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The Suit and His Switch Claim Their Sub by Jenika Snow jenika

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Blythe Winters had only ever wanted to be a dancer, but an ankle injury claimed her career and her dream. When she is offered a temporary position as a personal assistant to a powerful man, Dietrich Moore, she can’t refuse. Spending a month on the sandy beaches of Portugal doesn’t seem like work, but it doesn’t take long for her employer to get under her skin in the most intimate of ways

Known as ruthless and dominant in everything he does, Dietrich takes what he wants without thought and without remorse. Though already in a D/s relationship with Stellan Alfonso, an ex-quarterback and businessman, Dietrich feels something is still missing in his life. It isn’t until he meets Blythe that he realizes she is the only one who can complete their relationship. Dietrich and Stellan are about to use the next four weeks to show Blythe exactly what it means to be their submissive in every way.


Enter Blythe, a temp going to work for “The Bear” Dietrich Moore. Right away sparks are flying and she’s denying her attraction. She knows that Mr.Moore has a relationship with his business partner, Stellan, but she’s attracted to both. She wants both. She doesn’t want to come between them.

The story starts of nice and hot, a nice scene between the Master (Dietrich) and his sub (Stellan) When Blythe comes to work for Dietrich, he realizes that she just might be what he and Stellan have been looking for, a sub for them both. Some tricky maneuvering for the two businessmen, that is what is needed to pull Blythe into their D/s relationship. The scene between the three of them was amazing! Even the punishment scene later was pretty hot.

Dietrich is definitely the Master and Stellan is the Sir in their relationship. By allowing herself to give in to them, Blythe is finally able to realize that that part of her that enjoys this type of relationship is perfectly acceptable. As with any relationship, they have their ups and downs and doubts until they get it all figured out and realize that they were all meant to be.

An awesome start to what appears to be a new series for Jenika Snow!

Reviewed by Cat

Dominating Their Virgin Sub by Jenika Snow dominatingtheirvirginsub

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This is more of a short story than a full blown book, and because of that, the details are a little lacking. It was a very hot read, with complex characters, but no real suspense, or major plot.

The story takes place in the future. Maylene has been trained since she was a little girl to be a submissive to be sold at auction. When the time comes, she is sold to Nikolas and Griffin St. Michaels. Both are Doms, but Griffin is looking for a permanent sub and wife, while Nikolas just wants to have someone to dominate. Griffin is immediately smitten by Maylene, but Nikolas stays aloof. Can Maylene overcome his resistance?

The book contains bondage, anal play, double penetration and caning.

Reviewed by Karen

Dominated by the Billionaires by Jenika Snow DBTB__96035_1371590774_300_450

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Mara is a closet submissive, but when she agrees to go to an elite BDSM party with her friend she knows this is the lifestyle for her. When she sets eyes on Jere Alejandro and Nico Woodston, billionaire business partners that are also known for their playboy ways, Mara is instantly enthralled.

When Mara gets one of the exclusive invites to experience D/s, she takes a chance and attends. But when she gets there she realizes there are no other guests. Jere and Nico reveal that she caught their eye and they want to have a little fun with her if she is willing. They plan on showing her exactly what they want in a submissive, and what they want from her is more than one night.


This was a really hot short story, one I would have liked to have been developed into a longer book.

Mara has a good job, but is very lonely.  She is afraid to explore her hidden desire to be dominated, but finally lets her friend talk her into a night at a local BDSM club. She finds herself secretly attracted to Jere and Nico, fabulously wealthy men, whose sexual escapades have made them infamous. Shortly thereafter, she receives an invitation to a party at the home of the two men. Can she accept her dark desires and the dominance of these two powerful men?

I wanted to know more about Mara and the two Doms, but what information was available seemed well written, encompassing lots of emotion, suspense, and sex scenes that will make you reach for a way to cool the heat. The story contains bondage, flogging, spanking and anal sex.  .

Reviewed by Karen H

The Diary of Anna’s Submission
Jenika Snow
Evernight Publishing [link to buy]

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

I just finished reading The Diary of Anna’s Submission by Jenika Snow and he book drew me in from the very beginning. The title is reflective of the way the story is presented, it is in fact written as a diary. I was dubious about the diary style at first but the more I read, the more I loved it.

The story is written from the POV of Anna. She’s a reserved young woman attending college who has dark desires she feels unable to share with others. Her overwhelming need to be dominated sexually is disclosed only to her diary, until she meets Felix, a dominant master who owns the local BDSM club. Once Anna overcomes her initial fear of being trained by Felix, she begins her long awaited journey into submission.

Anna’s doubts and fears are beautifully expressed by the author, drawing the reader into Anna’s world and imparting an understanding of the angst and frustration she feels with her life. Even though Felix isn’t given a voice within this story, the author skilfully includes enough detail about him (via Anna’s POV) that you come to like him as much as you like Anna. The story is one of empowerment and awakening. It isn’t just about the training, or the need to submit it is about a relationship and the growth of a young woman into the person she knows she is meant to be.

The BDSM scenes gradually increase in intensity as Anna adapts to her training. The inclusion of erotic asphyxiation during scenes was a surprise inclusion for me within the story line, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. The act added a kinkier edge to the basic trappings of spankings, bondage, discipline, toys, gags, and anal sex, which are all present and expected from a book of this nature. I found the inclusion of breath play during intercourse between the two characters increased the intimacy of the act for the reader, taking the sensuality to a higher level.

The Diary of Anna’s Submission is a definite must read. I think the book would be equally enjoyable to members of the BDSM lifestyle as well as our vanilla friends, and for those who like their romance with HEA/HFN endings you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by JannyGee

Master of Mine
Lauren Gallagher, Jenika Snow, Alexandra O’Hurley, Pepper Anthony, Rachel Clark, Ashlynn Monroe, London Saint James, Melissa Hosack, and Angelina Rain
Evernight Publishing [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-1-926950-47-1

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Master of Mine has several stories that I would have liked to see as novellas at the very least. They drew you into the story so much that I was surprised when it ended. Tempted, Spice it Up, and Lady Blake’s Tales for the Queen were those particular stories. Some of the scenerios are some I wouldn’t mine trying myself.

Several stories showed you that it is okay and a lot of fun to role play as long as all parties are participating and that this can really spice up your own life. All showed that communication is also a very big part in making everyone safe and showing that you can’t be happy unless you are true to yourself. I wasn’t too thrilled with a couple that had themes of revenge because that isn’t what this lifestyle is about because people can really be hurt, though the stories eventually worked out. Only two involved using safe words and some had a higher heat factor than others.

I do have to say I did enjoy the book for the most part and found most of the authors created a world you could picture in your head as you were reading. All of these authors were new to me and some of them I will be looking for some of their other work to read. If you are pressed for time and want to enjoy a quick story, then read Master of Mine. You will the fix to tide you over for awhile.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress