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Stealing Serenity (Tall, Dark, and Dominant) by Reese Gabriel



Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Serenity implies a cool, calm and collected concept.  It generally invokes thoughts of a soothing and relaxing place.  Unfortunately for Serenity in this story, it’s a misnomer.  Serenity is fighting for a shot in the executive suite at her company when it’s ownership changes hands.  The new owners are from some former Soviet Union country, Listonia, and require all their executives to be in a stable relationship – married or dating.  Based on Serenity’s psychotic, immature and whiney behaviour throughout the entire book as she forms a relationship with Ross Lassiter, one can understand the new owners’ requirements.

As far as character building goes, Serenity is a stereotypical shallow female who is judgmental, naïve and completely unappealing.  It’s a mystery why her good friend Lucretia would want to subject Ross to such misery.  Serenity is a kinky person in severe denial.  It’s oft said that some of the cruelest homophobic men are closet gay men.  In this case, Serenity is a BDSM-phobic nitwit.  The story from her point of view is aggravating and causes a reader to want to slap her upside the head many a times.  Or some may want to take a cane to her derriere until her contrary ways are corrected.

The writing style seems to depart from author Reese Gabriel’s sci-fi More than Male series.  This book is a bit unexpected in its heavy handed pounding of SSC.  Rather than integrating BDSM scenes and terminology into the story line, it feels choppy and jars the reader.  Perhaps this is the goal since Serenity is new to BDSM.  The squawking protests from Serenity are equally unbalanced by Ross’s high handed dominant orders.  This is what makes the story feel out of control which is counterproductive when showing an experienced Dom bringing a newbie submissive into the alternative lifestyle.  The stilted communication between the two characters is at times painful to watch.  Do men and women in the throes of dating really interact in this appallingly juvenile and embarrassing manner?

Ross is a Dom who for inexplicable reasons, desires Serenity and believes he can bring her submissive side to the surface.  He’s treated to one indignity after another from the frigid female during his chase. Regardless of the unbelievable relationship budding, author Reese Gabriel creates some tasty BDSM scenes.  It’s the BDSM dream sequences during Serenity’s sleep which carries this book to the finish.  Although it would be nice to ignore some of Serenity’s bipolar introspection during the scenes, it is distracting and detracting for the reader.  The club in the warehouse district is the other highlight of this book.  What goes on in this exclusive club makes the story palpable.  Where is this club and how does one gain membership?  This BDSM novella is recommended for the Glitterkink reader who enjoys a sexy rich Dom.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Dom Next Door by Reese Gabriel



Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5

The guy next door is a hot cop who is nice and sexy, how can this be wrong?  For Tristy, Grant is the one who mops up her tears after dating yet another dead beat jerk.  She sexually fantasizes about Grant yet she refused to date him because she’s afraid.  One would think she doesn’t want to lose their friendship so she’s keeping her distance.  This would be a wrong assumption.  Tristy is avoiding Grant for boyfriend material because she found out he’s a Dom.  She doesn’t like that freaking perversion. 

Grant is held in emotional hostage by Tristy.  They have a great friendship and enjoy each other’s company.  He fantasizes about her yet controls his desire because he knows his deviant sex life is too much for her.

At this point, I’m rolling my eyes.  Tristy is a spoiled little brat who picks the bad guys to date because she likes to self sabotage.  Tristy disgusts me.  She’s the woman who pushes the guy into sex in the heat of passion then the next day experiences regret and takes it out on the guy.  Grant is a great guy who deserves better.  I felt bad for him. 

This story was odd for me.  Here’s why.  Tristy carries baggage from her father which is never explained clearly.  One paragraph insinuating his infidelity and the aftermath made no sense to me.  I couldn’t understand why this would cause Tristy to behave in the manner she does now.  What really confused me was the lack of BDSM in the story.  Sure it was a little kinky but barely.  I can barely categorize it as SugarKink.  The reason why this confused me is because I’ve read other books by Reese Gabriel.  Specifically, her More than Male series captured my attention.  The D/s written in that series is hot and smexy.  The understanding of BDSM and how it comes across in the More than Male series is well done and different than The Dom Next Door.  To me, it feels as if it is two different authors writing.  This is why I’m confused.  As far as smexy hot sex in this book, it was low.  The kinky factor is only two paddles because it was barely there.

The writing was still enjoyable.  The book was a short one so the development of the story seems a bit rushed.  This is to be expected for a quickie from Ellora’s Cave.  Still, it flowed and was a fast read.  I recommend this book to kinky readers who love the boy next door.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Legally Binding
Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Kat Cartwell is a lawyer trying to relax on her vacation by reading law books when Julian Morrell interrupts to try and persuade her to leave the books alone and have dinner with him. She tells him to get lost but when he leaves, she follows him to give him a piece of her mind-playing right into his hands.

This is the pattern for the rest of the book. Julian approaches Kat, she turns him down, and then goes back to have it out with him. I kept wanting to slap her and tell her to either take him up on his offer or leave him along, but quit saying no and then going back.

For his part, Julian is a love them and leave them kind of guy, but there’s something about Kat that he knows he wants. He thinks she’s the perfect submissive for his Dominant personality.

After a single night of great passion, Kat goes back to Chicago and her law practice, only to have Julian show up and insist that she be on retainer for his multi-million firm. Eventually they discover that what they really need is each other.

For the most part, I enjoyed the book, but I found Kat’s advance, retreat, advance shenanigans annoying. I didn’t get what Julian saw in her but felt she richly deserved the spanking she finally got.

Some hot scenes keep this book from being relegated to the elimination pile, but some major character flaws in the heroine keep it from being a highly recommended read.

Reviewed by Karen

A Cage of Her Own
Reese Gabriel
Pink Flamingo Publications  [link to buy]  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

This is a book of short stories written by Reese Gabriel. The title of each story is written in caps.

MISSING INGREDIENT: Johnny and Belinda are getting divorced. If they had discovered the missing ingredient of BDSM would they still be a couple? This was a hot short, a conversation between ex lovers that quickly learn they both like dominance and submission play.

PLAYING WITH FIRE: A rape fantasy and pregnancy/breeding tale.

DON’T BE LATE: A curious woman gets a taste of what her fiancé’s brother’s sex life is really like. He offers her a night at his side at BDSM club.

SLAVING FOR SEX: The woman character is a model and her attitude is even though she allowed herself to be used for sex, she called the shots. A so-so short story.

BECAUSE ITS FUN: A well written non-con scene with revenge at the end.

SUBMISSION AT FIRST SIGHT: Another hot story of submission. A man and woman dating a short time find out one wants to dominate and the other wants to submit. The characters are likable and own their positions either as slave or Master.

DREAM PET: This was a literal translation of the title the slave was indeed dreaming she was a pet but she was unsure the reasons and when she asks for help the true horrors begin to unfold.

A CAGE OF HER OWN: In this story the slave is treated as a pet in a cage. She is a ‘natural sub’ that the Master sees and wants to train. Good story!

DANGLING THE CUFFS: D/s between new lovers. A female submitting to a male.

FLIPPING CAYDEN: A really good switch story.

THE CIRCLE: Quick and dirty, mmm. Sometimes you don’t need a whole lot to be good.

MERCY FOR MERCY MARIE: Another story that was just so-so. I enjoyed the D/s aspect of the story but when the true nature of Master and slave is missing the story loses it’s appeal.

The perspective of the sub/slave/pet was always well written. Each story was a different theme; sometimes fantasy, sometimes reality, or a slave being trained for service. I loved each one for the most part and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Reviewed by Sizzling Miss Kim

Jenny’s Submission
Reese Gabriel
Sizzler Editions [link to buy]

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Paddles

What happens when a human realizes she’s not a real human, but really Pinocchio, the wooden puppet? In this futuristic sci-fi BDSM story, it’s a reverse Pinocchio nightmare instead of a fairy tale. Arayna is a famous holo star which is similar to our movie stars. Her spurned lover, Redrick, through nefarious methods finds out her secret origins. Stunned Arayna is blackmailed into sexual slavery instead of treated like a treasured wife.

The concept of this story amused me. I enjoy intense body modification, total power exchange, humiliation and dehumanizing stories. The sci-fi element which is creating female sex dolls, “Jenny”, is the ultimate fantasy for the sadistic BDSM lovers. The degradations of the Jenny are trademark Mr. Gabriel. The reason why this story is rated a 2.5 paddle for me even though it was flaming hot is because it was too short and wasn’t gritty enough in Arayna’s defilement.

Dream sequences are not my favorite writing device. It was used several times for Arayna’s sexual awakening. I would prefer to see Arayna suffer directly under Redrick’s hands. I would have also enjoyed forced interaction with the three Jennies Redrick already owns. Since Arayna is a pampered princess, I wanted to read about Redrick keeping her in this position to the public, but in private, like he threatened, treat her like the sex slave she’s been designed to be. Scenes about her being gang banged by his close friends would have been a pleasure to witness.

I recommend this short story for BDSM lovers who enjoy sexual slavery and dehumanization of a woman. This story will whet the appetite of a sadist.

Reviewed by Book Addict