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velvetwhipVelvet Whip by VJ Summers and Sierra Summers

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Ginger and Stephen dance around each other for fear of un-reciprocated interest. Ginger is a responsive demo bunny who revels in exhibition and impact play. Stephen is a dominant who masters both flogging and whipping.

The duo authors create a sensually realistic BDSM scene. It also appears at least one of them is quite well aware of the result of whippings.

“I’d rather you didn’t draw actual blood.” She glanced up through dark lashes. “I mean, like the dripping-down-my-back kind, not the whip-crack-abrasion kind.” loc 126-127

This is one piece caught my attention and impressed me. I’ve never seen another author make this kind of comparison. When authors inject little tidbits like this, it helps me get into the story better. It also draws a very clear picture in my mind as to how the submissive’s back is going to look like. Imagine the scene and vicarious living through Ginger’s experiences gives me a little pick me up between my own impact sessions.

This story is written at an even pace with easy to understand characters. The characters are sweet and do generate heat with their chemistry. The BDSM is a pleasure to read and the sensual sex scene is good for romance lovers. Recommended for kinky readers who like a lick of the whip.

Reviewed by Book Addict

velvetVelvet Valentines 1 by VJ & Sierra Summers

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


This story, at its heart, is a love story. Derek is so in love with his current girlfriend, Elise, he is willing to set aside his previous life as a Dom/Master for her. However, he has never actually told her about this part of his life. Does he miss it? Apparently as he never cancelled his membership at Velvet Ice, a local upscale dungeon, but he has not been back there since meeting her.

The book starts off with Elise finding an invite from Velvet Ice to Master Derek for their Valentine’s Bacchanal. As she has no idea about this part of her boyfriend’s life, it naturally confuses her. When she confronts Derek about it, he tries to explain about his past, but Elise is more upset by the fact that Derek did not trust her enough to share everything about him and storms out.

After walking out on Derek, Elise takes it upon herself to research this aspect of Derek’s past as she has no actual knowledge of this particular lifestyle. After doing internet research, Elise goes to Velvet Ice and sets up a plan for the Valentine’s Bacchanal. This leads to the main part of the story, and where all the heat this book contains comes from. And this book definitely delivers when it comes to kink and sexual tension.

It is obvious Elise is very much in love with Derek because she decides to try and step in to Derek’s former life before her. The results are, to say the least, very successful and wonderfully kinky erotic. With the help of the Velvet Ice’s staff, she tricks Derek in to coming to the club to “rescue” her from herself. Little does Derek know it is all a ruse to get him to the club where an eager, albeit nervous, Elise awaits him in a private room, already tied up and on display for Derek.

This is where the book gets really hot. The story contains a little of everything; bondage, nipple clamps, rope work, orgasm control, sub/slave sharing, public play, etc. What is very well done is the buildup of the eroticism. The scenes start slow as Derek is hesitant as he feels Elise does not know what she is asking, and while there is truth in that, Elise proves fairly early on she is willing to learn. Elise gets introduced to the whole idea of surrendering herself to her boyfriend, but new Master and learns that she craves the feelings of helplessness, but also the power the slave actually has in a Master/slave relationship.

The scenes at the Velvet Ice continue as one would expect. The scenes are wonderfully written and completely hot. The resolution at Derek’s place the next day wraps up a plot line hinted at from the beginning of the book, and the resolution scene is quick, but a satisfactory ending. While the BDSM/sex scenes are wonderfully erotic and fever inducing, the underlying theme is one that is very important to any true power exchange relationship. Trust.

Reviewed by Master Peter Raven

Velvet Tricks, Sinful Treats by VJ & Sierra Summers velvet

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Book 2 in the Velvet Scenes series.

Kendra Moore is the “good girl” among her friends. That is, until her best friend’s Hallowe’en birthday fantasy—a night at Velvet Ice—exposes her to a world of sensuality and surrender at the hands of a mysterious man named Master Sin. Can the fantasy stand up to the light of day?


Kendra, Celia and Megan are truly A ‘Terrible Trio’ set out on trouble Halloween night. Plotting and planning to crash the upper levels (reserved for members only) of the BDSM club “Velvet Ice” and check out what they have been missing. It was Celia’s twenty-first birthday and this was all she wanted for a present, how could the other two girls say no!

The excitement of the adventure pulls you into this novella. In the public area of “Velvet Ice”, you can actually imagine a normal nightclub on Halloween. Slutty costumed patrons having fun. As these girls boost their courage and firm up their plans you are caught up in their excitement.

Separating as they reach the second level quickly the trio realizes it is nothing like the public area downstairs. Once Celia distracts the club owner with a scorching kiss, Kendra makes it upstairs to the third level. These wonderful authors treat you to breathtaking and descriptive scenes of what you would imagine to find in a hard-core BDSM club. Each scene is described in just enough detail you begin to feel what the character is feeling and seeing it through her eyes.

Of course, Kendra stands out from the regular players at the club. Moreover, she has the attention on the events coordinator of the club from the moment she ascended the stairs from the public area. As he watches her take in the scenes on the third floor, he realizes something about her calls to him.

Master Sin saves Kendra from a bad situation then gives her something she and he both want and need. This was one hot scene! There was not just kink but some romantic aspects to it as well. Knowing both of them were equally confused about what was happening but kept going with their instincts. These feelings and perplexity were brilliantly written.

How will the night end? How will things look in the light of day? (No spoilers!! However, you will finish this wanting to climb the stairs and find a Master or a sin for yourself!)

Even though this was short, these characters can be followed up. In addition, there is two more of the ‘Terrible Trio’ that need to be dominated! You will fall in love with these characters, their story and ‘Velvet Ice’.

Reviewed by Wendy

Educating Nadia by Sierra Summers and VJ Summers



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5

Educating Nadia was a short story about a high school dropout who is enjoying her friendship with the conservative English Professor next door-until she opens a package delivered to her door addressed to him and realizes her staid neighbor is a Dom.

For his part, Alex has lusted after Nadia for a long time, but has been unwilling to threaten their friendship by revealing his sexual preferences. But now that she knows, he wants to show her how good it can be between them.

But Nadia is ashamed of the fact she had to  earn a GED instead of a high school diploma and feels uncertain about having a relationship with someone as educated as Alex.  Can Alex earn her trust and honesty so that they can pursue  a relationship?

The story contains, bondage, minor spanking , anal play and a crop.

Reviewed by Karen

Daniel’s Surrender (Worthington Group #3) by VJ and Sierra Summers



Story Rating: 4 of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


This is part of the Worthington series.

Daniel Ellis is a sophisticated, gorgeous force of nature. He doesn’t do relationships and he sure doesn’t fall in love. His bitter childhood taught him all he needed to know where love was concerned. One evening, an encounter with Matthew Worthington—his best friend’s brother—shook him to the core. Six months later the temptation of Matthew is further complicated by Shannon Whitney.

When Shannon meets Matthew she knows she’s found someone special. Walking in on Matt and Daniel in an intimate moment she realizes that she wants both men, equally.

Matthew and Shannon represent everything Daniel was ever afraid of wanting. The passion they ignite in him is soul searing, their complete acceptance of all that Daniel encompasses is over whelming. Can Matthew and Shannon teach him that true love does exist? Will the three of them be able to form a real family? Will Shannon and Matthew wait for Daniel’s Surrender?

Contains: M/M, M/M/F and aspects of light bondage.


So that you don’t get the wrong idea let me start off with I really liked this book, but argh another mid-series read!!!  Those that have read my other reviews know I am not a fan of reading books out of order, but alas the plight of the reviewer we don’t always get a choice. :) OK, let’s be honest this is the coolest gig, reading books and telling you all what I think, and if it means reading series out of order then I can easily suck it up!!  LOL

OK, OK back to Daniel…  Like I said I really liked this book, Daniel is everything an alpha male should be – strong willed, stubborn, slightly emotionally damaged/unavailable, gorgeous, sexy, powerful, etc etc.  Matty, oh sorry Mathew, is a great contrast for Daniel.  He is sweet and sexy, strong in his own way and not ready to take “no” for an answer.  It was great to see Matt grow into himself during this story.  The third member of our trio, Shannon I was not as enamored with.  She is very nice but kind of passive, which I guess when you have 2 strong males is what you need but, she could have had a little more “oomph” if you know what I mean.  Not to say she was a complete push-over she did have her moments, but overall I would like to have seen more from her.

One of the great things about this book is that it had a real story to it.  Not only did it focus on the relationship of the trio as a whole, but also between each of the characters individually. You could see each relationship really evolve.  There was some great sex scenes don’t get me wrong, it is a very hot book, but it’s also a really good story of Daniel facing and overcoming his fears to find happiness and love.

I highly recommend this and will definitely be reading the others in the series and more from this author!!

Reviewed by Book Huntress

Boss Man
Sierra Summers
Liquid Silver Books [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

After a painful breakup and a few years absence from her friends parties Penny decides to join in once again. Right off he bat she finds herself having a great time with two men but when she finds out who the second mysterious man is she bolts. Never in her greatest imagination did Penny ever think that she would be having sex with her boss. All she can think about now is what will happen at work but Dante is not so ready to give Penny up. He wants more than just a quick roll in the hay and he’s bound and determined to keep Penny.

This story was very quick and heavy on the sex. I did enjoy this book but would have loved to see a little more of the interaction between the characters outside of the sex. Dante is a strong willed man who is more than willing to fight or what he wants and what he wants is Penny and her love. Penny is a great woman who is finally coming into her own and finding herself in the bedroom. Right from the start the attraction is there between Penny and Dante. Watching that attraction turn into something much more was a nice read. Not only do we get their story but the secondary characters make an impression as well. I loved Andrew and Kale they both are strong characters and help pull this story together. I hope that hope they get their story told and that we get to see more of them in the future.

I only wish that this story were slightly longer and that we got to see more of the relationships outside of work and sex. Right from the beginning I was pulled into Dante and Penny’s world and didn’t want to leave. The author did a wonderful job of keeping my attention and leaving me eager for more.

Reviewed by Gabrielle