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dutyboundDuty Bound by Sidney Bristol

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Turning to the man who dumped you, for help, is a humbling experience. For Lisette, it is her last hope. She doesn’t know where else to turn and going to Mathieu for a safe haven is her best chance for survival. Lisette is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend who is some kind of wet works covert agent.

The premise of this story is a scary possibility for those entering the kinky lifestyle. For Lisette, she journeys into kink and makes the mistake of dating a man without a conscience. Seth is the ex who equates BDSM with beating a woman to a pulp. His delusional grasp of the lifestyle is typical of those who vilify kink. While this is an extreme shown in the story, it is something which can happen in real life. Ms. Bristol does a good job of showing the extreme as well as a more balanced view of BDSM.

The flogging and bondage in this story is accurate and delicious. Ms. Bristol does a decent job in her flogging 101 teachings. The tone is just right to give those outside of kink factual information whilst avoiding a lecturing tone. For example, those who have never been flogged before probably didn’t know there are different types of sensation when being flogged. The two most prevalent are thuddy and stingy. Explaining how it feels as well as which kind of flogger would create these two different sensations is well done in the story. There are a few other examples, such as the rope bondage scenes where Ms. Bristol provides more factual information. 

The suspense part of this story is written in a manner easily understandable. What woman doesn’t fear for her life when her ex-boyfriend attacks her and sends her to the hospital? The way Ms. Bristol uses social media as a tracking mechanism is actually more on point than she gives herself credit for. For those who are not aware, in the electronic age, anonymous is not so anonymous. Once an on-line personality is revealed, many social media applications can identify location of the person. In this one, it dealt with blogging and photos taken. Many applications will track and post the location of a picture taken. Sometimes, just updating a blog or twitter feed will post the location too. Seth tracking Lisette so easily is plausible as part of the story.

From a character perspective, Mathieu is the battered knight riding in to save the day. He’s an easy archetype to like because he’s a bad boy with a heart of gold. Plus he’s an alpha male with a sensual touch. What romance lover doesn’t sigh over this type of hero? Lisette is the typical damsel in distress who is a victim. Perhaps later she will be a survivor. She didn’t do much for me because she classified herself as a victim and her actions were not conducive for staying alive. She’s a bit naïve. Still, this is probably true to most women in reality so I can’t really pick on her that much. 

Overall, this is a sweet erotic romance. The suspense is mild and predictable. The characters are likeable if a bit forgettable. The kinky parts are well done and enjoyable. Recommended for kinky suspense readers who enjoy lovers reuniting.

Reviewed by Book Addict

picturePicture Her Bound by Sidney Bristol

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Odalia models fetish wear as a side job, but is sure she will lose her job as a cop if anyone finds out. Jacques was photographing her when his camera is stolen. Both feel an attraction, but can’t commit until the photos are found.

Picture Her Bound is the first book in the Bayou Bound series and is a fast paced story that keeps you guessing about the thief. The main focus of the story though is the chemistry and relationship between Odalia and Jacques. Their day jobs complicated matters though as Jacques is a private investigator and bounty hunter. I loved Jacques because he was so concerned about Odalia and her reactions to things that happened.

The sex scenes between the two were steamy. Jacques is very dominant and, while Odalia is definitely submissive, she was unsure about their relationship. I loved his surprise for Odalia at the end because it should just how in tune he was to her.

Picture Her Bound is one for the bookshelves and I am looking forward to reading the second book in the Bayou Bound series. 

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Have you ever read two books in two different genres or sub-genres, and wished they would have book babies? Totally cross genes and make a collaboration of the two? MIALL

Two of my favorites sub-genres of romance to read are romantic suspense and BDSM themed romances. I totally love both, and with a few exceptions, I’ve never seen the two paths crossed—so I decided to write what I wanted to read.

Midnight Ink is a boxed set of completely original stories, across several series, that all interconnect at one place and one point in time. At the Midnight Ink tattoo shop in New Orleans on New Year’s.

What better setting than that to take a chance on a new genre mash-up?? There’s a bit of advice I heard when I first started writing, that you should always write what you want to read, and that’s what I decided to do with my contribution to the Midnight Ink boxed set.

Kink, suspense and romance—a good set of ingredients, right?

Picture Her Bound is a new venture for me. It combines erotic romance, suspense, a crime drama and BDSM all into one short story that is the beginning of something new. You see, Picture Her Bound is also kicking off a whole new series for me. I loved writing the novella so much that I just had to dig in and keep exploring this world.

The novella features a woman who is a patrol officer by day, and a tattoo and fetish model by night. Her hero is not only a bounty hunter, he’s an amateur photographer and Dominant. I really like the added complication of a couple involved in law enforcement. Especially with BDSM, there’s a heightened level of risk involved. For a public servant, their lifestyles are held under an even more intense microscope than the rest of us. picture-her-bound

Blurb for Picture Her Bound:

Officer Odalia Foucheaux is a desperate woman. Incriminating photographs of her after-hours job as a fetish model have been stolen, and she’s willing to break rules to get them back. Standing in her way? The very dominant bounty hunter Jacques Savoy.

Jacques has been watching out for Officer Foucheaux. He wants her safe from harm as much as he desires her body, her soul—and her submission. Odalia’s in trouble and struggling to walk the line of the law. His solution? Work together to find out who stole her pictures, what the thief wants and how to stop him. And if they find a pleasure unlike any other along the way, well, laissez les bons temps rouler.


Let the good times roll.




Jayne Rylon

Report For Booty

When Burke Levine got marching orders, he couldn’t bear to make his girlfriend Chavon White a military widow. Years later, discovering his name tattooed on her perfect ass via a New Orleans’ artist’s portfolio confirms his epic mistake. Will Midnight Ink’s New Year’s Eve party grant them a second chance?


Sidney Bristol

Picture Her Bound, a Bayou Bound novella

She’s a police officer desperate enough to break the rules. He’s the bounty hunter standing between her and ruin. Picture Her Bound is —the first book in the brand new Bayou Bound series from Sidney Bristol—a story of right, wrong and binding pleasures.


Robin L. Rotham MidnightInk300

Not So Over Eli

Paramedic Bart Rigger finally has the life he wants rather than the one his father dictated, thanks to hot new fiancée Rhonda Giannetti. But a whirlwind trip to New Orleans puts it all at risk when he’s forced to confront unresolved feelings for his first love, tattoo artist Elijah Bell.


PG Forte

Inked Memories

All Sophie wants is a tattoo to commemorate her battle with cancer. What she gets is celebrity tattoo artist Declan Ross, the same sexy bad-boy who used to rock her world. This time, they’ve both got scars and it’s still the ones you can’t see that are the hardest to cover.


RG Alexander

To The Bone, a Bone Daddy novella

Etta Santos has one resolution—to cover up the last visible evidence of her past. When Christie Ryder, sexy musician and new owner of Midnight Ink, pursues her, he seems too good to be true. His music touches her soul, but can she risk trusting another bad boy with her heart?


Eden Bradley

Dangerously Inked, a Dangerous Romance novella

When the tattoo artist Finn Carter lined up for his visit to New Orleans turns out to be the mysteriously alluring sub he played on New Year’s Eve at The Bastille, the city’s BDSM club, more than his skin will be marked forever—and Rosie is just the woman to bring this playboy to his knees.


Carrie Ann Ryan

Ink Inspired, a Montgomery Ink novella

In Carrie Ann Ryan’s Ink Inspired, the prequel to her upcoming Montgomery Ink series, Ice Princess Shea Little wants ink and a change. Shepard Montgomery not only wants to ink her, but get through that icy exterior.  Together, they’ll heat up the streets of New Orleans…and each other.


Mari Carr

Blank Canvas, a Big Easy novella

Disillusioned by divorce, Jennifer’s about to discover her wild side, starting with a tattoo from Caliph. And continuing with submission, spankings, wax play…all under the skilled hands of her wickedly sexy tattoo master.

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life.  She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. Sidney Bristol 03 She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

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Collar Me in Paris by Sidney Bristol

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


What begins as Clay’s first family vacation with his new wife quickly dives into disaster. He may be the submissive in their relationship, but he’s no shy violet. Bianca has taught him the quickest way to turn her on is a challenge, so he’s throwing down the gauntlet.

Bianca butts heads with not just her brothers, but also her husband when the family torturing begins. But the joke is on him. She’s ready to put him through the most erotic misery of all. She’ll show him who’s Dominant in their relationship until he’s screaming for more.

Their relaxing Paris vacation turns into a mad dash through the ancient streets, a competition of wills and a new exploration of what it takes to make their relationship work. From bondage, discipline and very public orgasms to navigating the Métro, family feuds and overcoming the language barrier, they’re going to redefine the word fun.


The Amazing Race meets family vacation. The only girl in a family of 4 siblings, Bianca is petite and her brothers tend to dismiss her competitive nature while being overly protective. With her husband/submissive and pain slut Clay the family race gets redefined as a time to have fun while still wanting to beat her brothers.

They may be on a family vacation, but that doesn’t stop Domme Bianca from playing with Clay when the opportunity arises. The entire family may be staying in one fancy Paris pad, but their suite allows them time to explore their kinks while trying to keep the true nature of their relationship a secret from her vanilla family. Bianca finds some very inventive ways to punish Clay for transgressions, whether it’s his volunteering them for the race she despises or his bold, against instruction, touching while she tortures him awake. No destination is immune from their lust, the Paris metro, a dressing room, a train, or a book store. They keep it as discrete as possible but part of the excitement is the possibility of being caught.

Through the catacombs, antique bookstores, Versailles, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower Bianca and Clay have their shares of arguments, discoveries about themselves and their marriage, become enlighten about one brother and his wife.

I did get a little confused in the opening few pages with all the characters introduced at once, but the confusion didn’t last long after I had them all sorted out. The story is fast paced, and pulls you along from chapter to chapter, as if you are the one racing. A fun read.

Reviewed by Mary


Thanks so much to the BDSM Book Reviews team for hosting me again! When I was here last I was celebrating the release of Bound with Pearls, my first BDSM novel. This time, I’m throwing a party for the follow up book, Collar Me in Paris.

I knew I really wanted to write for the Ellora’s Cave themed call about married couples called the Ball and Chain series. The idea was to write about couples who haven’t let the fire go out, are a bit more adventurous or are turning a spark into a bonfire. Initially I wanted to write about a vanilla couple, but the book fell on its face.

Bianca and Clay were originally the best friends of the hero in Bound with Pearls. I wrote them as a quirky couple with a lot going on and a solid relationship. I really should have seen what was staring me in the face all along!

I hesitated to write about Bianca and Clay for one very good reason.

Their relationship is a Female Dominant/male submissive dynamic.

If I’m going to be honest, that’s very much outside of my wheelhouse. I can be assertive, but there’s a natural quality to the Dominant women I’ve come to know that I just don’t have.

So I read other FemDom books, fiction and non-fiction. I chatted with some people who have similar relationship dynamics.

And I really, really, really wanted to write Bianca.

So I gave it a shot. What was there to lose? I start another book that falls on its face. I was all ready looking at one that just wasn’t going to make the cut. So why not?

Writing FemDom is hard. You have to have a heroine who is a strong, take charge personality, but doesn’t come off like a raging witch. She has to have vulnerabilities, places where maybe she’s not the best at something.

She has to be human. With all the faults and imperfections we all have.

Somehow I got it into my head that I was writing a different race of human. Something totally foreign, when really, a Female Dominant character is just expressing herself in a different way than I do. It’s like preferring to wear all black as opposed to someone who gets decked out in pastels. Variety is the spice of life, right?

What I liked about writing Bianca was that much of her Dominant personality is also that of a caretaker, and in a way, being the leader in her relationship with Clay is how she shows him she loves him.

I don’t think I’m going to want to step into Bianca’s shoes anytime soon, but I’m glad I wrote her. It was heck of a fun experience.

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life.  She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

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Collar Me in Paris coming February 13th from Ellora’s Cave 

What begins as Clay’s first family vacation with his new wife quickly dives into disaster. He may be the submissive in their relationship, but he’s no shy violet. Bianca has taught him the quickest way to turn her on is a challenge, so he’s throwing down the gauntlet.

Bianca butts heads with not just her brothers but her husband when the family torturing begins. But the joke is on him. She’s ready to put him through the most erotic misery of all. In public, at a night club and all over the city, she’ll show him who is Dominant in their relationship until he’s screaming for more.

Their relaxing Paris vacation turns into a mad dash through the ancient streets, a competition of wills and a new exploration of what it takes to make their relationship work. From bondage, discipline and very public orgasms to navigating the Métro, family feuds and overcoming the language barrier, they’re going to redefine the word fun.


Clay’s  feet squicked inside his tennis shoes. For all of a second he felt guilty for tracking mud and God only knew what else into the apartment, but someone had thoughtfully laid out newspaper and cardboard. Other, equally filthy shoes were lined up, as well as a few articles of clothing too soiled to wear any farther. He toed his shoes off and left them in the foyer. Bianca slammed the door shut and didn’t bother with removing her sneakers. She stomped down the hall to the tune of her family’s laughter and ignored their calls.

Today had not gone well.

That was an understatement.

It had been a wreck.

“There you are!”

“Hey, thought you guys would never make it in.”

“About time you showed up.”

The teasing jibes kept coming as Bianca passed the living room and stormed to their suite.

She was beyond angry.

Angry was a fire ant army out to take a pound of flesh.

Bianca was beyond that. Furious, enraged, those words fit her better, and he didn’t think he had it in him to care anymore. He’d changed from the sub he’d been three years ago who had no limits. He had them now, and being used as an emotional punching bag all day was a yard too far.

Clay paced slowly into the fray. The scent of stale water and excrement clung to his clothing. The sense of accomplishment from having completed the day’s challenges was dampened by the knowledge the rest of her family had finished in half the time and probably with a lot more cooperation from their spouses.

Kevin glanced up from the TV where the brothers were currently engaged in what appeared to be the latest multiplayer shooter game. “You look like shit.”

“Thanks.” Unlike his wife, their razing didn’t bother him. Who were they to him? Her family. Not his.

“Seriously, what took you guys so long?” Michael didn’t divert his attention from the action. He even managed to snag a handful of popcorn and shove it in his mouth without breaking stride.

A random assortment of snack foods littered the coffee table—cheese, crackers, chips, some cookies and even a bottle of wine. The empty plates attested to there being even more to offer at one time.

There was enough there to feed several people. Despite being exhausted, he itched to pack some of the food away.

Jason’s voice broke his concentration. “We missed you guys at dinner. Everything okay?” Unlike his brothers, Jason had paused the game and turned toward him. Michael and Kevin grumbled, but took the opportunity to shovel yet more food in their mouths.

“Yeah, took us longer than you guys. Where are the girls?” He glanced at the kitchen, but still no one.

“They went out shopping or to a show or something,” Michael replied and restarted the game.

The game ramped up and the three brothers began a flurry of attacking something. He’d never understood the appeal of video games, but he hadn’t been exposed to them until he was in high school, and by then other things had taken on more importance. Like finding an after-school job so he could have shoes without holes and jeans that fit.

He shuddered as a chill crept down his spine from the clinging, cold clothing and shook off the nervous tic as well. He’d left those days behind. “How did you guys get into the catacombs so fast? We waited almost two hours.”

Kevin snorted. “Oh fuck waiting.”

“We don’t wait, man. We offer the first people in line fifty bucks and skip the wait.” Michael glanced at him. “You didn’t seriously wait, did you?”

He grimaced. “Yeah, yeah we did.”

“Sucks to be you.” Michael laughed and focused on the game.

“Hey, do you want join in? We probably have a spare controller around here somewhere,” Jason offered.

“No thanks. I’m going to clean up. Tromping through those sewers was gross.”

He left the living room to a chorus of laughter, maybe directed at him or the game, he didn’t care.

Bianca had known her brothers would bribe and do whatever it took to win. That was their way and she hadn’t told him. He’d waited in line for two fucking hours while she gave him the silent treatment. They could have been strategizing, discussing how they wanted to play, learning the rules. But no. He had no way of playing with a full deck if she didn’t confide in him.

They were supposed to be a team.

A fucking team.

He pushed the door to the suite open and slammed it behind him. If she could slam doors, so could he.

Bianca jumped but did not turn around from where she stood at the foot of the bed. This was not the way things were supposed to be between them. Sure, B called the shots and he was comfortable in his role as her husband and submissive. He did not play the role of a carpet to be walked upon.

He ignored the instinct to kneel at the door, to wait for Bianca to present the collar and slip his necklace off. His knees tried to buckle, but he locked them in place. Instead he began removing his jacket and peeling off his shirt.

“I didn’t give you permission to undress,” Bianca snapped. Waspish behavior was unlike her. Even when she gave him pain she laughed and smiled.

“I don’t want your permission.” His voice was cold, foreign to his own ears. He wadded up his shirt and tossed it through the bathroom door where it plopped onto the tile.

Bianca turned to face him. She’d stripped down to her navy boyshort panties and matching camisole. The set was old, relatively speaking, but one of his favorites. The material had a silky sheen to it, and the lace was soft to the touch, not rough. Her firm breasts filled out the top and her nipples were visible through the fabric. Goose bumps rose on her flesh, and her damp, shoulder-length hair stuck to her face and hung in clumps.

She was beautiful, but not when her face was drawn and tight. Anger didn’t become her. Her makeup was smudged, streaked across her cheeks or completely gone, giving her something of a sad clown look. It ruined the ferocity of her flashing gaze and tight lips.

“What’s wrong with you? Is this some twisted plea for punishment? Because I’m not amused.”

He fisted his hands. He would never lay a finger on her in anger, but he wanted to do something to work the frustration out. “No, this is about you and your family, and keeping me in the dark.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You knew they would pay to cut in line and cheat.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah. They do. And where do you think that money comes from? My brothers spend months preparing and saving bribe money. We had one night. What are you willing to forgo to pay for this? Club membership? Wine club? Hockey tickets? Because to me, those are a lot more important than cutting in line.”

He pitched his voice to match her volume. “Why do you get to make that decision?”

“I thought I was the Dominant here.”

He stared at her, not seeing her but everything that was wrong with this situation. The lack of communication, their attitudes and most of all, the missing fun. They laughed and enjoyed themselves.

The years had built a level of intimacy between them, and now it was as if all that work had disappeared. “This, this isn’t like us. I don’t want this.”

Bianca’s gaze widened, glistening with sudden tears. Her lower lip trembled though she fought to hide it. Sorrow speared him. He didn’t want his wife to cry.

She threw up her hand when he took a step toward her. “What are you saying?”

“Christ, B, I don’t want to do this damn race if it’s going to fuck with our heads.”

She sank down on the edge of the bed, her shoulders slumped, and stared at the ground, or maybe her toes. He could hear her trembling breath, see the tension in the cords of her neck. Clay slid between her and the wardrobe to kneel in front of her and took her hands in his. She stared at the carpet, her face twisted into a painful mask.


Her fingers were cold to the touch. The stench still clung to their hair and skin, disgusting reminders of the failure of a day they’d had.

He pushed to his feet, Bianca’s gaze tracking him under the cover of her lashes. She might bust his balls, literally, for this whole fiasco, but he was her husband. He could bend the rules a little.

He scooped her up and settled her slight weight against his chest. The silky material was ice cold, her skin clammy.

She began to wiggle in his grasp. “What are—?”

“Let me take care of you. Please?” Though he spoke in an almost whisper, she stilled.

She didn’t respond, but she relaxed in his hold, leaning against his shoulder and curling her hand over his heart, not one protest on her lips.

He breathed a sigh of relief and edged around the bed, careful not to bang her knee on the wardrobe or clock her head against the bedpost. He set her down on the miniscule counter space in the bathroom and turned the shower on.

Bianca watched him, worry lining her brow and pinching her lips. Her green eyes appeared so much larger than normal. She was always so put together, the quintessential modern woman, and he admired her for all of her feminism and femininity.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes. They smell.” He ran his fingers along the lacy edge of her camisole covering her hips. “May I?”

She lifted her arms in silent permission. The stretchy fabric clung to her skin and had to be peeled off. She shivered and gripped the edge of the counter. She didn’t often allow him to undress her. He wished the circumstances were different, that he could enjoy the privilege.

When they’d first played within the confines of the club, he hadn’t understood how intimate the process of taking off this woman’s garments could be. In those first months she’d never allowed him to so much as remove her shoes.

“Do you remember the first time you gave me permission to undress you?” He studied her face as he lowered to his knees.

Her brows lifted and a crackle of lust zipped between them. Their relationship had still been new, going on barely five months officially when they took that first weekend trip. Before that, he’d been under her protection for close to a year and was elated they were finally at a more intimate place in their relationship. Though they’d checked in at a bed and breakfast, they’d snuck into a nearby hotel pool.

Under the cover of starlight, she’d instructed him to remove every stitch of her clothing.

She sucked in a breath. “Of course.”

He slid his hands into her silky panties. When they’d been at the pool, she’d leaned against a low wall.

He’d removed her underwear much like this, caressing her with his palms as he pushed them off. Like that long-ago night, she kept her legs closed and her pussy unavailable. Instead he kissed her knee and rested his chin against her while he knelt on the ground.

“That’s when I fell in love with you.”

She snorted. “I thought you fell in love with me the first time I locked up your balls?”

He laughed against her skin. “Okay, I fell in love with the Mistress then, but the woman later.”


Thanks so much to the team here at BDSM Book Reviews for having me!

I’m currently celebrating my newest release and my first Taboo line book from Ellora’s Cave. Bound with Pearls is the beginning of a lose contemporary series based around a fictional BDSM poker game in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, I said BDSM poker! I’ve already contracted the next book, Collar Me in Paris, which should be out early in 2013.

I love writing about life, about how people deal with the every day and the extraordinary in the same hour—and still manage to fall in love. My BDSM books are slice of life stories about people who are very kinky, and still volunteer with charities, have normal jobs and friends who can’t wrap their heads around kink. It takes all types to make life interesting, and the same goes for fiction.

Because I write mostly contemporaries at the moment, I try to pay special attention to making the stories real. In Bound with Pearls for example, the heroine’s family complicates the story. She has to make choices, who is she going to listen to? Her family? Or the Dom she just met? The hero has a busy work calendar, so how is he going to make this new relationship work? And will it be able to mesh with his daily life?

Kinky dating is both a lot like, and a lot different, than vanilla dating. In a lot of ways it works backwards. The characters are introduced to each other’s needs and sexual preferances first, and their favorite colors, astrological sign and occupation second. I think it creates an interesting dynamic where a lot of the pretense for impressing someone are removed. Okay, so it’s still there, but with so much banking on each partner being honest with the other about their wants, needs and expectations, there’s a layer of vulnerability that’s inherant to that storyline and lifestyle.

That might have been one of my favorite aspects of writing Bound with Pearls, that stripping away of what the hero and heroine expected and presenting themselves.

Bound with Pearls released Wednesday, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my fifth book this year, and I’m just gettng started as a writer. You can currently purchse the book via the Ellora’s Cave website. It will be up on all major retailers within a week so you can download to your device.

I’m going to give away a copy of the book to one, random commentor. Negotiation scenes in BDSM are often my favorites. Name your favorite negotation scene for a chance to win! You must post by midnight Dec 20th Central time to be eligible to win.

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life.  She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Bound with Pearls, purchase from Ellora’s Cave!

The last thing Christine wants to do is another favor for her sister, but Lucy always gets what she wants. This time it’s Chris playing sub to a demanding Dom. Their relationship begins with a power exchange and progresses to time spent between the sheets. Now emotions are getting complicated and the Dom isn’t just a hunky guy in black.

Daniel’s expectations are turned upside down when he meets Chris. She’s more than a well-trained submissive. She’s a woman with a body he wants to memorize. He’s willing to spend as much time as it takes to learn her, because she might be his match and his muse. He’ll make her come so hard he’s imprinted on every inch, and then he’ll offer her the most precious thing he can, himself.


Christine’s mouth closed with a snap. Her jaw hurt from clenching. Her hands ached from gripping her wrists. Blinking rapidly, she looked at the Dom’s broad back. He was getting ready to leave.

She’d failed, completely blown it, and he was right. Her attitude sucked. This wasn’t like her. She’d hit a low point and didn’t know how to dig herself out of this one.

Pinpricks of pain stabbing the backs of her eyes heralded tears. Screwing things up seemed to be her specialty today, from the reports at work to forgetting her entry fee for the charity race, and now it was going to cost her. Lucy wouldn’t give her the pearls when she found out the Dom had left, rightfully disgusted with her.

The muscles in her chest constricted until she was panting for breath. Her vision blurred with tears she had to dash away.

“Wait,” she said, her voice sounding strained and too high to her own ears.

The Dom glanced over his shoulder, unmoved. It shouldn’t get her off, but the idea of a man with such control was a turn-on. She’d been ready for someone big and scary or maybe on the scrawny side with a penchant for pain. Finding him a fairly normal guy unsettled her.

Fairly normal was an understatement. Sure, most women might not notice him. He had nondescript brown hair and his features were handsome enough. It was something else about him that drew her.

“Why should I?”

She took a deep breath to calm herself. “You’re right. My attitude sucks.” Another deep breath. She couldn’t think of a good reason to give him, except the truth. Her shoulders slumped. She hated airing the dirty laundry between Lucy and her. Sisters should be close, they should have a bond. All she and Lucy shared was a last name and some DNA.

“I’m not involved with Nate. Lucy’s my sister and she—she’s afraid of you, so she probably whined to Nathan until he suggested trading me for her.” She could feel her cheeks burning. “I wasn’t going to do it. I-I don’t know you, I’m not entirely comfortable with this, and Lucy knew that. When I said no, and I meant it, she—”

Her throat constricted around her words, cutting them off. Squeezing her eyes shut, she balled her hands into fists and let the wave of emotion wash over her. She was angry and upset, hurt that her sister cared so little, but it was no different than any other time Lucy had conned her. The only person she could blame for this situation was herself. She drew in another slow, deep breath. “She told me if I’d come here, she’d give me our mother’s pearls. She’s dead, and they’re one of the only things we have left of hers.”

Her gaze locked on the floor. She knew she should stop talking. This man was as disgusted with her as she was, but her mouth kept working. “I loved them. I wore them to prom and graduation. I’d borrowed them for luck every now and then. Lucy never wanted them. They didn’t sparkle enough, they weren’t flashy. But when I wore them to her funeral, Lucy started yelling and crying about how I got everything. I gave them to her to shut her up and I’ve never seen them since.”

She hiccupped around her words. No doubt her face was red and splotchy. She didn’t cry delicately. No, when Christine cried her nose turned red, her eyes got big and puffy and she turned into a fountain. She hated crying and dumping ugly family business on a stranger. She couldn’t wait for him to leave. She could curl up on the bed, cry herself out and slink home where she could camp out on the couch with a pint of ice cream.


Hands gripped her shoulders from behind. Her stomach dropped right before the ground disappeared from under her. The Dom picked her up effortlessly.

“What are you doing?” She gripped his shoulders, expecting to land on her ass any second.

He crossed to the chaise and sat down with her cradled in his lap. She tried to slip onto the bench, but his hand clamped on her thigh. It was natural to obey the unspoken command. This close she could see the deep blue of his eyes, the strength of his jaw and feel the power of him. There was no doubt under the black t-shirt and jeans he was every bit as strong as he looked.

“What are—?”

“I’m the one who gets to ask the questions here.” His voice was stern, but unlike his reprimand from before there was a warm quality.

She relaxed against the curved arm of the chaise, comforted by his commanding nature. Let someone else call the shots for now, she was too tired of it all.

“Here.” He handed her tissues from an unknown source and she snatched them up.

Bowing her head to let her curls fall over her face was as much privacy as she could get to clean herself up. The Dom didn’t touch her except where their bodies nestled together, which was one small relief.

She hated crying, but she was better for getting it out. It felt good to be honest, even if the recipient of her words didn’t care what she said.

Tossing her head back, Christine met his gaze. Her breathing was shaky and her eyes and nose raw.

“Feel better?” His voice was the deep, rumbling kind that spoke directly to her pussy. The whole situation would have been easier to write off as one huge mistake if he hadn’t been attractive. Now it was salt to a wound.

She nodded.

He quirked a brow and her blush became more intense.

“Yes Sir,” she mumbled. How could she already be blushing on command for the man?

“You agreed to take your sister’s place because she has something of sentimental value you want, correct?” He looped his arms around her waist, settling his hands at her hip and thigh.

“Yes Sir.”

“I’m going to be frank with you. Would you prefer I wasn’t?”

“No Sir. I’d prefer the truth.” She braced herself for a pat on the head and a goodbye.

“I don’t care for your sister. She’s spoiled. I was, and still am, a little apprehensive you’re too much like her—”

“I’m nothing like my sister.” Memories of cold Thanksgiving meals and waiting for Lucy to show up at Christmas with their father stabbed her. All the times when Lucy should have been there but never was. Their father made excuse after excuse for her—she was busy, being young and carefree. Christine knew better.

The Dom quirked a brow at her again. Her blush felt as bad as a sunburn, stretching across her cheeks, down her neck and gripping her chest.

“Sorry, Sir.” The urge to lean into him and kiss his jaw in supplication was strong.

“I don’t think you’re sorry about that admission.”

She shook her head. “No Sir, I’m sorry for interrupting you.”

“That, I believe.” The hand at her hip swept down to her knee, treating her to the first sensual skin-to-skin contact.

“Sir?” Christine bit her lip and focused on the collar of his shirt.


“I don’t know your name. I just—”

He squeezed her thigh and she shut her mouth. Another unspoken command she read perfectly.

“Daniel,” he growled. “Christ, she didn’t even tell you?”

She shook her head, curls sweeping over her shoulders. His anger didn’t scare her, though she would be lying to herself if she said some part of her wasn’t pleased someone recognized her sister for who she truly was.

Daniel. Dom, Master, Sir Daniel. It fit him—understated and powerful.

He swept her hair over her shoulder and pressed a kiss to her neck, not quite in the sweet spot, but close enough to make her shiver.

He wound a stubborn curl around his finger and leaned back against the cushions, pulling her against him. She wasn’t accustomed to being handled, but in comparison to him she was small, which didn’t happen often.

“So how did your sister and you get involved in the scene?” The hand at her knee stroked up her thigh and back down, distracting her from his question.

She had to marvel at how well he managed her. She probably wasn’t what he’d expected, and still he pulled pertinent information from her. Something about him put her at ease, which, considering his size and what she wanted him to do to her, was a questionable assessment.

“Um, I had a boyfriend in college who, who liked to tie me up. It was fun.” She lifted a shoulder. “After we broke up I did some research and decided I would try to meet someone new who could—could teach me.”

“How does your sister fit in?”

She wrinkled her nose, wishing he would drop that particular line of conversation. She looked down at his tanned arm. The muscles and veins she could trace with her fingers made such a stark contrast to her pale skin.

“Lucy has always done what I do. Same schools, degrees, even where I used to work. She has to do what I did and try to do it better. When she found out I was into BDSM, she got into it.”

“Did you mentor her?”

Her gaze leveled with his. “Have you met my sister? She showed up one night in a slutty cocktail dress, whined her way through the orientation meeting and attached herself to my Dom.”

“What did he do?”

“Brandon and I were not in an emotional relationship, so he was free to do whatever he wanted. He tried to help her for about a week before he washed his hands of her.” It had been one small victory following many losses. “Lucy attached herself to someone new, and here she is today.”

Nodding, he continued to stroke her leg, his fingers edging higher, disappearing below the hemline of the romper.

“So what happened to you? I’ve never seen you here before.”

She took a deep breath and fought the urge to open her legs and push his hand against her pussy. Any man could be attractive but it took a special man to dominate a woman with a look.

“I’ve been busy between work and our father, and it hasn’t been worth it to compete with her here. I know how people look at me when they know I’m her sister.”

“Are you seeing someone?” His question was casual but his hold on her knee was not.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t be here if I was.”

His hand continued its lazy caress of her leg. Her stomach fluttered. How could she be embarrassed and turned-on at the same time?

“Relax,” he said, jostling her with his legs.

“I’m heavy—”

“What did you say?”

“Uh, that—that I was—um,” she continued to sputter, her mind going blank.

He sighed, his hand rubbing against her knee in a circle. “I’m going to have to punish you for that. I’ve been generous, but I’m not your therapist. Stand up, take off your—” He pinched the hem of the romper. “Take this off and lie over my lap.”

Heat flooded her body, emanating from her pussy. She loved her figure, but baring all in front of a man she’d met fifteen minutes ago wasn’t normal for her. But he wasn’t sending her away. She’d willingly take whatever punishment he wanted to give her.