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Training Tess by Sabrina York



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Jared doesn’t mess with his sister’s employees because he doesn’t want to rock the boat. That’s until he sees her assistant, Tessa, in the BDSM club he frequents. Knowing she was there willingly puts a different spin on things, as he’s wanted her since he first saw her.

Tessa has some steamy fantasies starring Jared herself. She hopes he hasn’t seen her when she goes to BDSM Club Fetters to do some research for her free-lance writing career. But Jared meets her in the office the next day and directs her to come to him as a sub. Can she overcome her nervousness to be the submissive for him?

This is one hot book-short on plot but long and steamy on sex. The BDSM includes bondage, a riding crop, spanking and more. Be prepared to find a way to cool off after this one.

Reviewed by Karen H

Pushing Her Buttons by Sabrina York



Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting FActor (kink): 3 out of 5


Samantha is a powerful executive who likes to stay in control. She’s been burned before when she followed her desire to be sexually submissive. This is all in the past and that is where it will stay. Until her sexy neighbor flirts and stalks her. Sam’s inner struggle to resist the tempting offer he provides is taking a toll on her. When she tries to shut him out by bringing home a date, it backfires. Her dominating neighbor ups the game with a sexual ménage.

The sex in this book is kinky hawt. It’s enjoyable and requires little tools of the trade for the characters to get their kink on. This is what makes the book a pleasure to read. The characters Sam and her smexy neighbor without a name are fine. Sam is obviously insecure and shies away from a potentially self destructive relationship. The neighbor on the other hand is sexy, suave and rich. Isn’t this what every woman fantasizes about? His D/s and perverted fantasies are a delight to watch. His interaction with Sam is frustrating. It’s frustrating because for such an accomplished woman, Sam is unable to communicate effective which is why she comes across annoying at times.

The writing voice is different than the usual Ms. York. This story seems to be wordier. The dialog between the characters is more disjointed than her other stories. The beginning of the book is spent on Sam’s inner thoughts which came across petty and too introspective. While Sam is huffing in disgust with her own weaknesses, the reader is flipping through the pages to find the good smexy parts. The story would be tighter if there was less self hatred. Sam’s constant hinting about her past experiences with an ex-husband brings the story down.

The story is more than just a man and a woman in an over complicated mating dance. Ms. York incorporates a little work twist which throws a kink into Sam’s life. This is expected and the conflict resolves in a manner which is anticipated by the reader with glee. It’s a sweet happily ever after ending which Sam deserves. This kinky book is recommended for readers who enjoy an alpha male chasing and capturing his woman.

 Reviewed by Book Addict

Tristan’s Temptation by Sabrina York


ASIN B00867435C 

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Tristan’s cardinal rule – thou shalt not fish in the company pond.  This is what he used to give his brother Adam grief for lustfully chasing after Kat.  Tristan is now in a pickle.  As one of the owner and founders of his company, he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure.  Unfortunately, sexy siren Shannon is more than Tristan can resist.  Shannon pined after Tristan since she first started working for the company Trillo-Maris.  Working directly for Tristan put her in a position where she could easily see herself submitting to her sexy boss.

To Shannon’s dismay, Tristan treats her with menacing growls and threatening scowls.  She sets her fantasy aside and instead uses the company’s virtual reality software to live out her desires.  Unbeknownst to her, Tristan is also using the software for his own personal porn movie with Shannon as the star.  In a laptop mix-up, they spy upon each other’s dirty little secret spanking material and it pulls them into a whirlwind sex marathon. 

This story pulls the reader into a naughty potential sexual harassment lawsuit.  It’s okay because both Tristan and Shannon are gorgeous and their illicit sex is hot and smexy.  Tristan is the typical male who’s dogmatic about his cardinal rule which ends up biting him in the ass.  Shannon is the sweet romantic who is looking for the man of her dreams to share the rest of her life.  The conflict in this story can be seen a mile away.  Even so, it is no less painful to watch as Tristan commits a heartbreaking faux pas.  It is good to see Shannon stick up for herself even when her heart tells her otherwise.  Both characters are realistic and while they make decisions which makes the reader scream out, “NO! Don’t do it!” it is understandable.

The resolution is as expected with a little bit of eating crow followed with a happily ever after.  Ms. York’s romantic heart shines through her story and it’s a lovely thing to view.  Her imaginative virtual world showcases her mischievous side.  One can only hope in her next installment, she really lets her freak out.  Each book in this series is increasing is smoldering passion.  This book is recommended to kinky romance lovers who enjoy watching a man change his mind to capture the woman of his dreams.

Reviewed by Book Addict


Adam’s Obsession by Sabrina York 



Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Interoffice romances are verboten for a reason.  When it ends, it rarely ends well.  Katherine Hart learned this lesson the hard way.  Her last job ended poorly through a broken affair which painted her as a slut.  Determined to remain professional in her new job, she becomes the resident ice queen among IT geeks. Why she thinks this will keep the guys away I do not know.  I work with IT guys and this just makes Katherine the star of their own private porno shows at night.  Still, Kat uses her ice queen façade as armour for two long years while she lusts after Adam Trillo, one of the company’s founders.  The only time she releases her wildness is via an on-line chat room under the handle – WILDKAT.  Her on-line hottie is SAVAGE. 

Yes, the handles are rather cheesy.  The on-line chatting on the other hand is pretty realistic.  I must confess my chats are a bit more risqué than Kat and her chat buddy.  As expected, we find out the person she’s been sharing her dirty secrets is Adam.  I enjoy these kinds of stories where the boss and subordinate heat up the sheets.  Adam is hot and dominating.  At work, he’s all professional until we glimpse underneath his cool exterior.  My favourite parts are when Adam orders Kat around.  Each time he does something to turn himself on at work; he inadvertently gives the guys in the office a peep show.  I’ve witness this type of naughty behaviour at work and find it amusing.

The underlying smexy tone in this book is a turn on.  The little games of dominance from Adam commanding Kat kept my interest.  The SugarKink sensual scene when Adam ties Kat up hit my sweet spot.  The storyline moved at a decent pace with believable conflicts.  I do have to admit I was a puzzled a few times.  Adam is a computer guy, how could not easily trace WILDKAT’s IP address to figure out that it really was Kat?  After working with a person for two years, how can Kat and Adam not recognize each other’s voice on the phone?  These little details bothered me but didn’t take away from my enjoyment. 

Both Adam and Kat are likeable.  Their interactions are flirty and fun.  The secondary characters caught my interest too.  I hope the next book is about Adam’s brother Tristan and Kat’s good friend, Sara.  I suspect Tristan is going to be the more intense of the two brothers.  If the red vest Sara lent Kat is truly from the store the horny IT geeks seem to think, then it will be an interesting read.  Perhaps Ms. York will turn up the kink factor.  The one secondary character who annoyed me to no end is Jack.  I know Jack’s type all too well.  If Ms. York does decide to have a book for Jack, I’d like to recommend it as a femdom book with Jack receiving pegging after much begging.  Adam’s Obsession was a fun read which I recommend to kinky readers who love the interoffice romance with a happily ever after.

 Reviewed by Book Addict