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Her World Her of Submission by Justine Elyot herworld

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


This is the third volume in a series of novels, charting the relationship between Jasper, a worldly movie director in his thirties and experienced Dominant and Sarah, a young historian and inexperienced submissive.

The first two volumes in the sequence are, His House of Submission and By His Command. It’s not necessary to have read the first two novels but they are so purely pleasurable that it will add to your enjoyment if you do so.

The author is one of my favorite authors in the erotic romance field, and most of her books have a good dose of sophisticated kink. She is a British author and her writing style is elegant, witty and literate and while this book in particular is full of sex and BDSM scenes it’s not at the expense of character development and a good plot.

Jasper and Sarah are drawn together not just by sexual attraction and a love of kink but also by a shared interest in Victoriana. In the first volume, Sarah is hired to catalogue Jasper’s extensive collection of historic artifacts and in this volume there’s a beautiful passage when she recalls her excitement at discovering Jasper’s most treasured collection of historic kinky implements;

“It had been the personal equivalent of uncovering the hoard of Tutankhamen and the golden king was Jasper.

How I had trembled, from a kind of holy fear, at what lay before me “.

Both Jasper and Sarah are very sympathetic, he is eager for commitment and all that it entails, while Sarah, a young woman at the beginning of her career, is more cautious.

I hope the author continues this series, especially as Jasper has persuaded Sarah to act with him in his next feature, which tells the story of a sadistic Victorian gentleman and his submissive maid.

Reviewed by Ariadne

Secrets and Lords by Justine Elyot secretsandlords

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


While this was an interesting book with a good story line and complicated characters, to label it as BDSM is ridiculous. It is simply a historical romance, set in England in the 1920′s.

The closest it comes to BDSM is a little bedroom bondage, where first the hero ties up the heroine, and then she reverses things.

The story revolves around Edie Crossland, who comes to Deverell Hall posing as a serving maid. What no one realizes is that the current Lady Deverell , formerly a notorious actress, is Edie’s mother. Edie had only found out recently the truth and wanted to meet her mother without the woman knowing.

But in learning about her mother, she runs afoul of Charles Deverell, the oldest son of the house.  Everyone warns her against forming an alliance with Charles, but she ultimately cannot help herself-and neither can he. Complicating the relationship is Edie’s dedication to the Suffragette cause. Can these two mismatched lovers overcome the complications and find their HEA?

The two main characters are well written, with believable dialogue, complex motivation, and actions appropriate for the time.

Overall, I would rate this as four paddles for story and 1 paddle for kink.

Reviewed by Karen

Musical Beds by Justine Elyot



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5

This book hit several of my “really don’t like this” triggers.  One is it is part of a serial, which is different than a series.  In a series, there is a definite ending. In the serial, the reader is left hanging-which is the case here.  The second thing is bringing in another couple and their relationship, which has zero bearing on the plot.  So Vanessa and Ben are friends of the heroine, Lydia, but if the author wants to explore their May-December relationship, she should give them their own book, not take away from Lydia’s story.

My other issue is the lack of condoms.  The second couple finally use one, but most of the time people hop in and out of bed without any protection at all.

Having said all that, I really want to read the end of this story.  Lydia is a violinist with the Westminster Symphony Orchestra and is madly in love with Milan, a gifted violinist who keeps getting in the way of his own career. She finally leaves him when she finds him having sex with another woman, and takes up with von Ritter, the new conductor of the orchestra.  She learns he is a Dom and enjoys submitting to him, he never takes things all the way, although he gives her breath taking orgasms.  Then he has the same woman who was sleeping with Milan give him a blow job and Lydia leaves him behind as well.  The book ends with both men saying they want Lydia, but she is taking time away from both of them.

I want to know if she ends up with Milan, who is a Narcissistic jerk or von Ritter, an ass who plays mind games with her. Or if she wises up and finds a Dom who can really care for her instead of using her.  The author created realistic characters, a suspenseful plot and what should have been a really good read.

Reviewed by Karen

The Science of Submission by Justine Elyot 



Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Where do sex and science meet? Ailish finds out the answer – and it’s yes. Yes. Yes, Sir.

Ailish’s fascination with the shadowy figure known to her friends as The Scientist leads her to discover their mutual interest in some of the lesser-travelled roads of human sexuality. So when Rod suggests she assist him in researching some of the enduring questions of kink, she is too intrigued to resist.

They work together to establish the precise truth of the axiom that the brain is the largest human sex organ. What will they conclude? Will they be able to establish, together, a science of submission? And will that research partnership lead to a more intimate relationship?

The Science of Submission is a fluff of a BDSM book that tries to sound scientific. The “experiments” don’t actually make much sense science wise, and are just an excuse for a bunch of spanking scenes. The main character Ailish meets a man her friends refer to as “The Scientist” in a bar and agrees to meet him. The very first time she is alone with him he takes her to a kinky bakery that has a dungeon connected to it. He presents her with a written contract and she signs it, agreeing to his rules, then goes to the dungeon to play with her. There he explains he wants to conduct some experiments regarding spanking on her. They do this a few times and at the end of the story he performs these “experiments” on Ailish in a public setting.
It’s unsettling when a book appears to know about BDSM such as the The Scientist having a written contract for Ailish, but then has her sign it on the first date. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t seem safe. This is more of a glossed over, BDSM lite book that isn’t realistic at all. It’s an ok read, but if you’re looking for some real to life BDSM, this is not it.
Reviewed by Elizabeth

Meeting Her Match
Justine Elyot
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ISBN-10: 1908086157
ISBN-13: 978-1908086150

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

In the internet age, it should be easy for like-minded fetishists to find and connect with each other. Or so Cherry thought. Her decision to enter the wild and wonderful world of BDSM leads her to some interesting and unexpected places. She soon finds herself on ‘the scene’ and her insatiable curiosity takes her to orgies, slave auctions and mansion houses full of trainee submissives, but where will she find her perfect Dom? Will Cherry ever meet her match?

I have to say that I overall I really enjoyed Meeting Her Match. It was a refreshingly modern view on meeting like-minded people. As Cherry begins to experiment in the world of BDSM, she has a lot to learn and starts her search online.

I have to admit a lot of memories came rushing back to me as I read about a few of her online meetings! When Cherry finally tries out a munch there are a lot of new emotions and ideas that she needs to come to grips with. I have to admit that these were also the two things that I had issues with in Meeting Her Match. The reason for my issues is the speed at which she jumps into ‘relationships’ with the people she meets. While I can admire jumping in with both feet, the process and her jumps just felt wrong and rushed.

Cherry ends up in good and bad relationships experience a wide variety of aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. I did like reading how Cherry enjoyed certain things and was pushing her own limits with things she wasn’t sure about. Nothing within Meeting Her Match felt extreme but there was a lot of variety within her relationships that brought the reader a better understanding of Cherry.

I definitely recommend picking up Meeting Her Match if you enjoy reading about budding desires and interests into the kink filled world of BDSM. This one will keep you guessing what Cherry will encounter next as she figures out her own desires.

Reviewed by Star