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ridingRiding Irish by Sara Brookes

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Avery Decker meets rescue swimmer Kane O’Hanlon when he saves her best friend from drowning. The sparks fly immediately and they become passionate lovers fairly early into the story. Avery is a surfer with an alias and she’s taking advantage of the solitude in Sunset Beach. Kane is the owner of Performance Rescue Ohana, a company that provides water rescue for the local beaches and surfer competitions. But Avery has a secret and she’s hiding from her four brothers.

Kane and Avery grow closer, despite the fact that she keeps their relationship on a sexual basis only and he balks at his kinkier side. Of course, her distance and his reluctance collide and they part ways, only to have their lives smash into each other again when he finds her almost dead from a car accident. He saves her, but her four brothers stiff arm him at the hospital and she disappears.

Three years later, Avery comes to Kane to save one of her brothers who has been shot. Things are different now and Kane is fully aware of his Dominant nature. All Avery’s secrets are revealed and Kane becomes her protector, her Master and her lover no matter what her criminal minded brothers might decide.

First of all, there were some really great parts to this book. The author’s description of subspace, the breath play, the sex scenes were hot and steamy. If you don’t like prologues, though, this book is not for you. The first seventy-five pages are a prologue. The plot is complicated the scenes went one to another abruptly. It’s a wild ride (literally) involving two motorcycle gangs fighting over turf, kidnapping and gunfights.

This is a book with a lot of characters, none of them felt fully developed, though their personalities were described. I loved Avery in the beginning, but it seemed as if she lost her confidence by the end of the book. She kicks ass in the action scenes, but she seems a lot less aggressive in bed. After the initial relatively vanilla sex scenes, I was looking forward to Avery’s fight and spunk when Kane finally discovered his Dominant kink. Instead, she seemed to submit fairly easily.

Kane seemed to be a mystery to me even as the book ended happily. There’s two years in Australia that seems rushed over, and his involvement in security versus rescue swimming seems odd but your mileage may vary. It’s clear he never found any woman to compare to Avery, and that makes his feelings for her believable.

The BDSM in this book has a light touch and isn’t too hard core. There’s cuffs and bondage. The breath play is nicely done. I like the safeword discussions and that Kane is a caring Dom who takes care of his sub. I usually rate books for myself based on whether I would read the author again (if it’s a new-to-me author) and I believe I would.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

edgeofneedEdge of Need by Sara Brooks

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Hotlanta is the place to be! As someone who has friends in the Atlanta area, this story appeals to me immediately. Sutton is a dancer recovering from a physical injury. This is probably the worst nightmare a dancer can experience. To ensure she doesn’t try to get back into dancing too soon, she forces herself to go to Atlanta for rest and relaxation. She’s also interested in looking into the BDSM scene. First night at a BDSM club, she runs into Adam and sparks fly.

From a BDSM perspective, this story is solid. It’s erotic. It’s spot on with BDSM politics as well as the BDSM scenes. The interaction between Sutton and Adam are great to watch, even when they are not getting along. The demos Adam uses Sutton for at the club are panty wetting goodness. It’s a bit too much exhibition for my taste, but definitely awesome for my voyeuristic tendencies. I also appreciate Ms. Brookes involving Dungeon Monitors. Not many people outside of the lifestyle understand the importance of Dungeon Monitors or that they exist in most clubs and BDSM conventions.

Since this is part of a series, it is good to see previous character I really liked showing up in this book. There are also a couple of new characters which caught my attention and I hope they will be featured in their own story.

The story moves at a good pace and there is good character development. Both Adam and Sutton have more to their lives than their kinky side. What brings this story down for me are two threads which seem to be left hanging. Both involve family and past history for Adam and Sutton.  Adam’s situation with his sister and his mother came across as something of importance. Yet it never went anywhere. The same with Sutton’s situation with her brother. It’s not clear why she loves her family so much yet she does not want to return home. If this point is just mentioned once, it would be okay. With it brought up several times, it feels as if there is a key element here which needs to be resolved, yet it fizzles out into the background. This conflicting information did not make sense to me. Perhaps both of these tangents will be resolved in another book in this series.

This story is enjoyable and recommended for BDSM lovers who enjoy a sadistic exhibitionist.

Reviewed by Book Addict

breakmeinBreak Me by Sara Brookes

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Dommes tend to be portrayed as cruel male hating sadists. Ms. Brookes shows a different side of a female dominant. The kind where many a submissive would delight in submitting to, for a long time. Elena is a dominatrix who loves to take care of all her friends. For the longest time, she’s admired Alex from afar. Since they were in school together, she’s found him attractive.  Unfortunately Alex chose another woman who brought out the worst in him and made him miserable. Finally waking up to his mistake, Alex divorces his wife and tries to find meaning in his life. Alex’s search leads him to a never ending bottle of alcohol and a new look into sexuality.

This story is painful for me because I’ve had a boyfriend who was an alcoholic. Within the first few chapters, I was pretty sure this would be a 2 star book and I might even be dropping it to a 1 star because of my own personal experience with an alcoholic. I hated that emotionally abusive relationship and anyone mildly resembling that ex-boyfriend is immediately on my bad side.  Where Elena wants to help out, I want that person dead and out of my life. Ms. Brookes wows me by switching my disgust to empathy and arousal.

Ms. Brookes does an excellent job of character building here. She brings Alex to his rock bottom and shows how his desire to explore BDSM is not going to happen while he’s a complete mess.  This is a surprising turn of events and I really appreciated Ms. Brookes for showing, not telling why alcohol abuse, mental instability and BDSM don’t end well. The strength Ms. Brookes gives to Elena is astounding. Elena’s determination to do what’s best for her friend was a very hard decision when she’s so emotionally vested. This story definitely hit its mark with pulling emotions from the reader. I felt anger, frustration, arousal, heartache and happiness. It’s all there in varying degrees and all the appropriate times. This is a beautiful relationship building with a strong female dominant and a very confused male submissive. Loved it.

The BDSM in this story is absolutely fabulous. Bondage and sensation play are both favorites of mine. Mixed in with D/s, it’s sublime. Elena is a wonderful Domme and this is the kind I’d play with any day of the week. She is trustworthy and she understand how power exchange works.  Never once did she wrestle for it. She only gracefully accepted when erotic power was ceded into her loving hands. 

Each BDSM book of Ms. Brookes is better than the previous. Her BDSM scenes are maturing and it’s a lovely journey traveling through her explorations. One can only hope she explores a few more edge play fetishes so she can work them into to her stories. Her specialty is loving BDSM and she does it so well. It’s realistic and provides a look into how it can be. Maybe not every time, but it is possible. Recommended to femdom lovers who want to read an angst romance between two friends which took years in the making.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Rock Your Soul by Sara Brookes rockyour

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Forget about Fifty Shades of……Anything. If you want to read a book about a true Dom, training of a sub, and wonderfully hot scenes, this is the book for you. ‘Rock Your Soul’ has a very real feel to it with characters that feel natural and not forced.

The story revolves around two main characters, Elisabeth (Beth) Lawson, a sub looking to change her life after fleeing from an abusive and incompetent Dom, and Ryan Flynn, a Dom with a strong reputation in the community who has some ghosts of his own to work through. Ryan is what would be considered a Gentleman Dom, or Gentleman Master. This fact becomes more and more obvious the longer you read the story. It is obvious from reading the story he understands the difference between being domineering and being a Dominant and knows how to always come down on the Dominant side of situations.

The sex scenes in this book are plentiful and very hot. The BDSM aspect is not what many would find as extreme, except for flashbacks, nor is it the driving factor. That is not to say it is not there. Bondage is a factor in many of the scenes in the book, and toys (including a flogger) are used during several scenes. However, while there is plenty of sex and soaking wet pussies and hard as rock cocks, this is not what the underlying story is in this book.

What is the main focus of this book is power exchange, training and retraining of a sub. Beth shows up at Ryan’s cabin scarred from her previous Dom, both physically and mentally. She seeks out Ryan because while she knows she loves the lifestyle and is a natural born sub, she doubts her choices due to the abuse she dealt with in her past at the hands of a poor excuse for a Dom.

Ryan is the perfect choice for Beth, although he is somewhat reluctant at first, due to personal reasons that get revealed as the story unfolds. But he does sense the skittishness in Beth, as well as learning parts of her history from her as they move forward in their relationship. His skill comes in to play with how he handles her, paces the training, helping her to control her reactions and being able to help her push through her previous traumas and the walls she has erected. In other words, he has earned his reputation in the community.

The other characters in the book are mostly friends, and family, of Ryan in a small town in Virginia, which seems to have a pretty nice sized group of like-minded individuals as well as a character from Beth’s past. Will not say more than that regarding that character as it would be a spoiler.

For anybody who would like to know what a true Dom in a power exchange relationship is like, this book is for you. You will not be disappointed in the sex scenes or the heat that permeates almost every page of this book. You will also not be disappointed in the power exchange and training that runs throughout this book. The touch used by Ryan to heal Beth and bring out the best in her and her quest to be a better sub is wonderfully written and shows how it should be done, rather than the heavy handedness displayed by a certain millionaire with the last name of Grey. The work needed by Ryan also helps to heal him and lay to rest the ghosts in his past.

This is a book well worth reading. It is, at its core, a love story taking place in the BDSM community, and is handled wonderfully by the author. A great read, and a good reminder that one does not need to be cruel or domineering to be a good Dominant.

Reviewed by Master Peter Raven

Taking Over Me by Sara Brookes takingover

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Story Rating: 3 out of 3 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 3


Geeky IT girl meets up with a hot tattooed hunk is something every geeky girl fantasies about.  In TAKING OVER ME, Allison is the stereotypical awkward techie girl who is just one of the guys. She knows her software and hardware. Her weakness is the same as any computer person – coffee, liquid gold. On her stop at the coffee shop, she meets Patrick. Patrick is one of two brothers who just bought the coffee shop. As a Good Samaritan, Allison helps Patrick with the coffee shop during a rush of customers.

Some Doms can sense when a person around them is a submissive. For Patrick, this is the case.  He detects the hint of submission in Allison and brings it out in her. He’s a Dom focusing on the D/s and some BD, but never the SM. The way Patrick brings Allison into the kinky side is so sweet. It’s also intensely involving sex. His fun with orgasm control is a delicious fetish.

Ms. Brookes creates good characters. For those who are geeky, it’s easy to relate to Allison.  She’s cute in her cluelessness about her appealing personality and physical attributes. Patrick is a patient Dom who gently brings out Allison’s confidence. His protective trait as well as his gentlemanly manner can make many a woman swoon. Ms. Brookes spends a lot of time showing how each of the characters think. It’s nice to see a Dom worried and not all knowing. It’s also an accurate portrayal of a new to BDSM having a lot of questions.

While it was good to understand each character’s perspective, it would have been nice to have more action. What would have made this story better is if it showed more interaction rather than talking about it. Sometimes, even the sex was more talking about it then actually experiencing it.  This dials the heat down a bit in the story. Still, this is a sweet story and enjoyable. It’s perfect for kinky readers who are just starting to read erotic BDSM. This tale is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Reclaiming the Edge by Sara Brookes



Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


A short story taking the reader back into the lives of Dalton, Cade and Erin, this reader is expecting some hot D/s ménage. The characters are from the first book, Ragged Edge. Instead, this book starts out with the happy triad no longer in a good balance. Present day, their relationship is on the rocks. Erin is hiding something big from her lovers Dalton and Cade.  When the truth is revealed, it’s heartbreaking.

The scene to reconnect Erin back to her Master, Dalton, and her cute Cop, Cade, is not to be missed. Ms. Brookes does a great job of describing and showing how three lovers can come together. It’s a steamy read and may cause a reader’s panties more than dampen. Perhaps a little “me time” will be required after reading this scene. This short story while depressing at time, is still a hot sexy reading as Dalton dominates Erin and brings her back into the fold. Because when it comes down to it, without open communication and trust, the threesome cannot function properly. Ms. Brookes does a great job illustrating how a failure to communication can happen and cause pain when it is not necessary. This enjoyable glimpse into the lives of these three characters is delightful. This short story is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy D/s with their ménage.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Reclaiming the Edge by Sarah Brookes


Blurb: The sexual journey of Dalton, Cade and Erin begins in Ragged Edge. You won’t want to miss the beginning of their lusty connection!

It isn’t a birthday celebration without a little pain to chase the pleasure—at least according to Dalton and Cade, the two men who stole Erin’s heart. Relationships are complicated and Erin has been retreating—both emotionally and physically—from her lovers. Pushed away for reasons they don’t understand and determined to overcome her resistance, the men devise a wicked plan. They’ll use two very special gifts and one captivating night to reclaim her submission. They don’t count on Erin’s trip to subspace exposing a heartwrenching confession…one that threatens to rip the triad apart forever.

Warning: Contains a well-trained, dirty-talking submissive who succumbs to the commands of her Master, custom nipple clamps, tongue wagging oral sex, a well-deserved punishment with a butt plug, men who share more than a few heart-racing kisses and a custom-made-work-of-art sex chair that shows this M/M/F triad just how powerful their passion for one another is.
And that’s just chapter one.


Copyright © SARA BROOKES, 2012
All Rights Reserved,
Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Erin Corvus rubbed at the tension headache building between her eyes. Tired and cranky after a long day at work, she wanted nothing more than to go home and pull the covers over her head. Most of all, she didn’t want to think. She’d spent so much time being miserable lately, she’d forgotten what it meant to be happy.

Blindly going through the motions of her life had become her modus operandi.

She’d gotten so caught up in a huge project for a client tonight, she’d nearly hit the ceiling when her cell phone vibrated. The text from Dalton had indicated the importance of meeting him and Cade at the shop around ten. Now fifteen past, neither lover was anywhere to be found. As sheriff for their small, sleepy town of Collington Creek, Kincade Roberts was usually a stickler about schedules. Hopefully he wasn’t late because something serious had happened to one of the town’s residents.

She tossed her key on the side table, annoyed she’d driven across town when she could have gone home, taken a shower and curled up in her favorite sweats. Instead she stood in the back room of Dalton Shaw’s motorcycle shop, Iron Cruisers. There were too many memories here she wasn’t interested in remembering. As she wrapped her arms in front of her, she did her best not to look at the bed.

It was so cold and barren—just like her.

Annoyed with the sight of the location that had once been such a place of immense pleasure, she turned. The oddly shaped piece of furniture in front of her gave her pause. It seemed out of place amid the other pieces of Dalton’s bondage equipment tucked against the walls. A shimmering aquamarine fabric draped over the item, the iridescence of the cloth causing it to appear to move and flow even though the air in the room remained still.

The shade of blue was the same as her eyes.

Curious now, she stepped closer, brushing her fingers against the surface. Smooth and silky, the fabric under the tips of her fingers triggered a warm feeling low in her belly. She’d worn a flowing dress made of this very same fabric the last time Dalton’s ropes had bound her wrists and ankles. He’d secured her in place to a set of chains that dangled from the ceiling, forcing her to watch while Cade knelt before him to pay loving attention to his cock.

The reminder that the devious torture had lasted for hours caused the warmth to flash to hot, burning through her so swiftly, she gasped. She took a moment to mourn the sensation that had been absent recently. Ever since her life had taken a first-class nose dive into the shitter.

Swallowing the self pity, she clutched at the covering and pulled. The material fell away, slowly revealing the treasure it hid. Interest lost in the fabric, she let it fall to the floor as she stepped forward.

Calling it furniture didn’t do the piece justice.

It was a work of art.

Dalton’s hands had been all over this thing. His craftsmanship and attention to detail was once again impeccable. A solid sheet of brushed metal served as the side support while stunning blue leather curved sensuously in a sweep that resembled the contours of a woman’s body.

She reached out, brushing her hand over the buttery leather cushion that came to her waist. She followed the arc as it dipped off to her right into a deep curve that begged to cradle someone. It swept up again, flowing into a graceful hump no higher than her knee.
The luscious curves seduced the eye as well as the mind.

“I haven’t seen that look in your eyes in a very, very long time.”

Chasing Sin by Sara Brookes



Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting FActor (kink): 1 out of 5


Every spring, Kate risks her life chasing violent storms. Tired of watching her take unnecessary chances, two of her closest friends offer a different thrill. Devoted lovers Snyder and Tripp don’t just share a passion for nature’s fury; they long to have the fearless woman between them. Though reluctant, Kate finds the proposition is too irresistible to refuse. Her acceptance leads to an explosive night of no-holds-barred sex for the threesome. However, when morning dawns, she realizes this type of unusual relationship isn’t one she belongs in. Despite her best efforts to keep the men at arm’s length, Kate is soon facing down the storm of the century with Snyder and Tripp by her side. When Mother Nature intrudes, the trio discovers shelter in each other’s arms. With the hurricane raging outside and passion raging inside, everything is at stake.

Kate’s suicidal chasing of storms is brought to heel for a night when the duo storm chasers, Snyder and Tripp, pull her into the calming eye of their sex storm.  The ménage between the three is smoking hot.  The various sexy positions are finger licking good.  Ms. Brookes writes some of the smexiest m/m/f ménage.  The fact that her ménages require a relationship between all three of the lovers is what makes it so hot.

In Chasing Sin, Kate is one of the premier storm chasers with dead on instinct.  Her uncanny ability to predict where a storm cell will form as well as the path travelled is unparalleled.  Apparently this instinct is counterbalanced by her complete inability for a healthy relationship.  It is never fully revealed why Kate strongly objects to a stable relationship.  Veiled hints of a troubled family dynamic do not cut it.  It is a loose annoying thread in the story.

Snyder and Tripp are established lovers who admire and desire Kate.  Their pursuit is sweet in the face of her inexplicable rebuffs.  Why Snyder and Tripp want Kate is puzzling.  Kate is damaged goods with commitment phobias and unresolved childhood abandonment issues.  It’s never quite clear how she was exactly abandoned.  She comes across as a poor little rich girl which does not endear her to this reader.  Despite her flaws, she is a giving lover and when she hits the sheets, wall or shower stall with the lovely men, sparks fly.  It’s a whirlwind of hot sweaty sex.  It’s really the sex which carries this story through.  It’s delicious and just the right amount.  This book is recommended to ménage lovers who enjoy some sheet burning sex.

Reviewed by Book Addict

1. When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?

I dabbled with some BDSM in my writing when I was still just fiddling around with snippets (of the Plot? What plot? variety *g*) before I decided to follow the publishing route. When my first book was picked up for publishing, it was an urban fantasy/paranormal romance and a bit of very light bondage. A few books into this, I came up with an idea for a contemporary novel that would need BDSM to help carry the romance between the characters. That book was Hardware and I haven’t looked back since.  

 2. Is there one area of BDSM that you tend to write about more? Why do you think that area creeps into your writing more than some others?

Though it’s more of a kink, I realized recently there tends to be quite a bit of voyeurism in my books. Be it in a club setting in my Sypricon Masters series or simply one on one (or one on one on one *g*) my characters seem to like to watch each other pleasure themselves. I hadn’t stopped to figure out why yet and have just been going with the flow. Seems to be working so far!

3. Is there an area that is BDSM/kink-related that you haven’t written about yet that you’re interested in?

I’ve wanted to write a scene where fisting was involved for quite some time, but the storylines and characters just haven’t fallen into place. So it’s definitely something I’d like to work into a story eventually when everything works together to make it happen. I’m not a writer who tends to do something for shock value. For me, the plot and characters have to be in line to support the rest.

4. Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience?

I think it’s a combination of both. If I’m writing about something I find interesting or sexy, it’s going to translate across on the page to the readers. That’s only natural, or at least it is for me. I can’t speak for other writers and their process.

5. At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

Of course! I have a few stories in the works now and I don’t plan to stop writing BDSM any time soon. Hopefully readers enjoy taking the journey with me.

6. If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first?

It depends on what you’re in the mood for. Straight up m/f contemporary erotic romance? I’d suggest Hardware. It’s a fun, sexy full length novel about a girl geek introduction to the lifestyle by a gorgeous barista. Something a little different? My contemporary m/m/f erotic romance, Ragged Edge. The two men have an arrangement and invite the alluring woman they catch spying on them one night to join them. One Dom, two subs—pretty much says it all. *g* Full-lengths not your thing? Three’s always my Sypricon Masters series of short stories. Each one is a quick little smoking hot read about a BDSM club on another planet.

7. What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option!

Hands down: Butter Pecan

Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story.

Website: www.sarabrookes.net

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Sara_Brookes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brookesofbooks


Impulse Control
Sypricon Masters
Sara Brookes
Decadent Publishing [link to buy]

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Tired of dealing with bad guys? Tired of always being the one in control? Selene is a tough Planetary Deputy Chief Marshall. She deals with criminals every day. She needs to decompress and the only way she knows how is to frequent a BDSM club, Tawse. She keeps searching for that Dom who can make her fly into sub space. She’s not a painslut nor is she extremely submissive. She’s looking for a Dom who can top her.

Since this is obviously a fantasy story with sci-fi elements, I chose to ignore the bar serving alcohol to those just about to play. I don’t expect fiction authors to teach people the facts of BDSM clubs, but the alcohol mixed with a scene is a pet peeve of mine. As in, I don’t allow it. I digress. The club is upscale and could be considered a GlitterKink category since it’s obvious only the rich can afford membership to this club.
What holds me back from the GlitterKink category is the exquisite play between Vaughn and Selene. Selene finally meets her match with Vaughn. She cannot top from below with Vaughn. He’s an experienced Dom who puts her through her paces. He does a bit of mind fucking to keep her from seizing control. This one scene they played in this very short story was hot. It had me aroused and ready to play. I particularly liked the nipple clamps attached in a way I’ve never read or seen. I’m wondering if it is possible and want to try it in real life. The scene isn’t heavy into pain or filled with complicated toys. Instead, it’s a strong D/s play which clearly demonstrates who is in charge. Wowza, I want to submit to Vaughn. Still, as far as BDSM stories go, I would consider this light. This is a great book for new to BDSM readers who want a bit more than just handcuffs, a slap and a tickle.

Reviewed by Book Addict