everyday people like you and me. I wrote the book with that in mind. There are another four books in the series, only one of the characters waiting to be written is vanilla. The others all live a BDSM lifestyle to varying degrees.  

5.      Do you do any “hands-on” research when you’re writing BDSM/kinky themed erotica?

I love this question, lol. I have one Dom friend and one Sadistic Daddy friend that help me out with research if I need it. Apart from that, I draw on previous personal experience. Who knew that my life would turn out to have been one long exercise in research? J

6.      What is your favorite fetish? Why?

I have a leather fetish. It’s got nothing to do with wearing it, for me it’s all about the smell. A friend once told me, I’m the only person she knows who could orgasm in the middle of a handbag store. I have no idea why I find the smell of leather so arousing.

7.      When you’re writing BDSM/kinky-related erotica, is there a particular movie or music that you might watch or listen to that helps you get in that frame of mind?

I tend to listen to the music that my characters like. In Finding Angel, the Shore brothers listened to AC/DC a lot, as did Steve. Angel was more an Evanescence kind of girl. With the book I’m writing at the moment AC/DC still reigns, because the book is about Steve. I don’t really watch movies when I write. However, I did watch Backdraft recently. There’s a fireman in the new book and I wanted to see how fire moved around a room, that movie has great fire scenes in it. 

8.      What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option!

I don’t eat ice cream. However my friend, Hepsi, who’s currently visiting me for a few weeks, said I should tell everyone at BDSM Book Reviews that her favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough. 

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Finding Angel
Jan Graham
Siren Publishing [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles


Angel Wylde is a woman with a complicated existence, a damaging past, and a desire to be normal. Unfortunately, what’s normal to Angel is unconventional to the rest of us. A crime boss will kill to get an incriminating ledger from her. Detective Steve Jax also wants the ledger from Angel, but the infuriating woman has disappeared.

Christian and Daniel Shore, Steve’s two best friends, don’t know about the ledger. They just want Angel. A chance meeting has them taking her home and deciding she is the only woman for them—yes, both of them. Obviously, Angel isn’t the only one with unconventional desires. So who does Angel trust? Two kinky Doms she just met, a cop she doesn’t know anything about, or a nasty crime boss? Trusting all of them may save her life, and falling in love with two Dominant brothers is the icing on the cake.


Finding Angel is an erotic, romantic, suspense novel. I found it to be engrossing, funny, heart wrenching, heart warming, and full of emotion. At times, it did seem to drag and it is a long novel at about 400 pages, but I couldn’t stop reading it.

Angel has had her share of abusive relationships and it’s surprising that she still can and wants to be a submissive. As we follow Angel through her unique relationships with an abuser, a drug lord, a detective and finally two dominants, we learn a lot about love, life and her path to happiness. Angel has a life most of us can’t relate to but it is told so well, I felt like I was there with her through it all. She is a wonderful character fun of strength, fears, love and more. I laughed and cried with her several times.

The BDSM isn’t hardcore in this, but their unique relationship is one of D/s with some spanking, bondage and more thrown in – and very very erotic. Christian and Daniel are perfect for Angel and while the relationship they form is not standard, but works well for all involved. I have to admit I was emotionally invested with all the characters in this story, from the main three to many of the secondary.

Reviewed by Star

I like to think that living a BDSM lifestyle is a well rounded experience, I believe reading a BDSM novel should be the same. When I sit my spankable ass in a chair or tie myself to the bed, eBook reader in hand, I want to know that I’ll be satisfied when I’m finish. Unfortunately sometimes I’m not, but then I guess that’s just life. When I read I like to choose books I can relate too. They need to have a good storyline to hold my interest, maybe some unexpected twists and turns. If the novel includes elements of the BDSM lifestyle then I want them to ring true, to resonate within me as believable. I want the story to be a reflection of how my friends and I live our Kinky lives.

I’ve been a sub for nearly fifteen years now. My natural state is to submit, to serve and to let a dominant male take the lead. That doesn’t mean I’m a doormat, it doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions and, when I’m in a D/s relationship, it doesn’t mean that I blindly do everything I’m told. The word brat possibly springs to mind for some of you, but that’s a different blog. What being involved in the Kink community and living a BSDM lifestyle means for me is, having a relationship with someone opposite in nature (a Dom), and participating in all the sexual and submissive trappings that go hand in and with that. It means working as an author, running a household, and living in the vanilla world as a productive member of that community. I have friends that are into BDSM and friends that aren’t. I’m open about the lifestyle I lead, and understand that some friends find me a little different. That’s okay with me, we’re all different. I believe I lead a fulfilling and well rounded life, and because of that, I want the characters in the books I read to be the same. Kinky people leading normal lives.

Mercifully the days of literature demonizing those who lead a kinky lifestyle is almost gone. There are more books being published that include kinky elements. Spanking during sex scenes is becoming common practice in a lot of erotic romances, whether they’re marketed as BDSM or not. Characterizations and storylines are evolving. Yes there are still books that sell as BDSM romances that turn out to be no more than a series BDSM scenes strung together. Alternately, there are still those stories where Dom/Dommes, subs, Master/Mistresses’ and slaves are only in those roles because of some trauma in childhood, or they are conflicted about being involved in BDSM because it isn’t normal. Slowly authors appear to be moving away from that style of writing as well, and I’m glad. I’m glad because I’m normal. I want my lifestyle to be represented within the world of literature not only in a positive light, but also as an acceptable and legitimate way to live if that’s what I choose.

I embrace the notion of Kinky people leading normal lives. When I write an erotic romance involving the BDSM lifestyle, that’s the philosophy I work with. Hopefully with my novel, Finding Angel, I’ve been able to convey the idea of just that. My characters (or some of them) are members of the Kink community. They have regular lives, their friends are people who practice BDSM and who don’t. Of course Angel does get herself on an underworld figures hit list, which doesn’t happen too many of us, but every book needs a little drama. The novel falls into a few different genres including suspense, contemporary, ménage and BDSM. As a result, I hope it’s a well rounded reading experience. I’d like to think that when you sit your spankable ass in a chair or tie yourself to the bed, with your eBook reader in hand, that you’ll come away satisfied when you finish reading it.

Website: http://www.jangraham.com.au
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jan_graham
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JanGrahamAuthorpage
Blog: http://jangraham.blogspot.com/

About the Author

I live on the fringe of both Sydney and the Southern Highlands in NSW, Australia. I have enjoyed writing throughout different periods of my life, but it is only now that I have the ability to work on it in a full time capacity. I love the imagery the written word creates in one’s mind and therefore I am an avid reader as well as an author.

At the end of 2010, after many years of working in the “real” world, I finally decided to make writing my career. Finding Angel is my first novel to be published.

I am pleased that I’m finally able to give the characters that swirl around my head on a constant basis the opportunity to put themselves down on paper, and hopefully entertain others as much as they amuse me.

Blurb and Excerpt from Finding Angel [link to buy]

Angel Wylde is a woman with a complicated existence, a damaging past, and a desire to be normal. Unfortunately, what’s normal to Angel is unconventional to the rest of us. A crime boss will kill to get an incriminating ledger from her. Detective Steve Jax also wants the ledger from Angel, but the infuriating woman has disappeared.
Christian and Daniel Shore, Steve’s two best friends, don’t know about the ledger. They just want Angel. A chance meeting has them taking her home and deciding she is the only woman for them—yes, both of them. Obviously, Angel isn’t the only one with unconventional desires. So who does Angel trust? Two kinky Doms she just met, a cop she doesn’t know anything about, or a nasty crime boss? Trusting all of them may save her life, and falling in love with two Dominant brothers is the icing on the cake.

Angel felt like she wanted to scream. She needed more than gentle touching. For some reason she was hornier than usual. She had been since she’d woken. As much as she loved being turned on with gentle strokes and caresses, tonight it just added to the fire that had simmered inside her all day. She wanted to be taken, and she wanted it now. Her cunt hadn’t lost the heat of their morning fuck session so she didn’t need to be teased to arousal. She was already there.

Christian joined them on the bed, and Angel felt his hand ease under the lace of her pants. His fingers teased open her lips and slowly made their way to her clit. God, she wanted him to rip her pants from her while Daniel tore away her bra, she wanted them to take her with force, and she wanted to be filled with both of them and filled now.

“Grrr,” Angel growled, looking over at Christian as she tried to pull Daniel closer to her hard nipple, wanting to feel the bite of his teeth against it.

“Fuck it, Christian rip my pants off, tear them off, and fuck me now,” she demanded.

Obviously it didn’t have the effect she was after as both men eased back, removing the touch from her body altogether. She kicked her legs against the mattress and screamed in frustration.

“Are you throwing a tantrum?” Christian laughed down at her as he licked the wetness from his fingers.

“Yes.” Angel sat up and pulled off her bra and then her pants. “I want to be fucked hard, now, or I’m going to explode.”

Angel pushed Daniel backward and attempted to straddle him, only to feel her body being lifted up and off the bed by Christian. Angel could feel the tip of Christian’s erection brush against her bottom as he held her, back firmly against his hard body, feet dangling in the air.

“Ask nicely,” Christian spoke into her ear before skimming his lips over the softness of her neck.

“Bite me,” Angel snapped back at him, trying to wriggle out of the tight hold he had on her. She felt his lips part slightly and stilled in his arms as his teeth sank into her neck, biting hard and sucking her flesh in between them. The pain was exhilarating as she screamed and moaned in delight.

“Yes,” she whimpered as her hand rose up to push his face harder against her neck. As soon as she spoke, Christian released her flesh from between his teeth and laughed as she growled at him once again.

“Wylde by name, wild by nature. Or so it seems tonight anyway,” he joked, staring over at Daniel who was still on the bed wearing nothing but a wry smile.

“So you want this?” Daniel asked Angel as he eased himself back onto one elbow, stretching out on the bed, his hard cock reaching up into the air as he massaged it with his hand. “But you don’t want to ask for it nicely,” he stated in amusement.

“What’s got you so horny tonight, my love?” Christian asked, easing her feet onto the floor but still holding her firmly.

“I need you both inside me. I’m so horny I could die at any minute. I’ve been horny all day, and I want you to fuck me now!” Angel stamped her foot and screamed the last part of her statement, only to hear both men laugh as she did.

“Let me get this straight.” The smirk on Daniel’s face was more annoying than the fact he had begun to stroke his cock, or at least Angel thought so until she saw a glisten of pre-cum seep from the end of it. “After all the emotional events of the day, you are refusing a night of gentle lovemaking and demanding we just fuck you?”

“Bingo,” Angel stated as she slammed her heel down onto the top of Christian’s foot and slipped from his arms, diving toward Daniel lounging on the bed.

“Fuck that hurt,” Christian yelled as he reached for Angel, taking hold of her by the arm and stopping her escape.
Her knees were already on the bed by the time he reclaimed her, and Christian allowed her to fall forward as he quickly administer three hard smacks onto her bare bottom. Angel screamed, her hand going immediately to the red heated spot on her butt cheek.

That was definitely not a spanking for play. That was more like you’ve been a bad girl punishment kind of smack.
Christian released Angel as she rolled over onto her back, her hand still pressed against the mark on her butt.

“Ouch,” she pouted, looking up at Christian.

“Ouch,” Christian replied, pointing to his foot.

“So you need to be fucked, Angel.” Daniel dragged her to the centre of the bed. “Hard and fast, no foreplay, no gentle teasing?” Angel nodded her head, desire flaming behind her emerald eyes.

“On one condition, no holes barred.” Christian looked down at her as she lay naked in the centre of the bed. “Do you understand me, sweetie? We take you any way we want.”