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thecollectorThe Collector: A Novel of Romantic Surrender by Melissa Harlow

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 0 out of 5


First, Dalton rescued her. Then he wouldn’t let her go. Then she fell in love with him. She had undergone a shattering ordeal before they met. Dalton was a man whose job it was to collect debts … by any means necessary. During a routine collection from a high-spending welsher, who was holding Ava incommunicado, Dalton killed the man. Ava was relieved that he could never hurt her again. Something about Ava has softened Dalton, and he tries to show her that he can be trusted. But, Ava doesn’t realize just how much she’s getting herself into when she falls in love with him, for Dalton also has a taste for bondage. Then, after she submits and learns she does too, Ava discovers things aren’t what they seem to be. Has she somehow made the mistake of trusting the wrong man again? Is Dalton her savior or the ruthless debt collector he was trained to be?


The Collector by Melissa Harlow is the journey of two people trying to find themselves once more. Dalton who worked as hired muscle grew up in a violent home so it was all he knew. As for Ava, her life was wonderful until the day she was kidnapped and raped. Once the two find each other their journey begins with the help of the other. Dalton protects Ava with all of his might and Ava does the same thing for Dalton. At journey’s end there is a lovely surprise for the reader.

Though this story was a bittersweet story with a couple of sexual scenes this story is in no way a BDSM book. A description of a rape scene does not a BDSM book make. Now with that said, this book has a good plot and love story for the reader to enjoy. It has a few very emotional scenes that will invoke various emotions right down to wanting to reach through the book and strangle someone. It is a good read and for that alone the book receives three out of five paddles for the story itself. On a BDSM basis this book receives a zero out of five paddles.

Reviewed by unrequited spirit

Stolen Property: The Abduction of Mayree Jacobs by  Melissa Harlow



Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5

Mayree is kidnapped by three brothers as she is leaving the hospital where she works.  Jack has been shot and Quinn thinks she can help save him.  Even though Jack dies, neither Quinn nor Randy can bring themselves to kill her or let her go.  Quinn eventually falls for her.

This book started out with the classic kidnap to save someone gambit.  Where it departs is how things go once things go wrong.  The author was very good about keeping me waiting to see what would happen to Mayree as she kept the intensity of her emotions very high at the beginning.  As the book progresses, the tone changes, but the back and forth of emotions for both Mayree and Quinn is very apparent.  Both are very insecure in different ways, Mayree because of her weight and Quinn his last relationship.

As Mayree’s and Quinn’s relationship progresses, you see Mayree start to blossom as Quinn teaches her how he likes sex, including tying her up, though both start to hate the chain he keeps her in when he isn’t there and at night.  As both come to terms with their insecurities, their relationship becomes a true one.

I did enjoy how the author wove the information about the geese into the story and how it becomes a symbol of them together.  I loved the ending, and I for one will be reading this one again.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

The Lion Man by Melissa Harlow



Story rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 4 out of 5

This is a gripping erotic tale taking place after a deadly fever sweeps across the world killing off most the population. Women have become few and far between.  After the death of her husband Shandie finds herself a slave, starved and tortured. She is secretly planning her captor’s death but to her surprise her escape comes from the hands of others.

After watching Shandie from a distance 19 year old Nicky talks Vaughn, his stand in father into taking the woman. Angered by the fear they saw in her eyes and witnessing the cruel treatment of the tiny women they take action, but things don’t go as planned. Young Nicky finds himself stabbed and Shandie makes a run for it, only to return and help Vaughn care for the injured lad.

Time passes and Nicky slowly recovers. Shandie finds herself drawn to the kindness both men show her. Feeling attraction for the first time since the death of her husband she is confused by her feelings to both men and soon becomes drawn into a relationship with both of them.

But their happy little family doesn’t last long when a group of viscous cannibals descend subjecting both Vaughn and Shandie to humiliating sexual acts to save the life of injured Nicky.   

As the story unfolds you will find yourself enthralled by the threesomes dynamic. There is an obvious love they all have for each other and they will go to any length to protect one another.

Melissa Harlow gives a unique twist on domination showing a terrifying yet exciting look into a dark side. With scenes of forced anal, oral and humiliation as well as loving sexual acts this has something for everyone.

The Lion Man is well written and will have you hooked from the very first page. It’s thrilling, dark and sexy as hell. A real must read.

 Reviewed by Hellcat

Mastered by the Hired Man
Melissa Harlow
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Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Sold off as a child bride, Lenore’s understanding of sexual relations between a man and a woman could be summed up in one word – twisted. Oh how I enjoyed her sexual humiliation and education at the hands of her older and perverted masterful husband. This story is pure spanking material with a lovely little plot. It reminds me of the Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton, but in a dirty crass gritty way. Carlos is the chosen one to take over James’ domination of Lenore. Carlos is a very reluctant Dom who doesn’t understand what it means to dominate. He’s thrown into a world of sexual perversion which excites yet disgusts him. His latent sadistic dominant desires catapult him out of control as he wars with his tender feelings for Lenore, his boss’s wife.

This story is just sad all around. I felt sorrow for James’ medical condition. I understand his anger yet concern tearing him apart for what to do with Lenore. Lenore’s sexual experience while vast and deviant, lacks a certain maturity of sexual awakening. Carlos’s inner struggle with what he believes is right versus wrong is painful to watch. These three characters make an explosive combination which causes unnecessary misunderstandings, harsh words and heartache. While I preferred the perfect and loving way of how the Reluctant Dom introduced the uninitiated into becoming a Dom, I reveled in the intense humiliations and dubious consent in Mastered by the Hired Man. This story had me hot to trot with desire and guilty pleasure. I loved the forced f/f scenes and her double penetration scene sent me into a sexual haze of desire. This book doesn’t really have too much BDSM as far as scenes go. The underlying D/s and TPE were there to carry the book through with BDSM elements. I found the story hot and a quick read. I devoured each scene hoping for more sexy humiliation scenes of Lenore being forced to do something she secretly enjoys. There were teasers of more sexually degrading scenes for Lenore which was never explored in detail. I can only imagine what dirty depraved sex acts were captured on film. This story is best for those who enjoy the darker sides of BDSM. I recommend it to my friends who enjoy a healthy dose of forced submission and earned punishments.

Reviewed by Book Addict