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Femdom Alchemy by Jim Lyon femdomcover

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


In femdom erotica the women who dominate their submissive male or female counterparts are often portrayed as cold-hearted evil bitches that delight in physically and mentally tormenting those in their thrall. If such women existed in real life they would likely be much hated and rightfully considered to be borderline or even full-blown narcissistic sociopaths. And yet, for an indeterminate number of femdom enthusiasts this persona taps into their libido and provides a thrill like no other.

As a purveyor of erotica, who am I to judge what is and isn’t erotic to others? Nonetheless, I don’t wish to help perpetuate that particular convention in femdom literature. I choose instead to offer more reality-based femdom fantasies that reflect my sensibilities and hopefully make the genre accessible to a wider base of readers.

So, consider yourself warned. Although there are plenty of fairly hardcore D/s scenarios woven into the vignettes of this anthology, the dominant women depicted possess well-integrated personalities. They are all relatively normal ladies who just happen to have a penchant for kink. Enjoy!


As a huge fan of FemDom it’s always exciting to find some new FemDom to check out. This short book is full of short stories with different Dommes and their subs and a wide variety of BDSM play. The stories are hot as hell and well written. I particularly liked the stories that included humiliation, face fucking, oral, strap on fucking, body modification, and behavior control. Basically I’m telling you I liked them all! If you are into FemDom or are curious about what it entails then you should definitely check this out. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Elizabeth


My first publisher was quite literally a pioneer in ebook erotica and initially published electronic books in whatever format was state-of-the-art in 1999. Probably due to its origin, more than a decade into its existence it still viewed itself as an ebook publisher rather than a “publisher” and the contracts it offered authors were for ebook rights only. After the excitement of getting my first ebook published had dissipated some I started exploring what options were available for selling the print and audiobook rights for my book but quickly found that other publishers wanted the book rights in all formats, even if they had no real intention of publishing in print or audio unless the book became very popular.

It wasn’t until Ariane Arborne asked me to review the audio edition of one of her kinky books that I stumbled across a way to get my writing published in audiobook format: Audible.com. Through Audible’s production arm, ACX.com, anyone who owns the audio rights to a book can get it produced and published through their vast network of narrators and producers then distributed worldwide. Many of their narrators and audiobook producers will even contract on a shared royalty’s basis so the rights holder doesn’t have any upfront out-of-pocket investment. While the above stated information may seem like an advertisement, it’s just intended to be helpful for anyone interested in exploring the audiobook option on a limited budget.  The-Accidental-Domme

As it happens, I ended up hiring the same narrator that produced Ariane’s book and our collaboration has turned out really well. Listening to Hollie Jackson animating my dialogue and narratives the first time was absolutely thrilling and it made me an erotica audiobook enthusiast for life. There is a growing market for audiobooks in a variety of erotica genres, including BDSM, and I have now published all of my books in audio, and recently started publishing ebooks and audiobooks for other authors as well. A unique feature of audiobooks is that they are a hands-free way to get your kink fix; you can even listen to them while blindfolded in total bondage―now that is pretty damn cool!

This past summer I suggested to a moderator of the BDSM Group on Goodreads.com that it would be a good idea to add some audiobook-related content to the group. I see now that I was naïve not to expect that my innocent suggestion would be perceived as an offer to help create and moderate an entire section geared toward kinky audiophiles. ;-) I am now the moderator of a new section called BDSM Audiosmut, which went live at the beginning of December.

Anyone who already frequents Goodreads should consider dropping by to check out BDSM Audiosmut and help it grow by providing suggestions, adding to the lists of kinky audiobooks and authors, learning about new releases, and taking advantage of giveaways and promotions. You’ll also be able to find out where to buy the audiobooks of BDSM authors, including yours truly, and listen to free samples.

See a list of all Jim Lyon’s audiobooks and listen to free samples here: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_hp_tseft?advsearchKeywords=Jim+Lyon&filterby=field-keywords&x=0&y=0

mistressMistress Stephanie’s Strays – A Tale of Polyamorous Domination and Submission by Jim Lyon

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Let’s start with a fact: There’s not enough good Femdom erotica available to someone that loves Femdom. So, any chance to read a short story or novella about Femdom is exciting and a good thing.

This story is about a woman who is thrust into a life of riches. Her aunt dies, leaving her a house in beautiful Hawaii, enough money so she never has to worry about expenses for the rest of her life and four submissives of four different flavors. Honestly, it’s a pretty sweet setup – one that our heroine Stephanie takes with a nonchalance that’s a little hard to believe. If someone left me this setup, I would be marveling at the fact for the rest of my life. But, then again, this is a story and not reality.

Arriving at her new island home, Stephanie is introduced to her aunt’s four submissives. And while she does have a dominant streak in her, she never really warms up to them. Each one of the strays are a submissive stereotype – there’s the permanent chastity chef, the “pain-slut” yoga groundskeeper, the submissive personal assistant and the transsexual, feminized house maid. They are called “strays” and while they are used in the manner that they’ve become accustomed, we see that Stephanie wants for something more in her life.  Because a home in Hawaii, wealth and four slaves weren’t enough for someone that showed up to start her new life with just a suitcase. After a quick tour of the BDSM underworld in Hawaii, Stephanie finds Jewel, who is an island native and a switch that finally enters her life, becomes her love and completes her.

This story is well written, well thought out and comes across well. “Mistress Stephanie’s Strays – A Tale of Polyamorous Domination and Submission” is four chapters and thirty-four pages. I didn’t feel it was a waste of time at all, but it also didn’t really excite me. For someone that’s new to Femdom erotica, this might be a good story to introduce them to some central themes to the genre.

Reviewed by a submissive

Virtual Mistress by Jim Lyon virtual

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


What would happen if every secret, subconscious desire was brought out and fulfilled? When Jody buys a Virtual Mistress, his deepest sexual needs are revealed and the journey brings him to his knees.

If you’re looking for tender, loving connections between characters, this is not the book for you.  If you want a brilliant portrayal of a man discovering his true sexual nature, this is perfect. Jody is intrigued by the Virtual Mistress and purchases the item with the intention of titillation and relief of boredom. He has no idea that the results would take him further into his own kink than he ever knew.

I love how Jody processes one experience after another. The story is in first person and I liked Jody as a character. He’s a complex guy who is aware of his submissive side, but not how deep that submission goes. The book is a series of fantasies with various virtual women who lead him, step by step, to his ultimate sexual discovery. The sex scenes are damn good. I missed the more emotional flavor that comes from a couple discovering love, but Jody’s adventure is about finding out who he is and what he needs. That emotion gives the sex scenes the punch they need.

“Virtual Mistress” isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed the ride and none of it felt dirty or written for shock value. The emotions that Jody felt rang true and made the book one I’d recommend.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

virtualVirtual Mistress by Jim Lyon

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


What would happen if every secret, subconscious desire was brought out and fulfilled? When Jody buys a Virtual Mistress, his deepest sexual needs are revealed and the journey brings him to his knees.

If you’re looking for tender, loving connections between characters, this is not the book for you.  If you want a brilliant portrayal of a man discovering his true sexual nature, this is perfect. Jody is intrigued by the Virtual Mistress and purchases the item with the intention of titillation and relief of boredom. He has no idea that the results would take him further into his own kink than he ever knew.

I love how Jody processes one experience after another. The story is in first person and I liked Jody as a character. He’s a complex guy who is aware of his submissive side, but not how deep that submission goes. The book is a series of fantasies with various virtual women who lead him, step by step, to his ultimate sexual discovery. The sex scenes are damn good. I missed the more emotional flavor that comes from a couple discovering love, but Jody’s adventure is about finding out who he is and what he needs. That emotion gives the sex scenes the punch they need.

“Virtual Mistress” isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed the ride and none of it felt dirty or written for shock value. The emotions that Jody felt rang true and made the book one I’d recommend.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

My ideas for erotic stories and books always seem to just pop into my head, usually when I’m not even thinking about writing. Indeed, brainstorming for ideas doesn’t work for me. Inspiration comes on its own or not at all. Virtual Reality Mistress_wbanner

Until recently, when the muse has visited me she invariably only left a small seed of an idea, and I had to figure out how to grow it into something that devotees of dark erotica might enjoy reading. Sometime around Thanksgiving of last year I had a flash of insight for a storyline that was so obvious and simple that the book that ultimately resulted from it nearly wrote itself. For some reason I had been thinking about virtual reality when it suddenly occurred to me that virtual reality would be the perfect way for many people to explore and indulge in BDSM. I suppose if I wasn’t a writer of D/s erotica that train of thought might have ended with a wistful what if or wouldn’t that be cool? Instead, I wrote Virtual Reality Mistress so all the smut readers in the leather community can vicariously live out that fantasy. And, if there is a God, perhaps some kinky techie out there will be inspired by it to make Virtual Reality Mistress a reality!

Jim Lyon



 By Jim Lyon


Just about everyone who uses the Internet has had the experience of frittering away several hours meandering from one website to another, finally ending up at some esoteric destination without having any idea how they got there. That was how I found myself reading a niche blog about state-of-the-art virtual reality software and accouterments at two o’clock one Sunday morning. Just before I was ready to move on to another content watering hole where I could slake the thirst of my insomnia, I was drawn to the image of a femme fatale featured in an advertisement that boldly proclaimed that I could live out all my sexual fantasies in the privacy and safety of my own home by purchasing the Virtual Reality Mistress. Well, naturally I clicked on the ad to learn more about this intriguing opportunity; it was, after all, time for me to waste time somewhere else anyway.

I wasn’t overly surprised when the click-through from the advertisement took me to a page on Amazon.com. You have to love Jeff Bezos, his company will sell just about anything you might conceivably want, at a very reasonable price, and ship it to your door usually within three business days. After reading all of the product’s features and benefits and viewing a brief video that simulated a session with the mistress, I rewarded Jeff’s faith in unfettered commerce by purchasing this technological marvel that suddenly struck me as something I absolutely needed to own, all for the low, low price of $129.99 plus shipping and handling.

The following Wednesday afternoon, when I heard the telltale sounds of a FedEx driver dropping off a package on the front porch and racing back to his truck without so much as knocking once or ringing my doorbell, I knew that the Virtual Reality Mistress had arrived. I felt slightly giddy and lightheaded as I retrieved the package from the spot where the FedEx guy had so blithely tossed it. With near-reverence I gingerly placed the box on a table and set about opening it and inspecting the contents. JIM-LYON-AVATAR

The ensemble included a console designed to plug into my computer’s USB port, a Bluetooth earbud, ultrasleek wraparound viewing goggles, an ample quantity of stick-on sensors, and several body cavity probes. As I read the instructions, I learned that all the accessories interfaced with the mother ship via Wi-Fi. Without question, I was duly impressed with my new acquisition.

I spent the better part of the next two afternoons filling out questionnaires, taking a lengthy personality test, and inputting data regarding my interest in, experience with, and knowledge of every imaginable fetish. One particularly grueling assessment involved viewing a seemingly endless array of provocative images and short videos while wearing the sensors and probes. Collectively these various activities were programming the Virtual Reality Mistress to cater to my unique sexual predilections and sensibilities. By the time I was finished my entire being was atwitter with anticipation.

Following the advice of the manufacturer, I used the lowest intensity setting for my test drive, with the duration timed at only ten minutes. After removing all my clothes, I carefully placed the sensors at the recommended locations—which included the tip of my cock and the center of my ball sac—inserted a probe in my anus, and donned the earbud and snazzy goggles before pressing the start button. During the brief pause before the session engaged I was nearly breathless with excitement.


Let’s face it, the primary reason you come to this website is because you like reading smut. More specifically, you like reading smut of the nasty and kinky variety. So my contribution to BDSMBookReviews.com’s third anniversary bash is an excerpt from a work-in-progress that just might appeal to your naughty sensibilities. Enjoy.

Jim Lyon JIM'S AVATAR final


The stall was about the size of a small bedroom. Most of the floor was covered with a thick layer of straw and in one corner the straw was built up into a rectangular shape and covered by a horse blanket. Jody surmised correctly that area was where he’d be sleeping. In the opposite corner was a concrete slab with a drain in the center and on the wall beside it were two curled-up hoses, one fitted with a showerhead and the other an enema nozzle.

Nancy began removing Jody’s clothes and footwear and soon he was standing completely naked before his fully clothed groom, feeling a bit humiliated and awkward. The shapely brunette eyed his body appreciatively then said with a smirk, “It’s too bad your cock is all locked up, you look like you would’ve made a good stallion,” before she placed a harness over his head and strapped it on snuggly at the back of his head.

Taking the reins attached to the harness, Nancy led him onto the concrete slab and tied him to a crossbeam. Using the nozzle wand, Nancy nudged his legs to indicate she wanted Jody to spread them, which he did, then told him to bend forward. After he had followed her instructions Nancy placed the tip of the nozzle against his anus and slowly began easing it inside of him. Once it was seated properly she turned on the water to initiate the first enema.

It was degrading yet also exhilarating having his bowels cleansed in such a matter-of-fact manner, but there was nothing he could do about it. Shaking with fear, excitement and arousal, Jody struggled with his conflicting reactions while Nancy filled his rectum with lukewarm liquid several times, flushed him out and washed the expelled effluent down the drain. Finally, as Jody stood docilely his groom retrieved a horsetail attached to a butt plug of considerable girth and gently inserted it into his anal cavity. Jody shuddered slightly when his sphincter snapped tightly around the massive plug as his rectum accepted the intruding device.

Nancy led Jody to the center of the stall and patted him dry before slipping low-cut boots designed to resemble horse hooves on his feet. After that she placed leather mittens crafted to mimic the front hooves of a horse on his hands. Even without the benefit of a mirror, Jody could easily envision himself as a human pony, naked and transformed, ready for service.

Shortly Jody was standing in front of the barn hitched to a sulky, outfitted with blinders and a body harness, when Jenny arrived and leisurely circled round him drinking in the visual impact of her newest pony boy. She ran her hand lightly along his thigh and said emphatically, “I sure hope you take to this because you sure make a fine-looking pony,” then climbed into the buggy and snapped her whip. “Let’s take a little tour around the ranch to break you in.”

The first thing Jody noticed was how easily the sulky moved even with a fairly tall woman seated in it. Before long he was able to maintain a steady pace without difficulty. He imagined himself being a kinky rickshaw driver as Jenny directed him to follow a dirt road that ran parallel to the pastures to the south.

With relative ease Jody carted his mistress around the property while she provided a running commentary on the surrounding landscape and structures. He learned that the ranch had been in her family for several generations and had originally been a cattle ranch. During the 1930s it was converted to a dude ranch and remained in that capacity until she repurposed it again to its present function ten years prior.

The longer he pulled the sulky along the dirt road the more he began to appreciate the appeal of being a human pony. Despite the continual presence of the butt plug massaging his prostate, he realized it wasn’t just a sexual fetish; it was a vehicle for deep submission. Jody experienced a sense of liberation turning absolute control over to others, thus relinquishing his humanness and attendant rights and privileges.

When they reached the far end of the ranch they saw several workers in the distance repairing a section of fence. Adjacent to where the ranch hands were working a team of human ponies stood hitched to a wagon laden with fencing materials. As Jenny and Jody approached the work detail, they could see that one of the workers had separated two of the ponies from the team and was busy securing them to the back of the wagon in preparation for administering discipline with a buggy whip.

“Mornin’ Bob,” Jenny said to the man holding the buggy whip when they stopped alongside the work party. “Got a couple of naughty pony girls I see.”

“Yep, you know how some extroverted ponies are, can’t keep their mouths shut. They’ve probably been going crazy being without their cell phones for a couple days.”

Jenny chuckled.

“Well, teaching them to button it up is one of the perks of your job, wouldn’t you say?”

Bob smiled slyly in response.

After a few seconds Jenny continued, “Don’t let me interfere with your duties, Bob. I think it will be instructional for my newest pony to see the consequence of breaking the rules at Discovery Ranch.”

It was fairly obvious that the crew chief enjoyed disciplining errant ponies. Without the warm-up one might expect in a typical D/s scene, he started out administering harsh blows that quickly elicited tears and cries of anguish from the recipients of his efforts. Jody felt a mix of pity and envy as he looked on while Bob brutalized the hindquarters of the two ponies, leaving a plethora of angry welts to remind them of their transgression. Finally Bob deemed he had accomplished his goal, set aside the whip and resumed his fence repairs. Meanwhile the chastened ponies sobbed quietly as they struggled to regain their composure.




Upon their arrival back at the barn Nancy unhitched Jody from the sulky, but instead of leading him to his stall she walked him to a St. Andrews Cross situated just inside the barn and secured him to it tightly with his back facing outward. She instructed him to open his mouth, and when he did she placed a thick piece of rawhide between his lips and whispered, “Bite down on this.” Jody did as he was told.

As Nancy prepared the pony boy Jenny watched patiently, savoring the moment. Her eyes glistened with excitement as the groom brought in a brazier with a branding iron resting on its grill then placed the ensemble close to the St. Andrews Cross. In a soft even tone Jenny began to tell Jody what was in store for him.

“Norah told us about your desire to embrace intense submissive experiences, so all of the other winners and I got together to discuss how to deal with that in a responsible manner. During our discussion we all agreed that we should each mark you in some signature way as a memento of our time with you, because regardless of whom you ultimately end up with we will all have been instrumental in creating the submissive you become. As it happens, whenever I take on personal ponies the natural progression of things is to place my brand on their buttocks to remind them forever who truly owns them. So that is the method I have chosen to leave an indelible mark upon your body and soul as a souvenir of my significance in your life.”

As Jenny spoke Jody vacillated between dread and joy at the prospect of having his flesh seared by a red-hot branding iron. Part of him wanted this more than anything and part of him was terrified. It did seem a little extreme, but in a moment of clarity, he acknowledged that he had set the stage for this and that he never expected it to be easy, or for Jenny to be gentle with him. That epiphany brought on a calm that enabled him to face the impending test of fire.

Without saying anything more Jenny snatched the branding iron off the brazier and thrust the glowing JA brand against Jody’s left buttock, holding it there to the count of five. Jody bit down hard on the rawhide, choking on his scream. The agony of this was far beyond anything he’d ever dreamed of experiencing. As soon as Jenny removed the iron from the burnt flesh Nancy moved in and slathered a soothing salve on the wound then left Jody to recuperate in solitude for a few minutes.

Jody was roused from his post branding reverie by an unseen hand gripping the base of his tail and extricating the enormous butt plug from his anus. In a matter of seconds the same hand began applying generous amounts of lube to the gaping maw where the plug had been. Jenny looked on as Nancy prepped Jody before approaching her and lubing the horse cock-sized strapon protruding from her crotch.

Breaking the silence Jenny said, “Since you are effectively a mare for all practical purposes, you are available to be fucked by any mistress or stallion with an urge to indulge themselves. I know you’ve been stretched to be able to accommodate some sizable objects, but I doubt that you’ve ever had a horse cock up your ass. Today that will change. I’ll be careful not to cause any damage; however, it will be tough going at times. I think I can safely say you’ll never be the same after I’m done with you. Along with the brand, this may well be the most enduring legacy of your stay here.”

With Nancy’s help Jenny eased the tip of the massive dildo into Jody’s anus. The already dilated opening resisted at first but finally began to relax some until finally stretching enough to allow the enormous phallus to penetrate ever deeper, ultimately working its way completely in. Although Jody had considerable experience with being penetrated anally by large objects, this was akin to giving birth and fluctuated between being intensely pleasurable and distressingly uncomfortable. The turning point for Jody was accepting that it was not his pleasure that was important; it was his mistress’. At that moment he allowed himself to become a vessel whose sole purpose was to serve Jenny.

And Jenny worked him hard. She ploughed his ass deep and long, determined to give him the ultimate pegging of his life. Her oversized phallus stretched his opening wider and wider as she split him apart with abandon. Jody endured her painful pounding until it eventually triggered an endorphin high.

They were both drained by the time their frenzied coupling was done. Jenny staggered to a nearby hay bale and sat with her head between her knees breathing heavily as she regained her strength, while Jody hung limply on the sturdy wooden X, dazed, dilated and sated. No matter what else transpired between them in the future, this had been a memorable milestone for them both.

Released June 30, 2014 Uncharted Territory final

Audiobook version of Uncharted Territory Blurb:

The perfectly nuanced voice of Hollie Jackson, erotica narrator extraordinaire, elevates Jim Lyon’s intriguing tale of femdom kismet to another dimension. In different cities and states, Samantha and Matt each encounter life-changing events that lead them toward the world of femdom. Uncharted Territory is a story of kismet that chronicles their efforts to find a place and a compatible partner in a realm foreign to them. Told in a lean low-key style, absent of grandiose plot elements and breathless prose, Uncharted Territory portrays the fateful journey of these star-crossed lovers with urbane honesty and humor. Integrated throughout this unique glimpse into BDSM are numerous erotic sex and TPE scenarios that are by no means gratuitous, ranging from a highly unusual first time friends-with-benefits coupling to sessions of hardcore corporal punishment. This audiobook will appeal to BDSM aficionados who enjoy femdom stories with realistic characters and romantic outcomes.




Ten Shades of Submission Ten-Shades-Of-Submission3

Written by Jim Lyon

Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Link to audiobook on audible

Link to audiobook on amazon


Men and women whose yearnings can only be satisfied by a dominant woman fill the pages of this new collection of femdom fiction. Jim Lyon’s deliciously erotic and edgy tales of female domination are elevated to a new dimension with the sultry and subtly wicked voice of Hollie Jackson, kinky narrator extraordinaire. Here is hands-free femdom erotica at its best!

THE ACCIDENTAL DOMMEAudio Books: The New Frontier for Erotica?

When audio books became available, first as tape cassettes, then CDs, and finally, digital files, there was scant motivation for me to partake of them because I really enjoy reading. Indeed, I questioned why anyone would prefer to listen to a book when reading is so pleasurable. Replacing recreational or educational books with audio versions did not resonate with me at all.

There are, of course, people for whom audio books make perfect sense, such as the blind or those whose eyesight is impaired drastically. For them, audio is a far better option than Braille. People born with dyslexia, a condition that makes reading extremely difficult and definitely not enjoyable, also benefit from them. And those who are primarily auditory learners would do well to indulge in audio books to optimize their learning experience.

Innumerable ordinary circumstances exist where listening to a book may be more convenient or practical than reading one. Many people like to listen to audio books while they’re driving, or while involved with tasks that preclude their eyes being focused on a book or an electronic reader. Their motivation may range from forestalling boredom to better utilizing otherwise unproductive time.

Despite the varied situations in which audio books are a valid option, I never gave them much thought until I was reading over the fine print of the contract for my first erotic e-book, which stipulated that all audio and print publishing rights belong to me. At the time I just made a mental note of that provision because I was extremely pleased to have gotten my manuscript accepted and figured I would revisit that issue later, or not at all.

Two published naughty e-books later, when I was actively involved with reviewing erotic BDSM and femdom books at various websites frequented by readers of such fare, Ariane Arborene asked me to review her audio book edition of Two FemDom Cuckolding Stories. Her seemingly innocuous request has resulted in me becoming a fan of audio books in general and realizing that audio is ideally suited for presenting erotic tales if done well.

As I listened to Hollie Jackson’s smooth and sultry narration of Ms. Arborene’s femdom-themed vignettes, I mentally acknowledged how it enhanced the “reading” experience by providing a sense of immediacy and “being there.” And the oral rendering of those stories likely made their lean prose more accessible to readers who normally crave back-story with their erotica.

As I mused about the experience afterward, I started thinking of audio books’ “practical” advantages unique to readers of erotica. An oft heard jest about reading erotic e-books alludes to reading with one hand – a truism to be sure! Doubtless in the future as erotic audio books become more popular, many will joke about them as hands-free reading material. Such is progress.

In addition to becoming a fan of erotic audio books, I am now an audio book publisher. I commissioned the same narrator of Two FemDom Cuckolding Stories as the voice artist for my novella The Accidental Domme. I must confess that it was an exhilarating experience hearing my manuscript brought to life by a skilled performer, reminiscent for me of seeing the play I wrote in college performed for the first time. So far fans of femdom literature seem to enjoy Hollie Jackson’s interpretation of my book.

Until relatively recently, very few publishers of erotica converted the titles in their portfolios into audio books. Likely reasons include perceived cost/benefit, unfamiliarity with the market, and difficulty finding affordable voice talent. The proliferation of smart phones and iPad-like devices with audio apps seems to be encouraging an increase in the number of erotic print and e-books now also available in audio format.

Amazon.com, indisputably the primary driver of print and e-book sales worldwide, is poised to further exploit the audio book market with its subsidiary Audible.com. The genius of Audible is that it matches rights holders with experienced narrators, many of whom will provide their services for a share of commissions rather than upfront payments, which is an attractive feature for self-publishing authors and cash-strapped small publishers. With automatic distribution to Amazon and Apple, it is just a matter of time before Audible becomes a major player in the audio book market. As they say, all boats rise with the tide, so the number of erotic audio books being produced is bound to increase – capitalism at work; the consumer is the winner!

 By Jim Lyon