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Spontaneous Combustion by Lizbeth Dusseau spontaneous

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Jeni is divorced, kinky and a popular blogger. She has responded to an email from a Dominant and they have carried on an email friendship that has grown into an attraction.  Her exploration of her sexuality becomes a journey of growing closer to this man that inspires her: Jack.

SPOILER ALERT:  Let me get something out of the way.  There were three things that bothered me about this book and I couldn’t get past. First, though there were email exchanges between the two of them, Jack seemed to take the Dom role without much negotiation with Jeni. He made a ton of assumptions in my opinion and Jeni had shaky boundaries. She explores her sexuality with another woman (but basically needs Jack’s permission to do so even though he really isn’t her Dom as yet). This woman is in a committed relationship by the way, so if you find infidelity distasteful, this might be tough.

The second issue I had was one moment in the book that tainted everything I read after it. At their first meeting, Jack tells a story about his history, how he had a woman who had said she was a slave, not a submissive and how that had gone down a very painful (and not in a good way) path. The story is told as if Jack was duped and deceived by the woman he had been married to.  And yet, when Jack and Jeni have their first full sexual encounter, he looks her dead in the face and says “You’re a slave, Jeni.” I almost stopped reading right there.

Here’s a moment I get up on my soapbox. Jeni has identified herself as a submissive. She’s not inexperienced.  She’s not a newbie. She has thought about this a lot. Jack does something that I could never accept from any Dominant. He told her who and what she is. Now, that’s not to say he couldn’t have that opinion.  Even discuss the option that she could be a slave with her. But that’s not the way he handles it. He tells her and then proceeds to treat her as if she was a slave.  The book is brilliantly written, so Jeni’s love of being a slave is front and center. But to me, her arousal doesn’t excuse his behavior. I wished I’d seen a bit more real negotiation between them that involved matters of their heart. Jack’s aftercare was perfunctory at best. I had a tough time with that, though I think Jeni loved all of it.

The last issue is Jeni’s behavior when she discovers her best friend is sick and needs her. Again, the lack of communication between Jeni and Jack is appalling to me. At some point during the six month period (and considering how open and explicit her emails had been thus far) I have a hard time understanding why she couldn’t say “I don’t have a sexual thought in my head.  I can’t even accept what we are right now.”  She doesn’t. She walks away, remains distant and cuts Jack off cold turkey. The fact that he doesn’t say “No thank you, darlin’” when she comes back is a bit surprising.

Now, onto what’s RIGHT about this book. There is a lot. This is a great depiction of a kinky relationship. The sensations, the feelings, the subspace are all described in a beautiful and stunning way that kept me reading the story.  Jack is a panty melting Master who does wicked things in a wicked way. It’s very clear that the author has either done her research thoroughly, or knows her stuff.

The actual scenes are fantastic and very realistic. Though the emotional dynamic gave me some issues, in the long run, the characters were consistent and believable. I immediately related to Jeni (which may explain my earlier reactions) and I loved reading about her growth and change as she discovered her inner slut.

This book should come with a “SMOKIN’ HOT” label since it has a laundry list of kinks contained in its pages. The author made them all-even the golden showers-very hot and very sexy. I never thought being slapped in the face was arousing until I read the scene in this book.

All in all, this is a brilliant book that had some drawbacks for me but I still enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

A Woman’s Servant: The Second Semester by Chris Bellows A Womans Servant - The Second Semester

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor: 3 out of 5


A Woman’s Servant: The Second Semester is Chris Bellows’ sequel to his femdom tale chronicling the immersion of a college freshman into a world of feminization, sexual humiliation, forced chastity and total submission to “women of governance.” In many respects it is a more complete book than A Woman’s Servant, which ended abruptly and included prolonged and distracting scenarios detailing Nurse Cumming’s work at The Institute, a diabolical over-the-top sperm extraction facility where the story’s narrator works. The story resumes with Christy returning from winter break and once again submitting to the control of his mistress.

This story focuses on the decent of the submissive and the wicked delight of the person facilitating that process. Whereas there are ample sexual interludes of a D/s nature in it, they are not depicted in a particularly erotic manner. Rather, mostly they come off as perversely humorous.

The author has the kinky nurse expand Christy’s training by implementing Pavlov’s behavioral modification techniques for erection control and by enlisting others to assist in diversifying her experiences. A budding age-appropriate mistress introduces Christy to pony play dressage regimens; a strict dance instructor prepares her for a private ballet performance in humiliatingly revealing feminine attire; and the nurse’s occasional lover provides a vessel for Christy to learn the art of fellatio.

Although well written and imaginative, this book is not for everyone. Not even all fans of femdom literature. Readers who have read and enjoyed other Chris Bellow books likely will enjoy this one. All others are advised to consider some of the key points of this review to determine whether or not it will appeal to their sensibilities.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Pagan Dreams by Lizbeth Dusseau Pagan Dreams

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Where better to begin a lesbian relationship that eventually drifts into intense BDSM territory than a university library in Los Angeles. Graduate student Cassie becomes infatuated with a fellow library regular nearly to the level of becoming a stalker before screwing up the courage to approach the object of her lust. Fortunately, the stars are aligned in a favorable configuration and the bold step by the normally shy academic results in a passionate and sexually satisfying romance with Peach. And so begins Lizbeth Dusseau’s somewhat edgy erotic novella Pagan Dreams.

On the surface, aside from the Sapphic nature of their couplings, there is nothing particularly unusual about their sex lives. However, each woman has secret D/s demons that stem from prior relationships, which, of course, they have not divulged to the other. Their kinky pasts come to light during an extended summer trip along the northern California coast. An encounter with some aggressive biker babes at a remote dyke bar sets the stage, but things escalate significantly when they arrive at a B&B that caters exclusively to lesbians with a taste for pagan passions blended with S&M – The Edge is a place where Peach has some history.

During their stay at the B&B the couple temporarily separate and each of the women engage in liaisons with both tops and bottoms, effectively purging their demons and allowing their psyche’s to reach their natural comfort level on the D/s spectrum. The kinky scenarios depicted during the course of their respective dalliances are exceptionally well written and erotic, providing you enjoy that particular brand of naughtiness, which I do. The overall storyline is entertaining but not exceptional. For the most part it is a slice of life tale with lots of kinkiness but no definitive denouement.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon


theonepoundThe One Pound Ponygirl by Charles Graham

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5

Sting Factor (kink) 3 out of 5


A lifelong enthusiast of anything horse-related, Gabrielle Aston is intrigued when her new lover offers her the chance to actually try some fetish role-play with him.


Pony play is a fetish that is not for everyone. I happen to think it is incredibly sexy to read about and have enjoyed a few books with this subject. This (short) book is more of a pony play “lite” where it has an unbelievable storyline and doesn’t go into the hardcore pony play I’ve seen in other books. This might be a good introduction if you want to get a general idea on pony play without the more detailed aspects of training to be a pony. All in all this seemed more like someone’s personal fantasy more than an actual book, but like I mentioned earlier this is an acceptable way to learn the general aspects of pony play.

Reviewed by Elizabeth

samanthaThe Supremacy of Samantha by Olivia M. Ravensworth
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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Men who don’t have enough money for gambling need to stop when they run out. Tom is not bright enough to understand this concept. Instead, he bets his wife’s sexual services because he know he’s holding a winning hand. It is not a surprise Tom loses. Fortunately for him, his friends are nice enough to let him slip by and just return home with no money. Unfortunately for him, Samantha, Tom’s wife does not find this amusing. This is the start of Tom’s descent into cuckold creampie heaven.

This is a popular premise where a wife is “sold” for a night or weekend to the poker winner. In most cases, the wife becomes a degraded sexual play thing whilst her sorry hubby is forced to watch his wife gang banged. In a nice twist, Ms. Ravensworth changes it up with the wife owning the husband and making all his little friends dance to her tune. Even better, Samantha convinces Tom he is a whore and needs to make it up to her. Because Samantha needs to pay off Tom’s debt, Tom must pay her off for settling it. It’s a delicious tale of debauchery.

This is a lovely spank bank fantasy with a willing cuckold, spluge squirting gang bangs and cum filled holes. Samantha goes all out with her slutty outfits and porn worthy dialog. The sex in this book is swinging fun. Whilst this can be categorized as kinky and loosely affiliated with under BDSM through the dub-con cuckolding, there is very little BDSM to be found. This is just good ole swinging parties where the women rule and the men drool. For those who have issues with cheating, this book may not be for you. To be fair, the cheating in here is pretty light. The focus is just sex, glorious sex. Samantha receives deposits in her pussy weekend after weekend. Whilst she may be a dirty wife, she still likes to be clean. This is where those who enjoy creampie stories will get a kick out of Tom’s janitorial duties.

There is only one piece in the story which could  have been edited out. At the end, there is a threat of exposure. This could be the author’s attempt at bringing more conflict. Since it occurs so late in the book, it doesn’t really help enhance the book. Removing it would create a more tightly written story. If this conflict is still desired, then it is recommended to bring it in a bit earlier and weave it in and out of the story until the ending where it can be resolved.

Overall, this is a fast read. The sex is hot. The concept is entertaining. The characters are easy to like. Recommended for kink readers who enjoy a woman in control when it’s a swinger’s night out.

Reviewed by Book Addict

The Classic Olivia M. Ravensworth by Olivia M. Ravensworth cor

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


The Mistress of Castle Rohmenstadt is the first of three novellas written circa mid 1990s now being re-released by Pink Flamingo Publishing as an anthology entitled The Classic Olivia Ravensworth. Although reasonably well-written, it is basically an erotic fantasy with very little plot but nearly non-stop sexual escapades. The story involves a twenty-year-old American woman who inherits the estate of her great-great uncle; the only condition of receiving her inheritance is that she resides in the family castle in Eastern Europe.

Although she is a chronic masturbator, Katherine is a virgin. Not out of prudishness mind you, she simply hasn’t found the right person or circumstance worthy of crossing that threshold. Upon waking after her first night in the castle, her twin French chambermaids subtly pleasure her to orgasm. This is the first time she has climaxed at the hands of anyone other than herself, and she has mixed feelings about enjoying lesbian sex despite being resolutely heterosexual.

That first Sapphic experience proves to be tame compared to what is to follow. Not only are there numerous increasingly intense sexual adventures between Katherine and the naughty twins, Katherine indulges in suckling the lactating breasts of the castle’s cook and presiding over a lesbian orgy orchestrated by her servants.

She immerses herself in her late uncle’s extensive collection of print and video pornography, and soon thereafter gradually begins openly masturbating in front of her staff and watching them while they engage in varied sexual activities with one another. She even starts inflicting light corporal punishment on her chambermaids, primarily because they refuse to reveal why her requests to have sex with a man are seemingly ignored.

To appease her somewhat, they arrange a heterosexual orgy for her to watch. Finally, she gets her wish when Hans, a hunk who has been genetically programmed for longevity by Katherine’s uncle, shows up and tells her of her uncle’s hope for them to become a couple, and “Oh, by the way, I love you.” They have sex and post haste the story wraps up with a grand wedding – HEA implied strongly.

Whereas this book has plenty of naughtiness – an important feature in an erotic book to be sure – it is lacking in substance. The story just drifts from one sexual scenario to another before ending suddenly. Many readers may find the somewhat florid language used to describe the details of the numerous sexual exploits a bit off-putting. To her credit, Ms. Ravensworth utilizes a vast array of euphemisms and metaphors with minimal repetitions. The bondage and corporal punishment kink is well done yet rather genteel. I opted not to read the remaining two novellas in this package after skimming them and determining that they appeared similar in quality to The Mistress of Castle Rohmenstadt, though with totally different themes.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Trail Guard by Hayley White Trail Guard

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


I found Hayley White’s pony girl novella, Trail Guard, to be technically well written yet kind of boring. Indeed, after getting about half way through it I had to stop reading – DNF. Probably what wore me down the most was the seemingly endless recounting of the day-to-day life of the pony girls. Although by and large pony play is a sexual fantasy, this story had negligible sexual elements up to the point that I bailed. And the minimal corporal punishment was far from being erotic.


The premise of this story is that a rural community puts on an annual Maypole celebration where young women, primarily daughters of the landed gentry and wannabes, vie for the honor of being selected for an eight-week pony girl training to prepare them for some kind of pony girl race and/or competition. Perhaps if it had been presented differently, it might have worked. Frankly, I was sorely disappointed by this book because generally I like pony play fantasies and therefore I am willing to suspend disbelief.


Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Tales of Male Submission by Rose Thornwell Tales of Male Submission

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Rose Thornwell is a well-established erotica writer whose books often venture into the realm of female domination. Her latest anthology, Tales of Male Submission, demonstrates her mastery in this genre with a diverse array of stories featuring dominant women, sexually and otherwise. While the themes of some will be familiar to longtime femdom readers, the majority of the twenty-two vignettes in this collection cover fresh territory – not in the least standard femdom fare.

Although there is no acknowledgement on the cover or the inside credits, five of the stories in this collection are the work of Roxanne Gray, a lesser known colleague of Ms. Thornwell. With the exception of one very short piece written from the second-person point of view, her stories are comparable in quality to those of the primary author. Together their stories make this anthology a recommended read for femdom aficionados.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Overpowered Men by Orlando overpowered

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Overpowered Men is a voluminous anthology consisting of 50 femdom stories of varying lengths. This book definitely is not intended for a general audience or even the odd reader looking for adventure. Realistically, one would need to be an aficionado of this genre to consider reading all the stories it contains, regardless of their quality.

The author, who uses the pen name Orlando – perhaps a reference to the title of a gender-bending fantasy novel by Virginia Woolf – has incorporated the majority of the most common femdom themes within these stories. A significant number of them involve some variation of a man being tricked into a life of substantive submission by a woman in his life. None of the stories are poorly written, although as might be expected in an anthology of this size, some are much better than others.

Curiously, my favorite story in this collection, “A Letter to K-Y Lubricants”, is not the least bit erotic. It is a slyly humorous complaint letter written by a man in 24/7 chastity, basically whining that the claims about the product by the manufacturer did not live up to his expectations as they pertained to convincing his wife to release his penis from captivity. This story demonstrates the true skill of the writer beyond the limited realm of femdom erotica.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

womansA Woman’s Servant by Chris Bellows

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Chris Bellows’ A Woman’s Servant is an interesting, yet incomplete, entrée into femdom tale bracketed by loosely related vignettes that primarily depict the day-to-day operations of The Institute, a sperm extraction facility where the story’s narrator works. The chapters dealing with Nurse Cummings’ employment are pure over-the-top diabolical femdom fantasies that don’t necessarily resonate with all aficionados of that genre. Just about the time I was wondering how that narrative could possibly be sustained for an entire book, the true story began to materialize.

It seems that the decidedly kinky nurse has recently relocated and is in need of a very special kind of live-in personal servant who possesses sensibilities complementary to her own. A carefully crafted ad placed in the personals section of Craig’s List lands her a boatload of “applicants”, the vast majority of which are totally unacceptable for a whole host of reasons. One of the hopefuls, an entering freshman at the local college, who has foolishly squandered on a financial domme the money his parents gave him for living expenses, strikes her as the perfect candidate and she proceeds to reel him in.

Mostly the balance of the story chronicles the process by which Nurse Cummings transforms Christopher into Christy, and molds him into her ideal chaste, feminized, and submissive servant. The way that unfolds is told in a wickedly playful manner that mutes much of the cruelty involved. Oddly, the book terminates rather abruptly with Christy heading home for the Christmas holidays followed by a celebration involving the denizens of The Institute.

While this book has flashes of inspiration and often succeeds at drawing the reader into the story, in many respects it feels like the author got bored and didn’t make an effort to blend its two parts together better or to construct a more satisfying conclusion. For those who care about such things, most of the sex appears off camera. Conversely, lavish attention is paid to describing scenes involving Christy undergoing elaborate humiliations that reinforce relinquishing all traces of his masculinity.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon