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deepenoughDeep Enough to Bleed by Margie Church

Jolene has a lot of secrets. Her past is ugly and she wants to keep it hidden, not because she’s psycho but because dwelling on things she can’t change isn’t helpful.

She’s become adept at skirting the issue and providing half-answers. Everyone but her brother is on a need-to-know basis. Then she meets Brendan.

For the first time in her life, a nice guy has taken a real interest in her as a person, as a woman. She’s clumsy in the dating game and pretty clueless when it comes to sex. Brendan finds this a refreshing change from the women he’s been seeing.

As they grow closer, Jolene knows she can’t keep her past a complete secret from him. Little by little she reveals details until the moment of truth is staring her in the face. She has to choose between taking a chance that could propel her emotionally further and deepen their relationship or ruin everything, including her newfound self-esteem. She’s scared to death. Will Brendan think she’s a freak if he learns she’s a cutter?

Find out.

Deep Enough to Bleed has been characterized as bold and amazing. “The author has an elegant, yet vivid style. A must read.” If you enjoy characters and stories that seem to leap from the pages of real life, read Deep Enough to Bleed.

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Love’s Storm (Razor Trilogy 2) by Margie Church & K.B. Cutter LovesStorm-Razor-small

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

Warning: Possible spoiler ahead…


In this amazing continuation to the Razor series, Amy, Raine and Bryce reach a whole new level in their relationship.

The Razor series is hot. I loved the first book and was thrilled to be able to read the second. In this continuation of the series, we see how being in a poly relationship can effect everything in the trio’s life. Amy and Bryce are a married couple and Raine is Amy’s best friend. When Amy asks Raine to mentor Bryce in a BDSM relationship in the first book, all three discover their budding attraction to each other may be more than just a temporary thing. When they make a decision to become permanent sex is great, but what happens when word gets out to family, job associates and friends about a lifestyle that is unconventional? What about what goes on behind closed doors? When Amy realizes that Bryce loves Raine, it devastates her. Can there be room in both their hearts to add another person into their family?

Raine is on the outside, still and looking in. She is afraid that Amy and Bryce will close ranks and leave her standing in the cold now that things are getting harder. When Bryce loses a contract at his construction firm and co-workers react badly to his revelations, things become rockier. Amy will not part with Raine, but what about Bryce? He has to decide if their new lifestyle is what he really wants before it destroys all of their lives in the process.

This book was visceral. The sex was soul deep and you got to see what the inside of a poly relationship is really like. The dynamics when you get three people under the same roof are going to be a little different than a conventional married couple. What about that third person? They have much more to lose if things go badly. In this case, Amy and Bryce take the plunge and go with Raine to a Samhain party and experience her deepest needs. At the BDSM party, they witness Lucien interacting with her and get more of a taste into her lifestyle. It is well laid out and toe curling in its intensity.

As the story progresses, the intricacies of the threesome are explored, family reactions are measured and Bryce, Raine and Amy find a new strength together. I loved the flow of the book and the intense emotions. When I reached the end, I actually screamed at the cliff hanger ending, swiping madly at my e-reader not even believing it was the last page.

Love’s Storm was a hurricane of deep emotions, sexy kink and real time repercussions that can hit you in a poly relationship, both behind closed doors and in the outside world. I can’t get enough of this story and I hope you fall in love with it just like I did.

Reviewed by: Erzabet

The 18th Floor by Margie Church



Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out od 5

Fantasy becomes reality when Alexa screws Sebastian Law in a conference room at work.  Alexa is a workaholic who lusts after Sebastian.  She is no different than any other woman at the office who would want to bang Sebastian on a desk, against the wall or out in the open to claim her territory.  She is different than others since Sebastian returns her desire. 

Sexy Sebastian wants Alexa and makes his move.  The naughty duo copulates with illicit delight – they may be caught but they don’t care.  Both seem to flaunt their exhibitionist flag.  This is demonstrated quite clearly as Sebastian woos Alexa on a boat in front of his swinging BDSM friends.  They give a glorious show with nudity, sweat and rutting.

The characters in this book are okay.  Neither one of them is complex.  They are easily understandable with the typical baggage consisting of clingy ex-girlfriend and stalker ex-boyfriend.  The sex the two experience is kinky and one step up from vanilla.  The alluring BDSM scene is actually stolen by the m/m lovers on a neighboring boat.  The BDSM tone to this book is a bit off.  It’s not that it is wrong; it’s just not too believable.  The introduction of BDSM for Alexa from Sebastian feels stilted and abrupt.  Based on the BDSM scenes and how the characters related to each other, it seems Ms. Church completed a bit of research into the BDSM lifestyle and then uses creative license.  Sebastian doesn’t come across as a Dom.  He is a man who appears to know what he wants, but that isn’t want makes a Dom.  He’s a sweet man, there is no doubt.  He cares for Alexa, this is clear.  This book would have been better without the incorporation of BDSM elements.  If it focused more on the erotica and the character development, it would have been hotter and more engaging.

The writing of the story was okay.  There were a couple of times where the shifts in points of view without a clear delineation caused the reader to be pulled out of the story.  The introduction of Sebastian’s ex-lover is odd.  She is introduced as Angelique Bartowe. In the following sentence and for the rest of the story she is Evangelique.  Little things such as using the word “sub” in title case and then all lowercase is an unexpected faux pas.  While not everyone in the lifestyle follows strict protocols, it is very rare anyone would ever write out the word sub in title case.  This is one of the telltale signs of a new to BDSM person – they know the lingo but the application of it is slightly off.  This short story is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy an office romance.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Razor by K. B. Cutter and Margie Church



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


Amy and Bryce don’t live the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, but Bryce acts every bit the Dom in the bedroom. And Amy’s had enough. Enlisting her best friend’s help is a drastic move. Will inviting Raine into her marriage destroy it? How will she cope when Bryce and Raine become intimate?

Though Bryce doubts he’ll ever become a switch, he’s determined to make Amy happy. Months later, he struggles to keep an emotional distance from Raine. His journey of self-awareness is anything but predictable or vanilla.

After only a few scenes with Bryce, Raine’s roles as Domme and best friend blur. Her ideals about love and marriage shift. She questions her own motives at every turn. Can she get out of this relationship triangle unscathed?

Three people with different motives come together to form a very contemporary relationship. Who will get what they want, and who will be forever changed?


Razor gives a unique look at the start of a triad relationship and the joy and difficulties that come along with it.  Amy and Bryce have a strong marriage and a solid commitment to each other, introducing Raine into the equation means things have to change.  It is nice to see this type of relationship start with a couple and then evolve rather than the usual three people falling into to at the same time. 

Amy and Bryce have a somewhat vanilla relationship even though Bryce is a typical alpha male and exerts some dominance in their relationship.  Now, Amy wants a little control and needs Bryce to give some of it up.  Unsure how to do this, Amy enlists a little help from her friend and dominant Raine.  Raine cares for her best friend a great deal, and when Amy asks for help she can’t deny her.  But then the lines become blurred between friendship, sex, and love.  Now, all three of them have to figure out how they move forward.   Raine is an interesting character because she is very contradictory.  Raine takes Bryce under her wing and attempts to teach him to lose control.

Razor let’s the readers take a peek at adding a third person to a successful relationship and work to make the triad successful as well.  That is successfully done.  The issues of jealousy are somewhat explored, the ability to love more than one person is presented well and the different possible roles of each person is slightly defined.

 There were a few let down’s with Razor that may be resolved in upcoming books in this series, provided they have the same characters.  While there is some BDSM introduced, the characters seem to be fighting their natural instincts for which role they are likely to assume. Bryce is a dominant that from what little we see seems to be good at it with a little refinement he’d be excellent. But Amy wants him to let go and do things her way so he tries – and he stinks at being submissive on a few levels. Amy seems naturally submissive but wants to take control, yet her fantasies/internal thoughts seem to lead to giving up control.  Raine, well Raine is complicated.  She is a good dominant, but has more submissive tendencies than those with less experience can see.  All of these contradictions made it hard to feel any deep attachment to the characters because they left me feeling confused.  Now, they could all be switches or just haven’t found the right place for each of them in this triad.  We won’t know until future books come out and we learn some more about them.

 There was one other problem I had that I have to bring up just in case.  While the copy I have does not state that it is an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) I am reviewing this as if it is because the grammatical and spelling errors in my copy are atrocious and I know that can affect the enjoyment of the story.

 Overall, I would recommend Razor for it’s unique development and emotional moments.  Razor is especially recommended if you are curious or interested in how a triad relationship could work when two people have years together and bring in the third. I am looking forward to seeing what Margie Church and K.B. Cutter come up with next.

Reviewed by Star