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The ABC’s by BDSM by Dama deNoche



ISBN-13: 978-1606596494

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

In the introduction the following terms are defined, and their importance in the BDSM community are stressed: Risk Aware Consensual Kink.=RACK…SSC=Safe Sane & Consensual….PRICK= Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink. These three terms are very important in the BDSM Community and are often considered the basic foundation of any type of play involved in the BDSM community.

The ABC’s is organized in the same manner as a dictionary with each entry being in alphabetical order, followed by a definition, and often several examples of the act being discussed. The author stresses that the acts included in the book are not meant to be seen as a definitive list of all things BDSM. That being said, the list is very thorough and includes the most common terms of BDSM such as, Dominance & submission, bondage and OTK (over the knee) to terms that are not necessarily part of popular culture such as, humbler (a device that is used on submissive men) and a quilling (the use of porcupine quills during discipline).

The terms in the book are described in detail, some even containing step-by-step instructions. The author also emphasizes that acts committed as part of the lifestyle have the potential to cause injury and in some instances death; the importance of receiving training is stressed repeatedly, along with the need to find a teacher that has a good reputation &/or references. The author often includes signs of infection or issues to watch for in case things don’t go as planned, along with the reassurance that doctors have been exposed to all types of injuries & that there is no reason for a participant to feel too embarrassed to receive treatment. The book also includes a section on contract negotiations between Doms & subs and the important role that communication plays in these types of relationships. The reader is also told that regardless of the contract that has been negotiated, in the United States anytime that a person no longer consents to an activity it needs to end immediately, because legally it is not possible for someone to relinquish their ability to refuse consent.

All in all, The ABC’s of BDSM is a very quick read and the terminology is explained in a manner that the most novice individual is able to understand what is being said. The terms and acts described include the most popular terms that are even known to those outside of the lifestyle, to terms that may be new to veterans of the BDSM community. If you are actively involved in the BDSM community or you read Fifty Shades of Grey and your interest has been piqued, then The Abc’s of BDSM is a great starting point.

Reviewed by Black Hippie Chick


Papa Knows Best by Jaxx Steele



Story rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Photography teacher Dominick Pappas, called ‘Papa’ by his old friend Ben, is snapping pictures in a cafe one day when he spies the distinguished Professor Bradley Louis, a much older man that Papa is instantly infatuated with. Professor Louis has a reputation for being gruff, but despite Ben’s warnings Papa tries to connect with the older man. He’s rebuffed, but determined, and eventually, after several encounters, Bradley agrees to a date.

Bradley was in a life-long relationship that only ended a few years before when his partner died in a crash. He is doubtful that he will ever find love again, especially with a man twenty years younger, and then there’s another problem. They go out on several dates before Brad finally confesses that he needs not just a lover, but a master.

Papa has some experience as a Dom and takes charge of Brad, showing him that he knows how to dominate. The scene they play out is certainly steamy, but aside from the D/s angle it’s not very kinky. “Papa Knows Best” is a short and sweet romance story. There’s a few more hot sex scenes, but no BDSM and Brad definitely isn’t into TPE. He lets Papa take charge in the bedroom, but outside of that he’s still very much his own man.

Books this short are often under-developed, but for what it is, “Papa Knows Best” is a rather good effort. As with any good story, I wished there was more of it. The younger/older D/s aspect is a little under-played, and we’re not given much insight into how the relationship develops before it’s put to the test when one of Papa’s old lovers shows up. However, that said, the characters are well developed, enough for you to care about them even though the book is too short for you to get emotionally tied up in their story.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Corporate Seduction
Bridget Midway
Phaze Books [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 160659995X
ISBN-13: 978-1606599952

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles


Winston Biggers wanted a woman he couldn’t control, nothing like his secretary. May Davenport thought that commanding alpha heroes only existed in her steamy romance novels,the opposite of her uptight boss. But when fate brings these two together, they learn that truth is kinkier than fiction.


I have to give Corporate Seduction kudos for twisting and turning and not taking the plot where you might think it will go. It is filled with humor and intensity as these characters clash and butt heads more than once.

May is a strong character that refuses to be pushed around – too much. Her boss drives her crazy, but she needs the money and benefits to take care of her family. She doesn’t know much about the BDSM lifestyle other than what she has read in romance novels until one of her friends takes her to a local club where men pay to be dominated. I kind of liked May. It was nice to get a glimpse at her emotions and thoughts as she tries to figure out who she is.

Winston needs to do something different and decides to try out this new club someone told him about. When he sees a woman that looks like May, he can’t help but submit –he’s wanted her for more than three years. But, can he suppress his natural urges and give into hers? I’m not sure I liked Winston, but again as he switches from Dom to sub and back again, it is interesting to get a glimpse into the thought process

For most of the book, these two don’t seem to know what they want. These are not natural born submissives or dominants, more like just a place they ended up. For a while, it was difficult to tell what Winston really wanted – a submissive or a dominant. May is still learning the ropes so to speak so she wasn’t sure either. This is an interesting foray into the BDSM lifestyle and how two people see it. There is some bondage, M/f, F/m, clamps, and more.

Reviewed by Star

Graphic Passions: O-Zone Adventures, Volume Two
Megan Hussey
Phaze [link to buy]

Rating: 1 out of 5 Paddles

The O-Zone is an intergalactic world ruled by Princess Andala, a self absorbed sex fiend who has recently lost her two primary sexual servants, Omni and Noble. Laryn, her new attendant/submissive is left unsatisfied with their relationship. As the princess is not an emotional woman, Laryn is left wanting more . He daydreams of a world where he would give and receive love.

Amelia Mayfield is an avid reader of the adult graphic novel, O-Zone, and attends the annual comic convention with her best friend, Kasey. Since the unusual departure of two of the main characters, she has set her eyes on the gorgeous new attendant to the princess, Laryn. A call from her friend alerting her to the news that the author of O-Zone had a booth at the convention, she holds up in her hotel room until the festivities start the next morning. After accepting an offer to meet an old friend of Kasey, Amelia opens the door to be bested by a man in a G-string pretending to be a man of O-Zone and spends a night of intense pleasure together.

Approaching the author of O-Zone, Amelia asks the question that many fans had wondered the answer…..”did Noble leave the comic to live on earth and Omni followed because he too had fallen for and Earth woman?” Never getting a straight answer, she learns that her man from the night prior was a male escort and not an O-Zone character. Angry and hurt, she packs and leaves the convention. Amelia distances herself from the world of O-Zone the best she can, but at night her dreams focus on Laryn, her favorite character.

Late one night Amelia awakens and finds herself in the embrace of a beautiful man that strongly resembles Laryn. When he tries to convince her that he truly is by seducing her, Amelia is not going to fall for another impersonator again. Laryn attempts to please Amelia go un-reciprocated initially.

Graphic Passions was light on the BDSM angle and heavy on the confusing as some events in the story were left unanswered.

Reviewed by Michelle

Threshing the Grain
Teresa Noelle Roberts
[link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Being a Lord or Lady entails service and sacrifice. An ancient evil awakes in the land that Miryea and Adimir oversee on behalf of their gods. Miryea tries to find a way to save Adimir’s life.

I had a problem reading this book until I realized that this is part of a series and is actually the second book in the Seasons of Soranian Cycle. I think a lot of background information that is needed to fully enjoy this book is in the first one because it seemed like there was something missing in the first part. The spanking and some of the lifestyle choices that Adimir and Miryea live seems almost counter to what their society believes, though that is a good parallel to our society today with regard to the BDSM lifestyle.

As the story progresses, the reader realizes that both Miryea and Adimir take a journey of discovery about themselves as they learn what it will take on both their parts to save Adimir’s life and the people and land. From the sex magic to role reversals, the story draws you in as you read further. There were still a few confusing passages, at least to me, that would have probably been explained earlier, but overall is a fairly good story.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Marie Rochelle
Phaze Books [link to buy]

Rating: 2 out of 5 Paddles

Ryan Lerner is constantly being approached by gorgeous woman because of his job. However, none of them have drawn his attention like the spunky and petite mocha-skinned Ajana Bennett that is begging him to help her clear her name. He always thought he didn’t want a woman’s company for more than a quick night of sex, but that all goes out the window when Ajana ends up sneaking her way into his well-protected heart.

Yet, will her secret make him change his mind or will he do everything in his power to prove her innocence and make her his woman.

I was very disappointed in Caught. This is almost a prelude to a longer story. I have since found out that there is a collection of stories that pulls things together. But, if you were to just pick up Caught, it isn’t a satisfying read.

Ajana is an accused thief and is out to prove her innocence. But, sexy detective Ryan is sure that she is guilty. When she shows up at his house one night to prove herself, the sparks fly between them. Now, she has to get Ryan to believe her and start looking for the thief elsewhere.

A great concept! I was really looking forward to this!

Sadly, the approximately 50 pages of this book did not lead to any conclusion. A steamy scene and then Ajana disappears – leaving Ryan with even more questions. I will say the writing was good; I did get involved in the story quickly and would like to finish it at some point. But, not knowing ahead of time that this is a short cliff-hanger of a story didn’t sit well.

Reviewed by Star

Heated Restraints
Yvette Hines
Phaze Books [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-1-60659-569-5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

Brad aka Thor leaves the Air Force and becomes a cop in Claiemont, where he eventually falls in love with the general’s daughter and the town princess, Liza.

While I enjoyed reading this book, which is part of the author’s Apprehension series, I would not classify this as a BDSM book per say. Granted there was one scene at the end of the book with Liza handcuffing herself to the bed, that was pretty much it. The story itself was good, about two people from opposite sides of the track being attracted to each other. The suspense in the story kept my interest as well.

I would not mind reading the rest of this series because I enjoyed some of the secondary characters involved in this one. Thor’s reaction to the general and his reaction to Thor was funny. One thing that does come across very well is the feel of small towns and the way everyone seems to know what is going on with everybody.