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Sexy Bea Spelling by Davee Jones sexybea

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Story Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): .5 out of 5


Davee Jones wrote what is basically a very pedestrian novel in ‘Sexy Bea Spelling’. Is there anything horribly wrong with the book? No, not really although the dialogue is rather unnatural and stilted sounding. Also, the budding romantic relationship between Andrew Goode and Bea Spelling does come across as rather boilerplate. Sweet, kind millionaire meets girl who has issues from her past, etc., etc. The story is fine, but it just feels like it’s been done before. Just change the locale where they meet and where they live (and isn’t it fortunate that they somehow meet on a Caribbean Island, but both live in the same city), mix up their jobs, and voile’, you have ‘Sexy Bea Spelling’.

The book starts off promising with Andrew approaching Bea at a resort in the Caribbean, on behalf of the woman he is with, to join them in a threesome. Promises are made to take it slow, but Andrew and Tessa’s ultimate goal is to get Bea to join them in the bedroom. Definitely a promising start, and also a good place to build that Sting Factor (kink) rating. Unfortunately, that is also where any kink in this book ends. Add in the fact that the threesome sex scene basically fades to black shortly after it starts and the reader is left frustrated, not sexually aroused.

There is a basic storyline in ‘Sexy Bea Spelling’ that keeps the book, and Bea and Andrew’s relationship developing. Both Bea and Andrew apparently have stalkers which both push them in to each other’s arms as well as pull them apart due to Bea’s insecurities. The resolution of both of the stalkers is satisfactorily resolved without stretching the reader’s imagination to accept the resolution.

Is there anything truly wrong with ‘Sexy Bea Spelling’? Nope, it is a fine little story, well written, and with a more or less believable story line. But the book misses the mark on being wildly, or even strongly mildly, sexy. When the story starts with a proposition for a ménage a trois, but steadily declines in the hot and sexy zone, including a “fade to black” before the threesome becomes steamy, the book is going to come across as lackluster and a take it or leave it read. Sadly, this is exactly what ‘Sexy Bea Spelling’ qualifies as: Take it or Leave it.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

Alicia’s Possession by Colette L. Saucier alicia

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1.5 out of 5


Alicia’s Possession is a BDSM romance novel wrapped in a murder/mystery novel. This is both good and bad. The idea is a good one and the latter acts as a very good vehicle to move the former along. The problem is, neither aspect, the BDSM romance nor the murder/mystery is developed as much as it can be. Both aspects felt rushed and while the length of the book, 106 pages, would have been perfect for the BDSM romance part of the story, it is not quite long enough to bring to life the murder/mystery aspect in its full context. When adding the two factors together, the book is much too short to do either part complete justice.

Now, after reading that first paragraph, you may be asking yourself why you should even read this story. Please note it was never mentioned it was not an enjoyable read. That is because it was enjoyable. One should think of this book more as a “quickie” in the alley, rather than a long deliciously drawn out scene in a dungeon. Everybody enjoys a good “quickie” now and then, but it will generally leave one wanting more. That is what ‘Alicia’s Possession’ does. It leaves you wanting more. More on the BDSM scenes and sex and much more development of the mystery.

The book starts us out with an introduction of Alicia Pageant, who has convinced her estranged husband to call in a favor and have a police detective, Detective Mason Crawley, come out to investigate gunshots she thought she heard, and suspicious actions she thought she saw across the small lake behind her home. The problem comes in with believability. Alicia is a survivor of a car accident that had left her in a coma for nearly two months. Since coming out of it, Alicia has been having head aches and, as far as the husband is concerned, imagining things that are not there. Detective Crawley takes it all in with a grain of salt, but is willing to at least spend a small amount of time at first to try and assure Alicia that things are being looked in to.

Apparently Detective Crawley, Mason, is a very good detective, because he seems to know almost instinctively Alicia is a sub just waiting to discover herself. It is not made clear how he determines this, or if he is merely a Dom who preys on vulnerable women and convinces them of this fact. To be fair to the character of Mason, while he does somewhat bum rush Alicia into the world of Dom/sub, after some initial hesitation, she does seem to jump at it whole heartedly, even to researching the subject online to better understand what is happening to her.

The other unsavory aspect of the Mason character comes up when he comes over with plans of having another scene with Alicia, only better equipped than the first time, toy wise. (What self-respecting Dom would actually buy pink leather fur lined wrist restraints?) After starting the scene, he realizes Alicia is not quite all there, in fact she is high on some drug, later determined to be something called DOC. Does this stop our Dom, who has a habit of being able to read Alisha and know exactly what she needs? Well, yes and no. He does call a halt to the proceedings when he realizes she is not quite well, seems to be running a fever and is sweating profusely. Well, a short halt. Apparently his concern for her well-being can be overridden by a raging hard on and his libido.

While Mason does a lot of things correctly, acknowledging Safe, Sane and Consensual (when are we ever going to hear the acronym used in most dungeons R.A.C.K.?) and the Dom/sub mantra of trust, honesty and communication, he still comes off between the lines, as somewhat of a control freak, telling someone they are sub material instead of discovering it slowly. This is the place where the BDSM romance needs more time to grow than is allowed in the number of pages the book’s length allows.

The ending of the story wraps up the murder/mystery aspect of the book in a neat little bow when circumstances just naturally all fall in to place to bring resolution to the situation. Again, another 50-60 pages would have made this part of the book a major page turner. But at least all story lines are resolved by the end.

This is a fun book to read, as all ‘quickies’ are fun while they are happening. But, in the end, it leaves the reader wanting a more drawn out, exquisitely planned scene in the dungeon that the book just can’t deliver.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

Master Knight (Masters of Tabu 1)  by Gray Dixon masterknight

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ISBN-10: 161885710X

ISBN-13: 978-1618857101

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


When lines of communication get twisted, can two lovers just starting out get back together? When one is a masterful Dom and the other an innocent, can bridges burned be rebuilt again?

Marcus Knight is a wealthy multi-business professional with a side interest in BDSM. He and his college buddies own a club in Dallas called Club Tabu. There we meet the guys that are going to haunt the pages of this series, and they are all interesting characters in their own right. I can see good things happening here.

Khari and Marcus Knight meet and sparks fly. When they discover each other and Knight finds Khari able to handle his darkest desires, he is determined to have her. There are some deliciously hot sex scenes with some kink that went down like a salted caramel mocha. Very nice. BDSM elements abound, but they are limited to spanking, some really graphic sex and language.  Nothing too dark, actually.

When Khari overhears a phone conversation between Marcus and someone on the other end (his lawyer), she jumps to a conclusion that it is about her. Hurt and bewildered, she leaves. Marcus is devastated. His new pet is gone and he can’t get her back at any cost. She is just simply, gone.  Will it be over or will the lovers find a way to get past the miscommunication and get back together? Not telling, but the ending is well done and made me want to read more by this author.

Only two points stuck out for me in this book. One was some of the dialog. In a couple of places, it felt forced, but that did not detract overall from my enjoyment of the book. The other was the mention of Master Knight’s dark desires and his angst over finding the right woman to share them with. Kind of like a kinky Cinderella story, but without the shoes. Flogging and spanking, in my mind, are not dark desires, but as with all elements of BDSM, we all travel a different path.

Master Knight was an enjoyable read that takes you through the relationship between Khari and Marcus Knight. Written primarily in flashbacks, the story line was stirred up enough that what I thought was going to be a typical BDSM story became something a little more livelily and kept me turning the pages.

Reviewed by: Erzabet

The Whip Maker by Helena Harker



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


When Bella decides to do a psychology project on the relationship between pleasure and pain, she gets more than she ever bargained for.

Doing research is one thing, but heading off to a BDSM expert in the middle of Sexapalooza is another. Darius is a whole lot more than just than whip-making ex-boyfriend of her room-mate, he is willing to teach her the dynamic that flows underneath the core values of BDSM; trust, communication, safety and the subtle relationship between pleasure and pain.

This story had grit. Bella is no shrinking violet and her behavior is actually quite bitchy. Darius tells her that she can interview him or he can show her what pleasure can be derived from the whip and much, much more.  He has the patience of Job, and as the story develops, it blossoms like a rose with razor wire thorns. Bella learns how to let go and embrace who she is and gets a spanking that will put a nice blush on your cheeks. The erotic machinations were a dance of a patient dominant handling an unskilled “sub” for a night and showing her how to take pain and make it pleasurable instead. Bella is a brat that needs to be tamed and Darius is just the man for the job. I just wish we had a little longer to be in the story as it was getting to a nice fever pace when it ended.

One of the things that this story illustrated rather well were some of the misconceptions about whips and floggers and how they can be used for pleasure and pain. Bella thinks she can just ask Darius a few questions without experiencing anything first hand, but that is not the way to really learn about how endorphins work, nor how the trust and communication elements in BDSM have to go hand in hand with anything happening in a scene. Instead of a dry paper, Bella will experience something that will rock her world and reform her very foundations.

If you enjoy a good spanking story, then let this one warm you up tonight.

Reviewed by: Erzabet

Finless by Davee Jones



ISBN-13: 978-1618853219

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Sarah, Nathaniel, and Lily resist unconditional love as they feed primal desires. Not believing the possibility of having it all, they struggle to believe that they, the “least of these”, rightfully deserve a lifetime of love and happiness– Especially with how graphically and unconventionally they choose to express themselves.

Each of the characters comes to realize how tortured their lives have become. Violent images, dreams, and actions occur as they spiral downward into their dark lives. As they each reach a personal impasse, they must decide how they will make their lives better. In the process, they must also mend broken intimate relationships with the ones they love.

This erotic, edgy tale describes and embraces elements of s/M lifestyle. Their personal proclivities are not condemned.

If a fish does not have fins, it becomes lifeless and sinks helplessly to the bottom of the water.

Humans are exactly the same way.


The premise of this book is that we are being told the story by a new man in Sarah’s life, so it is mostly written in third person. However the story is a very observational/analytical/case study tone (very similar to how the synopsis above is written).  What I found somewhat confusing were the transitions as most interactions were told in first person narrative.  Now I have read many books that switch views throughout the story, many of which are some of my favorites (JR Ward for one), but here the transitions were abrupt and not always well placed or denoted (i.e. new paragraph or section).  Some of that may just be eBook formating, but certainly not all.  Overall I found this difficult to follow along with and much of the time the story was somewhat stagnant.

The story revolves mostly around Nathaniel and his journey from self-obsessed OCD belligerent ego-maniac to a loving man embracing God.  Yeah, it threw me for a loop too.

Most of the book is very dark and focuses on the s/M lifestyle (and IMHO not a healthy one).  Then in the last chapters we suddenly find these characters analyzing religion and their relationships with God. 

I did not find the story to be sexy or steamy, but again it could be in large part to the dislike I had of Nathaniel and the apathy I felt toward both Sarah and Lily.

I will say once Sarah met Apollo/Isaac things did improve, I very much liked Isaac and would have liked to have read more about him. Isaac was a refreshing contrast of Nathaniel and had a healthy and pragmatic view of life and a s/M relationship.

If you boil the story down to its base parts it was a good premise, but I think it would have benefited if it had been a short story.  Also, I think some of the confusion may have been avoided if we could had been reminded periodically that we were hearing the story from Isaac.

Simply put this book was not my cup of tea.

Reviewed by Book Huntress

Doctor Me Up by Sandy Sullivan



Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Betrayed by the one heart she thought she could call her own, all because he cheated. Elizabeth Weston didn’t know who to believe anymore. The masked stranger she met at the ball several months ago, disappeared from her life like a thief in the night. Her “fiancé” tossed her love away like yesterdays news. Now she’s back home to lick her wounds and start over.

Marcus Melton is the county veterinarian, not Elizabeth’s dashing, debonair man of mystery. Could he be the tuxedo wearing masked stranger of her fantasies? He wants to find out.

Cattle are dying and bullets are flying. Who’s trying to ruin the Weston’s ranch while leaving dead bodies in their wake? You’re about to find out when you delve into the lives of Red Rock’s up and coming physicians in Doctor Me Up.


Enjoyable read! The premise of the story was a great one. The author did a great job building the story and pulling you in. Some of the characters were not realistic, but it did not take away from the story. The one down side is that the ending fizzled. It was almost like the author either got bored or ran out of time. The story was fabulous up to the last 25-30 pages.

This story is part of a series of stories. It will be enjoyable to read the rest of the books. While I have not read the others stories, and it did not take away from the stories in general, there are several references to the other stories.

Reviewed by Melissa

Where do I begin? I’m fairly new at this—writing and kink—but I’ve always had an interest, for both. When I delved into the world of writing, I started with sensual, mild erotic, but quickly found my interests to write more erotica with a bit of kink was where my interests found a home. At my age (over 50), I didn’t know if I was venturing into an area I was too late to experience. Well, the vote is still out on that, but I have been exploring. Hubby isn’t so sure.

My writing has progressed from the paranormal world of “sex club” vampires in the Born Vampire series to my most recent release, a short for Christmas, A Gift of Love, which is a quick romp with a couple living the lifestyle, but facing struggles at Christmas and find the true meaning of their love. Nothing too out there in the kink department, but a little taste.

Here’s the “official” blurb and an excerpt, followed by a snippet from A Gift of Love from the Born Vampire Series:

Christmas Eve. Jennifer Perkins needs the perfect gift for Sir and time is running out. Tough economic times have put a drain on her bank account, but she’s determined to give her lover something special. Short on cash, she sells a treasure, plus more than she bargained. Love—more precious than diamonds and gold.

Christmas Eve. Chris Bryant needs the perfect present for his live-in submissive, Angel, and he can’t wait until tomorrow. He may have lost his job of choice, but the New Year looks promising. Tonight is the night to make a change. The gift has to be extraordinary, and the only way is to give up his prized possession. Love—more precious than objects.

The two lovers are wrapped in a world beyond their control. Selflessness is the ultimate gift of love—one relinquishes a valued treasure, the other sells part of themselves for the special gift.


“Trust me to take care of you, Jen. Always.”

“I do trust you.”

After a few moments of silence, lying in his embrace, she knew she had a lot to do before leaving for the restaurant. Jennifer ran her fingers along his taut chest and pushed back. “You need to finish getting ready and I have things to do.”

“Mmm, yes we do.” He glanced at his watch. “I have a little time before leaving for work.”

A sparkle came to his cappuccino-colored eyes and she knew what he meant.

Two fingers moved and lifted her chin. He wore an expression that filled her heart. Last night they played for hours before falling asleep, sated in each other’s arms. The sleep didn’t last long, as she awakened several times, and tossed and turned, the anticipation of the morning arriving kept her mind racing.

Without warning, Chris rolled to his knees and knocked back the bedcoverings, revealing her nakedness. He straddled her thighs, then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her flat on her back. He lowered his body, covering her mouth with a fierce kiss. His tongue traced the seam between her lips, and she opened for him, tasting the minty mouthwash and savored the masculine essence of Chris as he devoured her mouth. The heat of him exploded within her and encircled her body. His hands wound into her matted, long hair as he deepened the kiss until she was breathless.

As the next wave of pleasure swept over her, she moaned with delight. After the countless sleepless nights over the last couple of months, he was the only constant in the chaos of financial worries swallowing them. She was loved and returned that love. Chris fulfilled all her sexual cravings and nothing else in the world mattered when he held her in his arms.

He broke the kiss and smiled. “Tonight, at seven, will you meet me at…Rockefeller Center?”

The pounding of her heart had the adrenaline flowing. Christmas Eve at Rockefeller Center, the site of their second date. He planned something special, maybe his plans related to the pawn ticket she found a week ago?

Jennifer blinked and tingles danced across her skin. “Yes, I’ll meet you. I’ll call in sick for my night shift.” She reached to spin the diamond line bracelet on her wrist. Soon, her favorite and most sentimental piece of jewelry will be gone, but for a good reason.

With a slow, determined movement, he slid his hands over her breasts. He lowered his head and ran his tongue over one nipple, then sucked the hard, pink tip into his mouth. She never tired of his gentle touch, but sensed him debating to use a restraint on her. Normally, she yearned for the confines and the enhanced pleasure it delivered, but this morning, she didn’t care. She dug her nails into his back, and clung to him. His hardening shaft thickened against her belly and she shivered with the anticipation of his cock inside. His other hand slid over her other breast, teasing the nipple with his thumb and finger. She arched into him.

Born to Play Blurb and Excerpt:



Candi Hartz, is a romance author in a loveless marriage. One fateful night, she follows the cheating husband to the local vampire sex club and meets the vamp owner. Her life takes a drastic turn when with one kiss she enters the world she only read about.

Gregori Van Zant is a dangerous vampire. As the head of the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family of vampires, he can have any vamp or human woman at his disposal. One night, a captivating woman walks into his club and he devises a plan.

The two lovers come together and sign a contract—an exchange of sex for research. Candi is born to play and Gregori is anxious to show her. An old enemy of Gregori’s arrives unexpectedly and disrupts their plans. With a final battle looming on the horizon, will the two fated lovers find love eternal or will death play a part?


Gregori pushed open the door to his bedroom and carried Candi across the darkened room to the bed. He eased her down at the foot of the four-poster bed and took a step back. “Undress,” he commanded. His voice low and velvety. He smiled, seeing rebellion cross her expression. Standing back, he crossed his arms. When he flashed a wicked smile, she dropped her head in compliance.

Through narrowed eyes, he cast his eyes on her with strong intent as she untied the twists and wraps of the dress. The fluid pink-colored fabric cascaded down her shoulders, over her hips, and pooled at her feet, leaving her in stilettos, bra, and lace thong. Trembling before him, either from fear or anticipation, he wasn’t sure. The thumping heartbeat picked up pace and he suspected the latter. She may be nervous, but he sensed the arousal.

Slivers of moonlight filtered through the slats of the plantation shutters on the Palladian windows, painting her creamy flesh with silvery light, an incandescent glow glistened in an aura around her. The beast within him became aroused, demanding release. The vision of her beauty both startled as well as summoned. She looked like an angel standing in the dark, wearing bra, panties, and sinfully sexy high heels. Fuck, I’m so screwed!

With a slight cough, he cleared his throat; he spoke with control and domination in his tone. “I stated this downstairs, but I’ll tell you again. In the bedroom, I am your ‘Master’ and you will address me as such. You can call me ‘Sir’ as well, but nothing else is permitted and if you disobey, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, sir,” her voice squeaked out.

“Good girl. So, Katje, do you like the dark or light?”

“I don’t understand what you’re asking, sir.”

“Do you like to fuck in the dark or have the lights on?”

“I, uh, don’t care, sir. Whatever you want.”

“Katje, I didn’t ask what you think I want. What do you want? Answer me with the truth.”

“I-I prefer the dark. It’s better not to see.”

He wondered why she preferred the dark. Was she self-conscious of her skills or body? Both? Didn’t she know she was a beautiful woman, lush curves, and soft flesh to mold his hands around, and kiss forever? Again, the beast within begged for release, but he pushed the demon down. Tonight he wanted to test, not frighten her. “Katje, we’ll stay in the moonlight for now and we shall discern how you like being restrained…as I touch you.” He took a step toward her, lithe and predatory. His fingers wrapped around her wrists, pinning her hands with one hand, he held them behind her back as he cupped her cheek with his other hand.

He captured her mouth, hard and passionately, like he’d kissed and savored the taste of her lips for the first time. Their tongues fluttered and surged one against the other. She struggled to free her hands, only she couldn’t, he tightened his grip preventing any movement. With the heat of her arousal tugging at his own, he tapped into her mind. The thoughts of shock from his restraint overwhelmed her, confused by the desire to continue. His mouth moved down the side of her neck, teeth scraping gently on the skin at the pulse point, giving her goose bumps. Oh, the call of her hot blood burns in my veins. Such a delicate morsel, this one is.

Again, she tried to move. And again, his fingers held her in place. The scent of her arousal enticed his nostrils. Sliding his free hand down her abdomen to her thigh, her body twitched. When he reached the mound between her legs, she gasped in his ear. The flood of her juices confirmed all the evidence of the depth of her arousal as her scent enveloped his senses. As he guided her back onto the bed, he lifted her onto the soft mattress. Her breathing quickened as she came to rest at the edge. Raising her hips, he slipped the tiny thong down her legs and tossed it aside.

Standing straight, he pulled the black turtleneck sweater over his head, and revealed a broad, muscled chest, tapering down to the corrugated leanness of his flat abdomen. Realizing her thoughts were still confused despite her body’s arousal, he slowed the pace. “Katje, first of all, this time between us is for pleasure. I may be your master tonight, but trust me to know how to give you the pleasure you deserve. Can you do that?” His eyes were intent, knowing they glowed red in the semi-blackness of the room.

She nodded. “You won’t spank me…or take my blood…or anything that hurts, right?”

“No, Katje.” He stroked a finger down her cheek. “Any physical punishment I hand out will be for another time, but only if you disobey. I take no pleasure in hurting you. I will tell you this, the pain enhances the pleasure.”

Her muscles relaxed beneath his hold. “Okay, you’re saying I’d ask you to punish me for my pleasure?”

“Yes, pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin.”

“I-I can’t believe they’re the same.”

“You’ll come to learn, mijn schat. Pain sometimes is necessary to free you from the chains you put on yourself. Tonight is purely for pleasure, forget everything else. Your body will yield to me and your surge in desire will come around to wanting more. But if you become too frightened or are somehow in unbearable pain, you say the safe word…Pink.” He shook his head, and continued, “If you use your word, everything between us will stop, so don’t use it unless you need to quit our play. I will be exploring your limits. You have to trust, I will keep you safe.”