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noflagNo Flag by Liz Borino

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


For Mike and Will, “No Flag” meant “come home alive”, but will their love survive what happens next?

Captain Mike Kelley does not ignore his intuition, so when sexy bartender Will Hayes captures his heart, Mike embarks on a mission to win him over to a Domestic Discipline relationship. Will accepts with one caveat: Mike must promise not to renew his Army contract. Mike agrees, and they spend a year building a life together, getting married, and starting a business.

Only days before their café’s grand opening, Mike receives news that threatens everything he and Will have built. The Army invokes the Stop Loss military policy to involuntarily extend his commission and send him back overseas. Will, left alone to cope with the café, must rely on the support of old friends who may no longer be trustworthy. Through emails and Skype calls, Mike and Will keep their love and structure alive…until the day a horrific terrorist attack occurs on Mike’s outpost.

Mike awakens in a hospital with a devastating injury and no memory of the attack. As the only survivor, Mike’s memory may be the key to national security. Mike struggles to cope with his injury and Will struggles to support the man who always held him up. Both fear they have lost their previous relationship. Will has Mike back rather than a folded flag, but in the aftermath of war, can they rebuild the life they had before? Especially when those closest to them may not have their best interests at heart?


“No Flag” successfully weaves a multi-threaded story into a highly satisfying whole. The book not only tackles the somewhat unusual form of a Domestic Discipline (DD) relationship with compassion and understanding, but also manages to squeeze in some great points about being an army husband in the immediate aftermath of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT), dealing with post-traumatic stress, and the challenges of maintaining friendships when you’re in a relationship.

At the center of all these threads are the two well-drawn main characters, Will and Mike. Army captain Mike has a serious case of OCD, which might explain his desire for extreme order in his house, and that translates for a tall order for Will. Fortunately for the younger man, he enjoys the occasional swat. Of course, actual discipline from Mike is no light paddling. The book rather nicely describes the structure of a DD relationship without going into boring data dumps. It also manages to touch on the misconceptions about such relationships that those outside it may have, including the suspicion of abuse.

Mike and Will’s relationship is strictly (if you’ll pardon the expression) DD, so the kink consists almost exclusively of scenes when Will requires punishment, describing both the paddling and the tender aftercare that Mike administers. It’s a structure that works very well for the two men, which makes it all the more heartbreaking when they are separated, and then have to work out how to rebuild their relationship after Mike’s injury.

The story is not without its flaws, minor though they may be. While the main characters are well drawn, some of the secondary ones are little more than standardized cardboard cutouts. The general who sends Mike off to Afghanistan and then interrogates him on his return is a rather typical buffoon. You have to wonder if our military really is dominated by generals who don’t have any brains, given how often they appear in fiction. However, the biggest cliché is Will’s gal pal – the only significant female character – who turns out to be a bit of a psychopath. You know, the kind that knows Will is gay, but somehow thinks she can ‘convert’ him. However, it must be said that while this character is a rather tired old cliché in M/M fiction, the author does pull it off quite well.

“No Flag” is probably an excellent read for those interested in Domestic Discipline relationships. However, the explanations of DD are introduced to the story so naturally that even people familiar with the topic won’t be bored. With the added dimension of looking at such a relationship under extreme stress, this is a book that can appeal to readers on many levels.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

becomingcBecoming Clissine by Anastasia Vitsky

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 0 out of 5


Betrothed at birth to the daughter of one of the most prominent Houses in the totalitarian theocracy of Bastia, soon-to-be-college-graduate Clissa isn’t sure whether she is ready to undergo the Mar. Once she becomes the Nur, or the submissive partner, to her betrothed she will have to submit all major decisions of her life to the beautiful Helaine, whom she has met once. She must marry a woman, according to the decrees of Bastian law.

Caught between a desire to “get along” and the growing awareness he is “het” and is attracted to Clissa, her childhood friend, Destral, kisses her one day as they study in their college library. Shocked at the feelings the kiss awakens, Clissa begins to question everything she has been taught. Did Basti, their deity, condemn relationships between a man and a woman? Will her growing feelings for Destral cost her everything her parents have worked hard to give her?

After a mad attempt to subvert Bastian authority, Clissa is assigned to new parents for “reeducation” in the doctrine of Bastia. Her new parents are given one mandate: bring her back to rightness with Basti.

Clissa, lost in a system threatened by her very identity, must make her choice. Will Bastian authority break her, or will she find a way to break free? Can true love overcome a harsh regime?


Book one of the Bastia series

This book is a quick read. It’s based in a society of M/M and F/F only relationships. If you are looking for kink, there is none. Be sure to reference the glossary and index of characters, this may help improve the reading experience

This is the story of Clie. Well, the reeducation of Clie. After defying society’s expectations of a F/F relationship and falling in love with her best friend, Clie is farmed off to a new set of parents. The remainder of the story goes on the compare her old life and new situation. By the end you see how Clie has been reprogrammed.

Overall, not a terrible storyline, but not great either. I wouldn’t go out of my way to read additional books in this series. 

Reviewed by Maggie

The Way Home (Kat and Natalie Volume 1) by Anastasia Vitsky thewayhome

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


Kat and Natalie meet at college and Kat learns what it means to be in a domestic discipline relationship. Both need the relationship, but don’t know if it will survive.

I wasn’t sure about reading this book because I usually don’t read f/f stories. However, this book has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with spanking and domestic discipline as well as friendship. I will admit I had to find out what domestic discipline meant and the author does a good job with that particular part of the story.

The relationship between the two women is more of a dependency that they have with each other. Natalie has a need to control and help Kat, while Kat has no self-confidence which leads to some very bad moments. Suicide is also a big subject matter in this book along with the spankings that Natalie is constantly giving Kat. I did have a small problem with the fact that Kat did not question Natalie at all when that became part of the roommate agreement, however, Kat doesn’t seem to mind once the spankings start.

There are a few light-hearted moments that had me laughing. But there were almost as many tears as well, so be prepared. The story ends too soon and there are a number of unresolved issues.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Coming to Terms brought to you by LazyDay Publishing Coming-to-Terms

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Summer means more than fun and sun, rest and relaxation. For the couples in Coming to Terms, vacation presents a chance to connect, and work through important issues in their domestic discipline relationships. From endeavoring to define DD to missing a DD partner to balancing erotic spanking and disciplinary spanking, these stand-alone stories penned by seven authors of spanking fiction cover a broad spectrum of issues commonly encountered in loving DD relationships. Will the obstacles prove too difficult to overcome? Or will each couple emerge from the vacation with their relationships revitalized and stronger than ever?


Lucy stared out into the darkness, holding aside the curtain at the front window. Each time a pair of headlights neared the driveway, her stomach did a little backflip. James would be home at any moment. With her free hand, she rubbed her panty-clad bottom, knowing he would be paying a great deal of attention to that particular part of her body tonight. She swallowed hard when a car slowed to turn down the drive. Finally.

Stepping back from the window, Lucy took a deep breath and hurried to the bedroom, where James had instructed her to meet him. She glanced at her reflection in the full-length mirror, hoping her attire — or lack thereof — would please James. He had told her to wear underwear and a t-shirt, nothing more. She had chosen a snug pink top and a pair of lacy black panties.

Footsteps sounded on the stairs, heavy and quick.

A pang of trepidation twisted her stomach again, traveling lower to cause her pussy to clench, an unexpected side effect of the impending spanking. Her pulse increased, her heart nearly thudding outside of her chest. She moved to stand in the center of the room, fidgeting with her hands in a nervous fashion. It amazed her that after five years of marriage, she could feel a sense of newness around James, the sort of newness that made her feel like a schoolgirl with butterflies in her tummy. A few weeks ago, they had begun to practice domestic discipline, and now every time she saw her husband, it felt like the first time. Like the day they first met at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Six years ago. The memory brought a smile to her lips.

James filled the doorway, and his larger-than-life presence caused the air to leave her lungs. His work jeans hugged him in all the right places, and the deep green of his shirt enhanced the intensity of his blue eyes. Dark stubble peppered the lower half of his face, and his black hair was messed up, no doubt due to his habit of running a hand through it in frustration. With his brother and business partner, Amos, on vacation, James had been doing the work of two men in the outdoor supply store he owned, and taking on the stress of two men as well.

“There’s my beautiful girl.” He smiled, despite his obvious fatigue.

Lucy wanted to melt. Her legs felt unsteady beneath her as she took two steps forward. He wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her hair. “I missed you, James.” She inhaled the faint scent of his pine body wash.

“I’m glad to be home.”

“Are you hungry?”

“No, I grabbed a sandwich at the diner when business slowed down around dinnertime.” He drew back to meet her gaze, the pad of his thumb grazing her cheek. “You look nervous.”

She automatically stiffened. A force of habit. She hated when someone told her how she felt or looked, even James. Of course, after five years of marriage he could read her like a book. Nothing escaped his all-knowing eyes.

“Let’s sit down.” He directed her to the bed, holding her close as they sank down atop the comforter. He rested a hand on her naked thigh, reminding her of her state of undress.

“It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the whole maintenance spanking thing.” With a sigh, Lucy glared at a piece of lint on the carpet.

“You’re comfortable with punishment spankings,” he pointed out.

“I know. I guess I’m confused.”

James captured her hands in his. “This isn’t a punishment, Lucy. It’s a light spanking, once a week, on Friday nights, to help us reconnect with one another and to help reinforce our roles in this marriage. Think of it as a meaningful conversation.”

She leaned into him, soaking up his maleness and his strength. “It sounds so logical when you put it that way. But it feels strange. You’ve only spanked me for punishment before.”

“I’ve smacked your ass a few times in bed.” His lips seared her neck, but only for a moment.

“I know. I’m just afraid of how much it’s going to hurt. You spank hard.” Her voice contained a hint of laughter.

“Lucy girl, you blew my mind a few weeks ago when you came to me, asking me to spank you for something you felt guilty over. You trusted me with your secret and told me all about domestic discipline. It took a lot of guts for you to come to me like that. I know I didn’t quite understand at first, but I understand more and more each day. I don’t like causing you pain, but after all we’ve been through I won’t hesitate to give you a hard spanking when you’ve earned one. I know I spank hard. I’ll always spank hard.”

“I knew what maintenance spanking was, but I never imagined you’d want to try it.” Her tone was light, her fears fading. He had made a leap for her, all those weeks ago after she finally worked up the courage to confess her deep desire to be spanked as punishment. It was only fair she make a leap for him now. Besides, it was not like he was going to use the paddle he had bought. Or his belt. He had assured her those implements were reserved for punishment only. She turned her head, and her cheek brushed against his stubble.

“We grew apart last year, Lucy. We fought a lot. I don’t ever want us back in that dark place. I want us to stay connected, always. I think maintenance will help us stay connected.” His words and his nearness blanketed her with security and tenderness. “It will hurt, Lucy. I want you to feel the sting of my hand to remind you what happens if you disobey me, but it won’t hold a candle to the sting of the paddle when you’ve made a mistake.”

She sighed. “Okay. I’m still a little nervous, but I trust you.”

“All right then,” he said, patting his leg. “I want you to lay over my lap, Lucy girl.”

A spasm of warmth quaked between her legs, jarring her momentarily. Not wishing for him to see the telling expression on her face, she practically dove over his lap. As he shifted her into a position of his liking, with her bottom raised high up and her legs pinned beneath his, she tried to process her new feelings of arousal. The idea of being spanked had never turned her on before . . . so why did it now? Her mind traveled back to the handful of punishment spankings she had endured. On each night, they had made love, but not directly after. The pain did not excite her, but she craved it — needed it desperately — in order to feel forgiven and loved. God, why could she not be normal? Why could she not let go of her guilt without a trip over her husband’s knee? Why did a spanking have to make her feel so protected and cherished?

“Tell me why you’re getting this spanking, Lucy.” He cupped her left bottom cheek, giving it a light squeeze.

“Do I have to?” She wanted it over and done with already, not dragged out with more talking.

“Yes.” He gave her other cheek a squeeze, and continued to rub her bottom over the top of her panties.

She huffed, frustrated that she had to repeat his words. “This spanking is to help us reconnect and remind us both of our roles in this marriage.” Her irritation lent an edge to her voice, and she winced at the way she sounded.

“That’s good enough, Lucy. But next time, I’ll expect your tone to be more respectful.”

She remained silent, bracing herself for the first slap.

“Unclench your cheeks.”

Mortified, she relaxed on his lap. He had scolded her about clenching her ass before. He wanted her to feel the spanking, and he viewed clenching as a way to avoid some of the sting. “Sorry,” she muttered, feeling her whole body flush with embarrassment. At least she still had her panties on, though she knew they would come down soon.

As if reading her thoughts, James peeled her panties down until they bunched above her knees.

“All the spankings I give you will be bare-bottomed ones, even maintenance. You’ll always be bared to me, Lucy girl.”



When the bright lights and flashing cameras of Hollywood capture your every move, how can you fulfill your deepest desires? For Zack Greene, a formerly out-of-control actor, and Steve Michaels, the director who unearthed the heart of the man beneath the ego, it’s a constant struggle.

In public, Steve and Zack are the picture of professional partners. However, behind closed doors, their partnership is taken to a new level. They engage in a carefully constructed Dom/sub relationship that not only brings them pleasure, but keeps Zack from slipping back into his wild ways.

Their delicate balance is thrown askew when a producer on the show threatens to expose their lifestyle, while taking advantage of Zack in a moment of vulnerability. Will Steve be able to ease the pain and save the love they share? Or will they come apart when they need each other most?

*Warning: Light BDSM, D/s relationship, spanking, and hot m/m sex*