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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf by Marianne LaCroix



Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Marianne Lacroix has crafted an erotic fairy tale romance that works on so many levels.  In Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf “Wolfman” Jack is tried for the crime of eating Little Red’s grandmother (who wasn’t complaining at the time).  Of course, he escapes, but to tell you how and where he goes would ruin part of the story.  Marianne has managed to seamlessly blend three genres with a level of skill I’ve only seen a couple of times in the past.

First, we have the fairy tale.  We get to meet many of our childhood favorites in a thoroughly adult context.  We get to see Jack and Jill, giants, sugar plum fairies, changelings, and three little pigs.  There is magic, quests, and dashing rogues.  I couldn’t help but smile at the familiar references in an adult story.

Lovers of romance will get their fill in this delightful book, as well; in double vision.  The captive fairy can’t love the giant, while the changeling pines for the same giant from near afar (trust me, that will make sense).  Lovers waver and worry before finding their happiness; all the stuff that makes romance the genre it is.

As for the erotic, Ms. Lacroix knows her stuff.  While using more euphemisms than I like, it is exactly what her romance fans are looking for, as well as what the fairy tale aspects demand.  The sex is well described with a vividness that makes you believe you can see, hear and smell.  You’ll feel like taking your own lover after some of the scenes.  While not, primarily a BDSM novel, it has enough BDSM to satisfy the aficionado.

Of course, none of this would work if the technical aspects were a problem.  Nothing jumps out to distract you from the story, and the language is vivid and descriptive.  Perhaps the best part of what Marianne has done is capture and eroticise that sense of whimsy that makes a good fairy tale good.  Well done.

I give Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf 5 paddles for the story and 3 stingers for the only partial BDSM content.  But, don’t sell yourself short, this book is well worth the time and money.

 Reviewed by David

“Pleasing her, giving her enjoyment in using me, was my greatest fetish.”

That line is from my latest release included in the Sizzler Editions anthology BOUND FOR LOVE [link]. My story, Tie Me Up and Spank Me, is a Femdom short story told from the male submissive’s point of view. He adores his Mistress and will do anything to make her happy.

What kinds of things will a male submissive do to make his dominant happy? In my story he is feminized where he dresses like a schoolgirl–plaid skirt, thigh high stockings and high heel Mary Janes, and a thong. He doesn’t just dress like the naughty school girl, he was ordered to do so. Why? Because it is what she wished.

Many vanilla people can’t understand why someone would subject himself to humiliation like cross dressing for his Domme. They don’t get why a man would want to be humiliated in the first place. It’s simple–its a kink. No one can really explain the why to any specific kink like a foot fetish or a desire to wear ladies’ panties. Simply put, it is arousing for that individual. In the case of a man desiring to dress in a skirt and heels, it is arousing in some manner for him and his Mistress. She may be amused by his strut in heels, and he enjoys making her happy in doing it. It can be he desires to be feminized simply to be humiliated, brought to his knees to a place where he loses control. There are a number of reasons…and these are only a few.

I prefer the alpha type submissive. The alpha is the macho man to the world, but the submissive servant to his dominant woman. He wants to be free of his worldly role and let another take charge. It doesn’t make him less of a man to submit in private, and he knows his dominant accepts him no matter what–even dressed in heels and a skirt. The alpha submissive male can wear a skirt, heels and stockings yet his masculinity shines through. There is no doubt he is the sexy beast. No feminine trappings can deter from his primal aura. (I’ve seen such a man strut into a party dressed as a school girl holding a bottle of beer. It was the sexiest damn thing.) The point to the feminization is more to give some vulnerability to this otherwise macho man. I personally find a hot manly man with some vulnerability to be sexy as hell.


Excerpt from Tie Me Up and Spank Me, a story in BOUND FOR LOVE:


When my Mistress snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor, I fell to my knees. Doing so was natural, almost instinctive. I never hesitated, not even a second. She commanded me the moment she entered the room.

I bowed before her, my hands and knees against to cool surface of the bare dungeon floor. Her dungeon—her private escape from the vanilla world. Within her dungeon she ruled and I awaited her next command.

Mistress Helen stepped closer and I heard the creak of PVC and the distinct step of her platform boots against the cement floor. I fought to keep my eyes lowered as I desired to look upon her dressed in her favorite mini-dress and boots, but I remained frozen, waiting.

“My my, you are quite the sexy bitch, aren’t you?” Her voice held humor in check, but only barely.

“If you say so, Mistress,” I replied. My cock stirred and I shifted my position. The thong I wore hardly contained my growing erection. Even now one of my balls slid out to one side.

She stopped and stood before me so close the toes of her boots were within my sight. She chuckled and flicked my little red plaid skirt with what I believed was a riding crop, one my Mistress’s favorite toys.

“You look good in a little skirt.” She paused then struck a buttock.

I jumped and cried out. Yes, definitely the crop.

“Hold still,” she ordered in a stern tone.

“Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress.”

She whacked my ass again in the same spot with her crop. I bit my lip and forced myself to remain still.

“Hmm.” She paused then stepped back. “Stand up so I get a good look at you.”

I rose from the floor wondering if I dirtied the knees of my white thigh highs. Dirty knees would surely earn me a spanking.

Oh yeah. I suppressed a moan as my cock hardened more at the thought. I couldn’t help but smile. I wanted her to smack my ass—hard and merciless.

“You’re wearing a little skirt, stockings and high heel Mary Janes as I ordered. Very, very good. Now, are you wearing panties too, boy?”

I gulped back my growing excitement brought on by the sound of her voice. “Yes Mistress. I am.”

“Lift your skirt and let me see.”

I lifted the short skirt to reveal a red lacy thong.

“Slut,” she muttered with a soft chuckle.


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Rosy Cheeks
Marianne LaCroix
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles


Vicki wants one thing for Christmas-Mr. Robertson. Sucking on a juicy red lollipop and dressed in a short plaid skirt, killer heels and pigtails, Vicki struts into his office, offering lip service to the straitlaced teacher in exchange for a passing grade in algebra. But he will not be bribed. In fact, her proposition earns her a spot over his knee and her skirt hiked up for one heck of a spanking. Before the night is through, Vicki learns several lessons at the capable hands of Mr. Robertson.


If you are looking for a hot holiday story, pick up Rosy Cheeks. I dare say you won’t be disappointed as Vicki makes sure she gets what she wants for Christmas. Rosy Cheeks is a very quick story, but once you start, you won’t want to put it down. Ms. LaCroix weaves a wonderful fantasy come to life within just a few pages. The characters are believable and fun as they give new meaning to the student teacher relationship.

There were a few moments at the beginning of the story where I wasn’t sure I was going to like where it was headed, but within a few pages, I adored Vicki and Mr. Robertson and was fully engrossed in this tale. I was actually wondering where I could get an outfit like Vicki’s and go after what I want for Christmas too! Mr. Robertson is just the teacher Vicki needs to teach her algebra and pleasure.

Rosy Cheeks doesn’t have a strong plot or story to it, it’s just one night in the life of Vicki and Mr. Robertson. But, what a hot night it is! This is the perfect book for that quick read or to share in bed with a lover. Rosy cheeks is graphic and well written, it doesn’t include anything too hardcore – mostly spanking, bondage and roleplay.

Reviewed by Star

I love submissive men, especially when they are outwardly Alpha to the world. I think it is incredibly sexy for a strong, powerful man to fall to his knees before a strong Woman and his only wish is to please Her, his Domme.

I wrote the following post over at the 1-800-DOM-help blog over the summer. I still feel it is true–submissive men can be Alpha. Not all submissive men are super thin weaklings. Its an over exaggerated stereotyped version of submissive men. Anyway read on and let me know what you think.

As I write Leather Becomes Her (a part of the 1-800-DOM-help series from Ellora’s Cave), my story is of a dominant woman meeting her submissive, but the submissive hero in the book is NOT a beta. My question is, can a man who is Alpha be submissive? Does submission change his role from Alpha to beta?

Alpha men can be macho to the world. You’d be surprised at how the power wielding men of society prefer to be brought down in private by submitting. (And some PAY professional Dominants to do it. It has nothing to do with sex, just submission.) They aren’t less Alpha for doing it; their ability to submit makes them stronger. Imagine the lawyer in court fighting a hard case, arguing for his client, butting heads with judges, lawyers, police, etc. Every day, all day, long hours into late nights, week in and week out. They aren’t out to please anyone. They want their way in all things. Win, win, win. These are men of sheer power and dominance–total Alpha males. Many times what does this kind of man wish for in private? Release. The joy of not making any decisions. Letting someone else take control and use him so he can relax. His only desire–to please a dominant figure (in my example, a Mistress).

So does submitting make an Alpha role switch to beta? (Urban Dictionary defines beta male as “An unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation. Beta males lack the physical presence, charisma and confidence of the Alpha male.”)

I don’t think submission makes an Alpha man weak. I know quite a few Alpha personalities, men and women, who enjoy submission. Submission doesn’t make one weak. It takes a lot of strength to let go taboos, outward appearances and expectations.

Imagine the lawyer again, all conservative looking…strip off his outer layers (suit) and bare him naked. What do you see? Toned muscles? Tattoos? (Okay, my personal preference there…ahem.) He still looks macho yet he immediately feels vulnerable. Does he want to run? Yes. Will he? No. Why? Because he has strength to keep him there as his Mistress desires. His urge to please Her overwhelms everything else. He will take whatever She desires–whip to the back, spanking over the knee, bondage, clothespins to the cock and balls, cleaning her house, licking her feet, etc. He doesn’t say no. He doesn’t shove Her away. He wants to please Her. That takes strength!

Once his service is complete, he is once again in control. Wait? Did he really lose control? He was controlled by Her, but he had a choice. He remained subservient. Did he have to? No. Isn’t his choice to remain at her feet really just internal control as opposed to external?

He was released from his worldy responsibilities and outer appearance as the dominant male of power. His external control was stripped away like the clothes from his body, however, he internalized his power and strength to serve his Mistress, whatever her desire.

So, in my opinion, an Alpha male remains Alpha. He never loses strength or control, he merely changes the focus from outward power and strength in succeeding (money, career, education, etc) to internal control from running away like a coward.

Female submission....a schoolgirl fantasySo, what do you think? Do you think submission automatically makes a man weak? Can an Alpha still be Alpha even if he bows to his Mistress’s desires?

In turn, just for comparison, does submission make a woman weak? I don’t believe so, but I’d be interested to hear submissive women pipe in about the stereotyped image of submissive woman as weak.

Marianne LaCroix

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