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Pete & Samantha’s Guide to Seasonal Sex Summer 2012 by Peter Birch and Samantha J Hall



Story Rating: 3 of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 of 5


Pete and Samantha’s Guide To Seasonal Sex – your one stop shop for everything you want to know about seasonal adult activities. As well as spring themed erotic stories, and seasonal adult articles!

This is THE guide you need to read, whether you are a girl, a boy, or both! Written by the world renowned erotic writer Peter Birch, Samantha J Hall, with editing by erotic author Nicky Raven, this new quarterly seasonal adult guide is sure to enlighten, amaze and entertain you through the fresh spring months.


I was not sure what to expect when I picked up this book, well I’d call it something more like a periodical.  The focus of this “book” is Summer and there are 4 articles and 2 short stories:

Article #1 “Social Nudity: Fetish, Fantasy Or Lifestyle?” focused on the subject of nudity and what it meant to different people, why some people are nudists, and what they get from being nude.  Overall it was a good article, a little long and dull in places, but interesting.

Story “Confirmed Sighting” – a man with a camera on a bluff and 2 young girls nude sunbathing on a private beach below.

Article #2 “Sweat Baby, Sweat” dealt with sweat – what it really means to us as humans and as a fetish was actually pretty interesting to me.  While this is not a fetish that particularly appeals to me in the extreme, we all are attracted to other people based on scent in one form or another. I found it intriguing to read about what attracts people to it.

Article #3 “Sneaky Peeks – Voyeurism, And Where To Draw The Line?” focused on a “study”they conducted by staging pictures and having people give their opinions on different situations.  

 “What I do think is clear is that when judging what is or is not acceptable in the way of voyeurism, a great many factors come into

play: if an image is seen or recorded, and how it’s recorded; what is done with the image, how intrusive the image is, how intimate

the image is, and the reaction of the viewer to the image, and most importantly, whether the subject has consented to the image being made.”

Story “Visible Excitement” – imagine you were invisible and no one could see anything that you did out in public, what would you do?

This was nice light-hearted story, a good breather from the heavier topics and articles.

Article #4 “Sex In The Sunshine – Some Helpful Hints From Peter Birch” was a guide on having sex in the summer, aka outdoor sex.  While nothing new or revolutionary it provided some good tips for those looking for a little outdoor fun in the sun. (sunblock people!!)

I will admit that I had an issue with the story “Confirmed Sighting”.  I’ve been mulling this over for a few days now and I am trying really hard to keep an open mind.  The story is about a man who pretends he is bird watching when in fact he is looking for voyeuristic opportunities.  He ends up finding two young girls on a private beach who end up sunbathing in the nude.  He takes lots of pictures and pleasures himself.

Personally I found the story disturbing, but as it was actually the second item you read in the book part of me wonders if I would have had such a harsh reaction if I had read it after reading the article on voyeurism?  However, let’s consider the recent pictures of the Princess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  Was it right or wrong for the paparazzi to take these pictures?  Did it cross the line? 

So overall it was good, with some interesting articles.  However, while it is 55 pages, which seems decent for a periodical, only 38 are actual content, and it included 3 ads!!  There were also several editing issues that I found distracting.  I don’t know about you but I have a fairly strict book budget so I want to make every dollar count and I just don’t know that I would spend the money on this. (costs seem to range from $4 – $5)

Reviewed by Book Huntress




Slap, Tickle, and Tie by Peter Birch


ASIN B006P2V01A   

1 out of 5 paddles

Mr. Birch started out this book with a brief  discussion of what is a fetish. Expecting this to be an introductory chapter of a larger and more in depth discussion I continued on. Then came the second chapter and the third, each time I found a brief and cursory discussion of an aspect of a fetish or sexual kink such as bondage or spanking positions.

Followingthe fourth or fifth chapter I returned to the beginning pages and discovered a small passage where this is a compilation of eight articles about the author’s favorite fetishes.

This explanation satisfied me, some what.

As I read on I wondered who the audience would be of this book. The total beginner might pick up the book thinking they were going to learn a lot about kink but they would come away disappointed. Each fetish along with the discussion of bondage and spanking doesn’t attempt to explain or understand the psychology of why people may be attracted to it. Someone interested in exploring kink and wanting to learn more come away with the feeling of not having actually learned anything. An individual within the BDSM community would react even more so because all this book does is give the author’s preferences. 

I’m always interested in discovering new material, whether a book or an article that can be used to refer people to who have a yearning for something more and wonder if BDSM and kink are what they are missing in their lives. I can’t see telling anyone with little or no kink/BDSM background to use this book for anything. It would more likely scare them away than inform.

Reviewed by Ronni


Pony Girl Tales- The Collection by Peter and Penny Birch


ASIN B007ED905C   

Story rating 4 out of 4 paddles

Sting rating (kink): 4 out of 4

Pony play is a favourite kink of mine.  No one does it better for me than Ms. Penny Birch. This deviant delightful minx generally has me aroused in a blazing hot manner.  The duo of Peter and Penny Birch pushed me over the edge into happy smexy land.  This collection of pony girl tales is sizzling hot.  What I like about it is the juxtaposition of British propriety and sexual humiliation. 

Sexual humiliation is not for everyone.  For those who love to experience or read it, Ms. Penny Birch is a favourite of mine.  She takes something simple, such as mud and makes it so sexy dirty.  Let us not forget the sloppy Strawberry yogurt scene which had me humming in delight.  What I enjoy most about this book is the girls in the story are not apologetic in their sexual desires.  They revel in their spankings, whippings and sexual exploitations.  It’s all fun for them.  Even when they are blackmailed into sexual submission and give a bit of token protest, quickly they change their tune and follow the dominant leader.

The humour in the story is quite well done.  I laughed so hard reading the involvement of the vanilla public into the fetish of human pony cart racing.  The imagery is so clear I can see the entire scene like a movie playing.  The writing is tightly woven with a clear plot and easy to understand framework.  It’s easy to follow along this delightful journey of debauchery because there are no fancy machines or complicated protocols. Instead, we are given enough information about an all girl boarding school with prefects and strict teachers.  I do confess to envy when the junior girls submitted to the senior prefects.  Annabelle and Bobby’s mischievous antics deserved much punishment.  With the way the author duo Birch writes, I can’t quite decide if I’d rather be on the giving or receiving end of the punishment.  Both have their allure.  I highly recommend this collection to BDSM readers who want some light hearted fun mixed in with some naughty school girls trussed up like ponies.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Playful, Dirty, and Free
Peter Birch
House of Erotica [link to buy]

Rating: 2 out of 5 Paddles

This book starts by asking a series of questions to the reader about the ideals and reasoning behind the concept of monogamous relationships.The beginning chapters are confrontational giving the reader a sense of being thrown into a social and culture battle between the kinky, monogamous and non monogamous . The author explores kink and the BDSM lifestyle through drawing on his own personal experiences. There are some interesting statistics cited within the book regarding the apparent increase of same sex and multi sex partnerships as of late. However, the book discusses the BDSM lifestyle in a manner that excludes the reader rather then include them and uses abrasive and shocking wording that is initially confronting to the reader, in my opinion. This book often uses shock tactics to get the readers addition.

Overall, Playful, Dirty, and Free is an interesting read. The book is thought provoking and a very short collection of ideas and opinions that could be very enjoyable to a reader who is looking to challenge and widen their perspective of kink ,but this book is definitely not for everyone.

Reviewed by Catherine