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BDSM. A term that used to be clouded in mystery and evoke images of naked men or women chained to a wall while someone in a black leather outfit, complete with hood, whipped them ’til they cried. Now you hear it tossed around casually by life stylers and vanilla folk alike.


But are we all talking about the same thing? CEFmhMlWgAE7Qdg


Movies and books like 50 Shades of Gray or Secretary have been vilified for portraying a watered-down version of BDSM, while in the porn industry fetish videos showcase every possible permutation of dominance, submission, and even torture.


The truth is, it’s all BDSM yet none of it gives an outsider the whole story.


Like any other fetish or lifestyle, BDSM has levels and subcultures. In a way, it’s a lot like swinging. You find every possible degree of practitioner, from the person who just wants to dip their toe in the water to the one whose entire life revolves around the most hard core of practices.


In my private life, it’s never been something I’ve partaken in except at the beginner level. But as a writer of erotica in all its various shades, I’ve had to do a lot of research. Some of it in person.


My own involvement has always been limited to some kinky hijinks in and out of the bedroom. While I don’t mind a little pain (twist my nipple, slap my ass, tie me to the bed and pull my hair, please!), I am not so enamored of it that I want to be smacked with a hair brush (tried it, no thank you!), flogged with a crop, or gagged to the point where I’m nearly choking. I can be both submissive or dominant in the bedroom, depending on my mood and my partner. I will gladly play the part of a sex slave for my ‘master’ for the night, but it’s role play, not my life. I am no one’s slave, and I don’t want anyone to be mine. Not full time. So my partner and I have dabbled. We have fuzzy handcuffs, ties, and a little notepad filled with dirty suggestions (orders!) for those times when we want to spice things up. As members of the swinging community, we’ve attended a wide range of parties, including the Deviant parties in NYC, where we thought we’d see some real BDSM action. Instead, it was only a step or two above tame, with most folks doing the same kind of thing we enjoyed, except they were dressed in leather while they did it.


So, while we’ve had no problem saying to each other, “get on your knees and service me” (or service that one over there!), neither of us has a desire to see the other ball-gagged, crawling across the floor, and humiliated in front of strangers.


Yet, if you ask someone who’s really into that kind of thing, they won’t call it humiliating, even if it’s a humiliation-oriented activity. Why? Because it’s what they are into. And if you enjoy suffering humiliation, then in a way it’s really not humiliating. The same way that if your partner enjoys being whipped by a crop while manacled to a wall, it’s not torture. It’s a shared kink.


BDSM is all about being at the same point, sharing a joint fantasy or sexual preference or role. If your partner hates to be submissive, it’s not going to work with you being the dominant one all the time. If your partner can’t give up control, then tying them down will only lead to problems. As a person or a couple, you need to find your comfort zone. Experiment a little at a time. I love to be tied to the bed. My partner enjoys doing that. On the other hand, he hates to be tied down. Yet we don’t have permanent dominant-submissive roles. He loves it when I come home, push him down on the bed, and just fuck the shit out of him. And I love it when he does that to me.


Some people start with a little slap here, a little nipple clamp there, and move on to bigger and better things. There are so many stops along the way, from latex and riding crops to asphyxiation, dog training, anal insertion, cum drinking, and even branding. People can go so far into the BDSM culture they allow themselves to be sold as sex slaves. Women tie ropes around their breasts until the flesh turns purple and men turn their scrotums into fishhook advertisements.


Some of it even delves into illegality, but true practitioners always follow the basic rule of consent. No one is ever forced to do anything they don’t want to. For some, that means giving up the right to say no before the fun begins. That’s their choice. Most don’t go that extreme.


For people in the BDSM life style, a film/book like 50 Shades of Gray has two flaws. 1), by most standards, it’s pretty tame. You can see the same level of kink at 50% of the swinger parties you go to. And 2), the concept of submission is confused with consent. Some of the scenes where Gray uses mental and verbal abuse and/or pressure carries more than a whiff of date rape. However, the book served a good purpose in making BDSM, at least at the beginning end of the spectrum, more palatable for the masses, opened the door to some middle of the road acceptance. Much the same way Jenna Jameson did for porn.


On the other hand, torture porn and rape porn still have the opposite effect. They give BDSM a bad reputation, and they shouldn’t. Why? Because once again, it comes down to consent. If a person has a rape fantasy, or wants to be tied up and gang-banged by masked men, who is anyone to say that is wrong? It’s not like these people go door to door trying to convert normal people into their life style (that’s only okay for religious groups, apparently!). And certainly no one is going to be making a mainstream movie about the pleasure of gang rape anytime soon. But everyone deserves the chance to follow their sexual path, no matter how kinky it might be.


And now, I think I’ll head to the bedroom. I’ve got the urge to have some fun tonight. Where is that hot wax candle….?


(For some better-than-decent mainstream BDSM movies, try The Piano Teacher, Preaching to the Perverted, A Dangerous Method, or Venus in Fur.)




Janie James is a former scientist with a lust for love and life. After years of toiling in laboratories and photographing crime scenes, she gave up the 9 to 5 routine to write erotic fiction. When she’s not writing, she enjoys sleeping late, overdosing on coffee, and watching online porn. Her latest story, “True Calling,” can be found in the BDSM anthology, Tie Me Up: A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales (edited by F. Lenora Solomon), available on Amazon.


For more information about Janie James and her writing, visit:




The Glass Stiletto by Rachel Kenley theglass

Link to buy The Glass Stiletto

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Fairy tales retold in an erotic manner are a guilty pleasure. The Glass Stiletto turns a well-loved children story into an adult sweet femdom delight. Those who know this story well, will be able to forgive the lack in degrading scenes between Mariella and her wicked step-family. This Cinderella doesn’t depend on a fairy godmother. She is going to find a way out and it’s by marrying a well off man who will be kind to her. What she isn’t looking for, is more duty and less freedom. To her surprise, she catches the eye of Teodor, the Prince.

This story does bring in some fun twists and turns. It is not as gruesome as the original fairy tale nor as light as the Disney version. It does bring in a delicious taste of sugarkink with Mariella binding her up prince and riding him like a pony. The BDSM in here is so light which is why it is categorized as sugarkink. The femdom aspect of it is also a nice empowering twist. It’s not the first Cinderella reboot with femdom, but it is certainly one of the more charming ones. Mariella is a good hearted kinky lover who entices her prince with an open heart. What more can a romantic femdom lover ask for?

The story moves at a nice easy pace. The villains are easily predictable just as they are hateful.  The characters are a bit one dimensional. Teodor is surprisingly naïve to not research into all the men now working for him in a country he is going to take over as ruler. Mariella is a more timid than expected. Still, the two of them are cute together.

This story would be hotter if there were more intense femdom scenes between Mariella and Teodor. The punishment scene for Teodor gives a reader high hopes of sexual torment only to have it end up being a cock tease. More world building would have made this story richer.  Perhaps it would be gratuitous sex to spend more time on Mariella’s earlier years when she’s been whored out and worked over hard as a slave. Still, being told her back history is not the same as experiencing the scenes through flashbacks. Allowing the reader to make the connections between the characters instead of being told them would also help make the story more interesting. For example, creating a scene where Mariella makes a connection between the Duke and her past would be more meaningful than just telling the reader about it. Overall, the story is enjoyable and a quick read.

This erotic romance is recommended for kinky fairy tale lovers who love happily ever afters.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls by Debra Hyde ofwhitesnakes

Link to buy Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls (The Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series Book 1)

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


When murder runs rampant through the streets of 1880s New York City the skills of lady sleuth Charlotte Olms are put to the test. Taking on female clients, she meets the beautiful Ms. Tam and tackles the case of her missing husband. Charlotte and her lover, Joanna Wilson go deep into the recesses of old Chinatown to route the killer from the opium dens. What appears to be a simple matter of drugs and money becomes a much deadlier happenstance altogether. Thrust in the middle of a gang war between the Bowery and Chinatown, the ladies must react smartly or pay the ultimate price.

When I first began reading this story I had no idea what to expect. As I went along, I found myself thinking of the Parasol Protectorate series minus the paranormal. Author Debra Hyde has crafted a sexy foray into the 1880’s where women did not openly admit they were lovers. The mystery was well done –think Sherlock Holmes with his sidekick Watson (but change them out for a lesbian couple) and you have the scene set rightly. Scenes of impact play, dominance and submission and some very stimulating behind closed doors activity occupy its pages, leaving me wanting much, much more.

The detail and care the author showed in every scene was apparent, despite a few minor edits here and there. The story captured my attention and I wanted-no- craved more scenes like the caning on page fourteen. Every breath was noted. Every flick of the wrist and swish through the air. It was impact play poetry and I loved it. The added fear of discovery of the detective and her assistant as lovers in that time added an additional layer of drama to the story that was already fraught with tension.

Bravo Ms. Hyde. I am now an avid fan and shall seek out more adventures with Charlotte and Joanna and I really hope they bring their cane.

Reviewed by Erzabet

Her-wish-is-your-commandHer Wish Is Your Command by D.L. King

Link to buy

ISBN-10: 1626010757

ISBN-13: 978-1626010758

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


D.L. King’s newly released anthology of femdom stories, Her Wish is Your Command, is a treat for aficionados of that genre. All 21 stories are fun, imaginative, and sexy in a decidedly naughty way – yet not so hard core as to scare off adventuresome newbies and BDSM-curious readers.

Most of these stories don’t involve mistresses and submissives heavy into the lifestyle. Indeed, a common thread features a vanilla male encountering a dominant woman who orchestrates events such that their latent submissive nature is revealed and they are encouraged to embrace what they have discovered about themselves.

None of the dommes are of the ominous spider woman variety. They are for the most part portrayed simply as self-possessed women with a penchant for being in charge, sexually and otherwise. In many of the stories there is a playful quality to the women as they interact with their submissive prey.

Perhaps my favorite vignette is A Different Kind of Reality Show. A young exhibitionist lands a gig in which he is to be naked on live camera for a week and subject to following the voice commands of an exclusive audience of women. He did not anticipate that he would be required to masturbate at their whim – and stop unfulfilled at their direction; nor was inserting a large butt plug in his ass (and liking it) something that he imagined happening when he signed the contract.

This anthology is highly recommended to anyone with an affinity for well-written femdom literature, and for readers exploring the genre who are looking for a representation of the best it has to offer.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Warlock Masters by Domingo Rhodes

Link to buy Warlock Masters


Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


“Warlock Masters” is a short anthology of just four stories, all by the same author. All but one of the tales is told in the first person by a warlock who recounts various sexual escapades. It is easy to see these almost as memories of various stages in the development of his powers. In the first three stories, the generally nameless narrator reveals himself to be a man who revels in a submissive role, although he can be quite aggressive in seeking out that role, and using his magical powers to ensnare men to dominate him. That said, it’s worth pointing out that magic and mysticism play a minor role in the stories, enough that it’s easy to forget that it’s the theme of the anthology.

In “Alias Love” the mature warlock beguiles a relatively innocent young couple at a sex party and draws the man into a sexual encounter in the bathroom.

“Big Puerto Rican Brazilian German Cock Summer” has the narrator playing the sex slave to a coven of warlocks.

“Beautiful Sadist” tells the disjointed account of our hero’s repeated pummeling by a sex-crazed married Italian stud.

“I’d Like Me Som’a That” seems to be about the initiation of a new submissive, although it’s the most incomplete-feeling of the stories.

The writing style of these tales could be described as a sort of raunchy stream of consciousness. In places, it reminded me of some of William S. Burroughs’ work, although these stories are generally a little more coherent than the often disjointed writing of books like “Naked Lunch”. While the narrator describes his sexual encounters in detail, and seems to enjoy painful penetration, aside from that there isn’t a lot of kink to the sex. The subtitle’s promise of “Erotic stories of dominance & submission” is over-selling it a bit. Yes, the theme is there, but it isn’t really developed.

Under-development would be the best way to sum up why I didn’t rate this book higher. Short stories are very difficult to get right. Most authors will tell you it’s the most difficult thing to write, and many of the stories in “Warlock Masters” read as unfinished bits of longer works. As erotica, they’ll certainly do the trick, but the plots and characters are interesting enough that you want more.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Master: The Sexuality, Politics, Life and Philosophy of a Master by Master R

Link to buy Master


Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


If you watched the OWN television presentation, Shades of Kink, from the show Our America, then you have heard of Master R. He is the owner and Chateau Master of La Domaine Esemar, the kink B&B highlighted on the show. He is recognized the world over (no exaggeration) as one of THE most highly respected and revered Masters in the BDSM community.

“La D” as the La Domaine family calls the House, specializes in training Masters, Mistresses, Dominants, Dominatrices, slaves and submissives to become more open and aware so that they may more fully understand and revel in their sexuality. Esemar-trained Masters, Mistresses, Dominants, Dominatrices, slaves and submissives are very, very highly regarded and prized within the worldwide BDSM community (again, no exaggeration).

Master is the story of the evolution of a true renaissance man into a BDSM Master without equal. The story is told in his own words in a series of seventy-four essays (seventy-three essays and epilogue) that cover everything from his childhood (the first time he was ever whipped with a switch), his politics (the treatise on the difference between inalienable and unalienable rights is an eye-opener), his sexuality (which seems to remain in a continuously evolving state), BDSM in general, particular kinks and fetishes, his marriage, the story of La D from its inception to the present day, the television show, and even (gasp!) 50 Shades. The story is told with humor, consternation, reverence, love, and deep insight.

Fictional Masters are fun, sexy, and the stuff of fantasies, no doubt about it. But this man is the Real Thing and, in this reviewer’s opinion, much, much better than fiction. When the reader finishes this book, they will come away with an incredible picture of the mind of a renowned BDSM Master who has literally seen it all, done it all and then some. Some of the rumors are true (yes, they really did roast a slave named elvis) and others are patently false (La D is a not and never has been a glorified house of prostitution).

To say much more would give away a lot and there are definitely surprises to be had in this story. This is a book you won’t be able to put down. Whether you are kink or vanilla, you’ll come away from this story with a much broader understanding of BDSM and a clearer insight into those in the lifestyle. For those not familiar with BDSM who are craving more information, you’ll definitely find it here and (probably) enjoy the discovery. You’ll also come away feeling like you know Master R and his family well.

Reviewed by Ekatarina