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Sinful Surrender by Houston Haven sinful

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


Fay is a member of the Dirt Dwellers, a people who live beneath the earth’s surface. Hundreds of years earlier, her ancestors created a sterile environment with ill-gotten funds from poorer earth inhabitants. Then, the remaining population of the earth was almost destroyed by a catastrophe these rich survivors had known was coming. Those who didn’t die on the surface are called Airbornes and the government for the Dirt Dwellers has decided they want to eliminate them and come back to the surface. Fay is a mind traveler who can “see” between dimensions and she spies for the Dirt Dwellers. But she discovers information that her whole culture is based on lies and murder and her loyalty to the Dirt Dweller government is destroyed. She escapes to the surface and is picked up by Logan, Arlo and Dakkan, three Airbornes brothers who are immediately attracted to Fay. They think she’s a spy, and Fay is caught between the government that will kill her for having desire and the three men she wants more than anything else.

The concept of this book is epic and there’s a lot to digest. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the book tried too hard, but I don’t have issues usually with books that are fast-paced and complicated. My biggest complaint about this book is regarding Fay. There were too many eye- rolling moments and she seemed to vacillate from “Too Stupid To Live” and “Kick Yo Ass”.    To begin with, she’s from a society that views sex as functionary, not pleasurable. The strict rules of sexual engagement were enough for me to doubt the responses she had when faced with erotic situations. Don’t get me wrong. There were times when she seemed as innocent as she was supposed to be. But too often, she responded to things as if they were normal. She didn’t know what a tree was, but she argued with Logan like a woman who was raised in his rough and tumble society, not her straight-laced upbringing. As a heroine, she was inconsistent and confusing. She confesses love for three men almost immediately. There were a lot of plot devices used pretty blatantly to excuse all of it.

Having said all that, I want to talk about what was right about this story. This is a fascinating world with lots of twists and turns. The science fiction world here is complex and enjoyable.  The men were hot and sexy. The faceless villain was evil. The action scenes were really well done. Though the story teetered on the edge of being a “hot mess”, it somehow manages not to fall into the abyss. I wanted to read to the end and the happy ending was satisfying (including the sequel baiting. I love sequel baiting).

The kink in this story is…okay. There’s some build up and discussion about Logan and Dakkan’s “kink” but for some reason, it doesn’t deliver. It doesn’t make the book any less hot, but this isn’t a book with a lot of deviant sex.

It’s a wild ride and if you like your science fiction with lots of action (as I do) you might give this author a spin. I’d like to read the sequel and more about the world the author has created.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

The Beginning (Dirty White Candy Book 1) by Anita Cox dirtywhite

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


The Beginning is the story of Candy Kavana, an advertising executive who had recently gone through a divorce and realized that her life was empty, drab and boring. Candy knew she wanted more out of life than to just work hard and have drinks with her friend, Stacy, on weekends. She enlisted her friend’s help and thus began Candy’s trip on the path of self-discovery. She changed how she looked, which also changed how she felt and presented herself to others, but Candy still felt that something was missing. She had no experience with sex outside of her marriage and that was only able to be classified as dull and unimaginative. Candy knew she wanted to become more adventurous, but she didn’t even know where to begin (due to her lack of experience). Taking Stacy’s advice, Candy entered sex therapy to help her get in touch with the sexual being within herself. And once she started on this new path of self-discovery, there was no turning back.

The Beginning is a full length novel of self-actualization and empowerment, where the main character looks at her life, decides what she doesn’t like and makes every effort to change into the person she wants to be. It’s well written, imaginative and entertaining. The author’s writing style is polished and flows well. Ms. Cox is able to bring her characters alive in such a way that you almost feel as though they are real. The characters are well developed and truly likable (flaws and all).

The Sting Factor was high for this novel. It included light D/s, a ménage a trois and voyeurism. It also included open relationships, bisexual, lesbian and straight sex. The author’s descriptions of the sex scenes were well written and well detailed without being over-long or tedious.

Overall, a must read for anyone interested in a well written book about a strong woman who knows what she wants and is willing to make the changes necessary to see her goals achieved, even if doing so is a bit scary.

Reviewed by: Christine

Naia and the Professor by Natasha Knight naia

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5



*fans self*

This was such a perfect story! I loved the original plot line and how the characters were so developed. This isn’t fifty shades guys, this is so much better. The BDSM is intense but bearable :) The HEA is just adorable and the love that the characters obviously feel for each other is wonderful. I truly loved this book.

Naia, the main female character in the story makes a mistake and tells people that her teacher spanked her, causing him to lose his job. Years later they connect again and he tells her that he can forgive her, but only after he’s delivered that spanking.

Naia agrees to take her punishment. However, once it’s over, both the professor and Naia must face the fact that although they have feelings for one another, they come from different worlds. He proposes she spend a weekend with him where she’ll come to know his needs and desires. He realizes he must be firm with the once impulsive girl who grew into his ideal woman, but will she run after she spends time in his world?  Find out for yourself! I highly recommend this book!  It’s incredible. I just loved the journey that these two characters go on! Fantastic job on the storyline!

This isn’t the first book I’ve read by the author and I certainly hope it won’t be the last! She did a fantastic job on this story! I highly recommend it to any BDSM lovers! I hope to see more of the characters in book 2!

Reviewed by Sapphire

Warlock’s Pawn by Tara Quan



Story Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


When exiled fey princess Alia saves the formidable warrior and warlock Duncan from her cruel sister Anora, she knows he will return and conquer the kingdom. She pledges herself to him, knowing his rule will be kinder than Anora’s, and when he returns to the city as victor, she agrees to be his bride.  Duncan will marry Alia, their magic cementing the alliance, but he will keep Anora as a concubine, unaware that her own magic will sow the seeds of rebellion in his new kingdom.  To keep her power, Anora must eliminate her sister.  To keep her life, Alia must submit herself to a seemingly rough and uncaring husband-to-be, and survive her sister’s machinations.

The story of two sisters in opposition, one wanting a powerful man’s heart, and the other wanting only his power, should have entertained me more than it did.

The writing and plotting were lackluster, the setting poorly-realized, and the characters were neither well-drawn nor particularly likeable. Duncan came across as petty and pushy, rather than powerful and commanding. Anora was evil and yet never seemed competent enough to present a real threat. Alia was sweet and innocent and pure, which, along with a backstory that had her raised hidden away in a temple, left her with very little depth, but she was the only major character who seemed to care about anyone or anything besides herself or her belongings. The world building was vague and not really believable; it’s a fantasy setting with, supposedly, an Arabian Nights-type flair, but it read like standard Euro-centric barbarians and fairies fare that had been hastily transplanted to a fantasy world with a lot of sand and loose-fitting clothes. The setting wasn’t bound up in the story. The way magic worked was really interesting, but not explored enough to make the way the story hinged on it hold up.

It just wasn’t as sharp or as smart as it could have been, which is unfortunate given how promising it sounded. I never was able to invest in the characters or get into their heads enough to make the sex really work for me. A great deal of attention is continually paid to the yummy attributes of the female characters and how desirable they are, which is fine as far as it goes, but the same amount of attention is not lavished upon the men. This always confuses me when this happens given that the demographic for this sort of thing is, as near as I can determine, straight women.

The kinky content is present throughout, with strong themes of submission/domination.  Duncan uses Anora as a concubine, and forces her to share her favors with his most trusted companions – a hot setup, definitely, but it didn’t really live up to its potential.  Alia is, of course, intimidated by her husband-to-be, which they both seem to enjoy.  Her virginity is critical for the ritual that will cement their marriage, yet he can’t keep his hands off her, so he must experiment with teaching her to pleasure him in other ways.  There’s some bondage, a little light strapping/whipping, but nothing too harsh. These are all wonderful things in theory, but given my lack of investment in the characters and their relationships, the scenes fall flat.

Reviewed by Amanda

Boss Man
Sierra Summers
Liquid Silver Books [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

After a painful breakup and a few years absence from her friends parties Penny decides to join in once again. Right off he bat she finds herself having a great time with two men but when she finds out who the second mysterious man is she bolts. Never in her greatest imagination did Penny ever think that she would be having sex with her boss. All she can think about now is what will happen at work but Dante is not so ready to give Penny up. He wants more than just a quick roll in the hay and he’s bound and determined to keep Penny.

This story was very quick and heavy on the sex. I did enjoy this book but would have loved to see a little more of the interaction between the characters outside of the sex. Dante is a strong willed man who is more than willing to fight or what he wants and what he wants is Penny and her love. Penny is a great woman who is finally coming into her own and finding herself in the bedroom. Right from the start the attraction is there between Penny and Dante. Watching that attraction turn into something much more was a nice read. Not only do we get their story but the secondary characters make an impression as well. I loved Andrew and Kale they both are strong characters and help pull this story together. I hope that hope they get their story told and that we get to see more of them in the future.

I only wish that this story were slightly longer and that we got to see more of the relationships outside of work and sex. Right from the beginning I was pulled into Dante and Penny’s world and didn’t want to leave. The author did a wonderful job of keeping my attention and leaving me eager for more.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Unmasking Dorian
Violet Summers
Liquid Silver Books [link to buy]

Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Unmasking Dorian is part of the Club Velvet Ice series. I could identify with Cassidy a little. There was one incident that I would have liked to slap Dorian for which was when he left her by herself while being chained up. That’s a no-no within this community because things can go wrong very quickly. The book is very emotional. One thing I noticed and really liked was that Cassidy was very careful when she went online, was very cautious and very safety conscientious about talking to and meeting Dorian. I liked that the author was very clear on this and recommend readers take this to heart for their safety.

Cassidy’s insecurities, as well as wanting to protect her daughter, came through to the point you wondered if she could overcome them so she could be happy with Dorian. Dorian had a few himself because he knew what Cassidy had gone through with the death of her first husband. The patience he should with the exception of the ‘incident’ melted my heart.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Open Proposal
Rosemary Gunn
Liquid Silver Books [link to buy]
ASIN: B002SN9G84

Samantha and Eve have it all: a beautiful home, successful careers, and a loving relationship. When the use of a sex toy brings Sam’s latent desires to the forefront, the women decide to find someone who can give Sam the one thing that Eve cannot.

Roman–Eve’s best friend from childhood–is surprised by their unusual request, but agrees to play anyway. Eve has always been able to count on Roman to be there when she needed him.
What she hadn’t counted on were her own feelings regarding him. Will an open proposal mark the end of a friendship or the beginning of something more than any of them could have anticipated?

First, I have to say I liked Open Proposal as a story. It is a concept I don’t see much lately with a ménage of two women and a man. That had me intrigued to see where the author took it. Now, in reviewing this I would give the story itself a 3 and the erotic level a 5 but seeing as this site is for BDSM stories, I have to give it a final of 1 out of 5.

There is no BDSM involved by standard definitions. The only ‘kinky’ things in the story are the use of nipple clamps and ménage a trois that could turn into a more open/poly relationship between the three of them. Open Proposal is very hot, very sexy, and very enjoyable but to those of us in the lifestyle, this is more than just tame.

As a story, I really liked it. I liked the passion between the three of them. I enjoyed the build up of desires and the writing style of Rosemary Gunn. I would definitely pick up another book written by her in the future. There are a few things I didn’t like. There are moments where Sam and Eve are easily confused and you have to pull away from the story to get it straight again. I also am very sad that it is only about 35 pages. I really wanted more depth.

Sam and Eve obviously have a very strong relationship and we learn a little about their past and how they ended up where they are, but there is a lot left unknown. As for Roman, we learn only enough to explain his relationship with Eve but not much more. I enjoyed all three characters and am left with a ton of questions as to how their story continues. Which I guess is a good thing!

To conclude, if you are wanting an erotic ménage a trois with two women who are very into each other as well as bringing in Eve’s best friend Roman, then by all means get your hands on Open Proposal. If you are looking for more BDSM elements, then this isn’t what you are looking for.

1 out of 5 paddles

Reviewed by Star