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Claimed by the Zyndevine by Gianna Simone claimed

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This is a fast moving magical story with many twists and turns. I enjoyed this book with it’s feisty characters, spells and hexes, evil forces and new lands. The romance was inevitable and the sex was hot. Even though BDSM was the main element to all romantic encounters, the prominent feel for me was one of true love conquers all. If you like magic, fantasy and happy endings this is the story for you.

Reviewed by Foxy Loxy

Trysts: Tea Room Queens by Mykola Dementiuk trystscover

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


There was a time (and still is) when gay men who frequented public bathrooms looking for sex were known as ‘Tea Room Queens’. There is something exciting about the danger of having sex in a public place, and Mykola Dementiuk tells us all about it. —Amos Lassen


*Trysts* isn’t a novel in the conventional sense. It has no plot, and no real characters outside of the narrator. Instead, it features one clandestine sexual encounter after another with the nameless and nearly interchangeable men he comes across in New York City restrooms. A few manage to stand out: the crossdresser with his smeared makeup; the sweet-speaking opera tenor; and the daddy who urges him “to just sit there.” Still, the setting takes precedence over all of these. Dementiuk exquisitely portrays the loneliness of a gay male living in oppressive 1960′s in the peeling paint and chipped porcelain of the bathrooms themselves. Here, the smell of disinfectant becomes a balm to the soul, and the scent of urine transforms into an aphrodisiac.

Within the context of a BDSM review site, however, this book has little to offer. While well written, it doesn’t have much of a story per se, and contains little by way of kink. Urination is mentioned frequently simply because of the setting, but watersports don’t come into play. On the other hand, the narrator’s restroom rendezvous are never truly secret. Another man might walk in at any time. In the 1960′s, that could lead to imprisonment, a beating, or worse. Anyone into risky public sex might greatly enjoy this book. Moreover, anyone interested in the gay history of New York will be fascinated.

Reviewed by Ethan X. Thomas

cantrunCan’t Run by Jacqueline Jardin

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Story Rating: .5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): .5 out of 5


Let’s start with the truly great thing about this book. The cover has a hot pic on it. The second greatest thing about this book? It’s short. ‘Can’t Run’ is 95 pages long. Admittedly, it would have been better if it was even shorter. Say, 1 to 2 pages for the entire story? The dialogue is difficult to read and feels completely forced. The first main male lead is, in essence, an abuser and a rapist. Apparently it is perfectly acceptable to take a girl with psychological problems, drug her, manipulate her emotions, ignore any form of consent because when she is saying no, she naturally means yes. After reading this book, you’re going to need a shower because you will just feel dirty from reading it. And sadly, not dirty in a good way. Then of course, there is the writing. With just a little more effort it would improve greatly, from horrendous to just plain bad.

It’s good when a book shows it is okay to kidnap and drug someone, tie them down, feel them up, and induce them to do sex acts, because deep down that is what she truly wants. Silly that society has all these laws against such things. Jacqueline Jardin shows us this is all a ruse, and deep down, the woman this happens to truly wants it, regardless of what she says. Oh, and did I mention we can add straight up abuse to the equation?

‘Can’t Run’ violates so many principles of the BDSM community within the first quarter of the book as to be stupefying. Brent is not a Dom, or a Master, but a true sadist who sees no problem with slapping a woman down to the ground with a vicious slap while he is drunk and making her suck his cock as some form of punishment for apparently him being drunk and not in control of himself. For any true Dom or Master out there, with a sadistic streak or not, they would know such actions would reflect badly on all of them. It is scenes like this that have people in the vanilla world thinking everybody into BDSM is just a sick fuck and an abuser, or a damaged person who has Stockholm syndrome.

Once Sandine, and then Ursula finally escape Brent, after witnessing him murder his bodyguard, who they help him bury because after all, he’s their Dom, (WHAT?) and the story moves from Detroit to New Orleans, the story somehow does the impossible. It gets worse. Again, we have a Dom, and this time a Domme as well, who seemingly are considered to be Doms and/or Dommes because they say so. Sandine’s boss is her Dom because he will punish her if she does something wrong at work, and because well, he wants to.

It is not worth getting in to any more detail as to what happens in New Orleans as the situations are ridiculous and reading even a review of what happens crosses the line of SSC. And let’s not even talk about the escape from New Orleans, or the final triumphant return to the heroine’s hometown. The ending of the story is so contrived it has the potential to push you past your gag reflex.

If you are into poorly written dialogue, a ridiculous story line, a sad example of what BDSM truly is, or if you want to punish your slave by making him or her read this book, then please buy this book and read it. Otherwise, I would pass on even the first page of this book and save yourself the desire to poke your eyes out with a sharp stick.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven     

thesexiesttimeThe Sexiest Time of the Year edited by Sascha  Illyvich

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


This book is a three story anthology. While I didn’t feel that they had any particularly overwhelming BDSM elements, they were still an interesting read. The three stories are very different from one another when it comes to setting , subject matter, and character.

Winter is the first story in the anthology. It deals with an ancient tribe’s method of appeasing the gods and insuring an end to the winter season. If you are thinking a virgin is sacrificed, you would be completely wrong. In fact, the Master of the tribe selected the young woman because of the sexual acts he witnessed her participating in while in the middle of the woods. The Master’s desire for her continued to grow, so he chose her in order to end her temptation. His plans are foiled when she summons a prince who rescues her. You’ll need to read the rest to find out if the Master is able to catch the sacrifice, or if the prince becomes the next man to be tempted by her seductive ways.

In the Ark Hotel, we are introduced to Angie & Noah. When we first meet Angie, she’s staying in a dive hotel & has just recovered from the injuries that he abusive ex-boyfriend has given her. She leaves him after he beats her until she signs a consent form to spin a wheel at The Ark Hotel, which assigns the couple a sexual act to perform. You’ll want to read this book to find out how Angie reacts when she learns who the hotel’s owners are, what happens when her ex tries to force his way back into her life, and when she discovers she has romantic feelings for Noah.

Demon Protection Plan, is the final story in this anthology. In this story we meet Kassidy & Decland. Kassidy leaves a tattoo parlor feeling excited about her most recent tattoo, when she is accosted by a man who tries to steal her purse. Kassidy is easily able to take down her would be robber, the fact that she is half demon works in her favor. Unfortunately, she ends up in the middle of a police sting to catch the would be robber. She is then forced into protective custody. She & Decland, the officer assigned to protecting her, discover that there’s an unmistakable attraction between the two of them.

Reviewed by Black Hippie Chick

claimedbytheClaimed y the Enchanter by Gianna Simone

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Regine has always been the one in control until she met Cameron. Her focus has been winning her horse events, but someone doesn’t want her to win or even live. Cameron knows it is only a matter of time until Regine is his.

Claimed by the Enchanter is part of the Bayou Magiste Chronicles and continues the story of the Marchand family. The author did a wonderful job of contrasting Regine’s need to control and be dominated. She also showed how much trust plays into a relationship.

As the story unfolds, old enemies of the past show up. I’m not sure I agreed with the way Regine’s father dealt with an issue as she was growing up, though I can understand the need to protect her from herself and other issues. Cameron knows he can show her that being submissive and under his control is nothing like she went through as a teen.

Once Cameron and Regine get together, the sparks fly. The chemistry between the two is intense and the scenes between the two, and later with David, are very hot. I did have to laugh at some of Regine’s reactions though.

Readers that have read the other stories in this series will find this one just as good. While I recommend readers read the series in order, this book can be read alone. I will be reading this series again and am looking forward to more from this author.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

The Second Oldest Profession: New Tales of Sexy, Seductive Spies edited by Geneveive Ash and Essemoh Teepee secondoldest

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


This is a collection of vignettes (too short to be called short stories), about various spies and their sexual exploits. Some were exciting, but most were too short to develop any kind of rapport with the characters. At least one I wish I hadn’t read at all, because I don’t like sad endings, and to call any of them kinky would be a real stretch.

The first five stories were in no way remarkable. These included In Chinatown by Jay Lawrence; Double OH by Mike Howard; Maxwell’s Demon by Essemoh Teepee (this one included some gender switching); Double Dare by Lily Gower, and Loyalty by Annabeth Leong. They each included some sexual exploits, but nothing that would make the reader sit up and take notice.

The World Game, by M Christian, was the best of the entire lot of stories, with the woman and man actually connecting emotionally. The sex in this one, although straight, was the hottest -again because of the connection between the two.

Spy School by Anandalila was a lighter hearted romp between a man and a woman competing for the top spot at graduation from spy school, with the final competition to see who could seduce the other.

The Love Who Spied by M. Howard was okay, but had an indeterminate ending.

OHMS by Max Sanford is the kind of story I avoid at all costs. It was the only one with any real kink, including bondage and a ménage, but the ending destroyed any chance I would have had of liking it.

A Taste of Honey had an unusual twist at the end, and created more of a sense of anticipation than the others.

Overall, I just can’t recommend this anthology for a kinky website. It might be more appropriate for a site that reviews spy novels, but none of the stories was long enough to develop a story that would capture the reader’s attention.

Reviewed by Karen

Ten Shades of Submission by Jim Lyon ten-shades-of-submission-L

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Femme Dom literature is fast becoming one of my favorite types of BDSM fiction. In this collection by Jim Lyons, we are given a window into ten very beautifully done visions of what submission can mean. The stories in the collection are: A Night of Firsts, In the Limelight, The Recreation Executive’s Assistant, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Bait and Switch, A Niche Business, A Gift for Veronica, Phone Sex Gone Wrong, Tennis Anyone? and A Night at Club Noir.

Each story is a pearl in a crown of thorns. In “The Recreation Executive’s Assistant” we are privy to a bit of a sci-fi flair, BDSM twist that gives new meaning to filling all the voids.  This story stuck out for its individuality and experimentation.

In “Phone Sex Gone Wrong” you meet a phone sex operator with a penchant for destructive conversations and in “A Niche Business” you meet a woman of unprecedented talents for sculpting beauty.

In several of the pieces, body modification is a central theme. How far would you be willing to go for your Mistress? What if you had only just met? Just signed a contract with barely speaking? What about if you were taunted into a scenario that you just couldn’t win? Would you say mercy or would you give your Mistress that ultimate surrender, that physical part of yourself that you never, ever thought you could ever give up. Castration, both female and male, chemical treatments, hair removal, genital cages are all things you will find within these pages. Although the book is only forty six pages, the journey it took me on left me sighing in wonder at the images presented. These ladies demand the respect and will take it, even if it means tearing your hair out by the roots to get it. Jim Lyons gets to the meat of the story and makes you feel every scalpel edge along the way. The fun part is, you learn to like it and when you flinch, you always go back for more.

Reviewed by:  Erzabet

Minnesota Strip: A Tale of Times Square Queers by Mykola Dementiuk  mykola

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


Another scorching story of gender-bending, sex, and the quest for freedom from the Lambda Award winning MYKOLA DEMENTIUK at his best. Turning tricks can be a very dangerous profession especially when you’re a male cross dresser trying to come on to guys as a hooking female. Your outward appearance may be sweet and feminine but the masculine reality can get your face bashed in, if not something a lot worse. And passing as a female, well, very hard to do yet Connie was made for just that. Being a small framed boy at the age of nineteen and getting all dressed up she could easily pass as a hard-on inducer on the Chicago streets, the men going after her as much as she led them on. Her pretense at being naive and innocent, almost under age and pleading, “But sir, I have never sucked one before, I might do it wrong,” only led her to be prodded to her knees and give them a blow-job, pretending to be tricked into doing just that for a few dollars but which was her original intent anyway, the men satisfied as they’d zipper up and scurry off while Connie would just get up and go on to the next unsuspecting customer…


Sometimes a book comes along that makes you feel dirty just by reading it-that’s the case with Minnesota Strip, which is subtitled, A Tale of Times Square Queers.

This is a short story about a transvestite named Connie who experiences a series of adventures on her way to New York City, and then has some more once she arrives at Times Square. It smacked strongly of “Midnight Cowboy” without the angst. In fact, the story was pointless, devoid of any purpose other than titillation for gay people, and lacked any charm or real emotion.  If anyone wants a definition of pornography, go in the direction of this story.

There was no kink other than the gay guys playing with each other, and no real connection between any of the players. Although Connie does end up with the man she labels, “the old faggot, Honey,” and he professes his love for her, the connection is as tenuous as Connie’s gender.

Reviewed by Karen

Year of the Oar by Clare Seven year-of-the-oar

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Claire Seven’s most recent novella, Year of the Oar (Her Travail) Book I, is difficult to accurately categorize. Whereas it includes a significant amount of voluntary bondage, whipping and related corporal punishment, and subservient sexual activities, it’s not really a BDSM or erotic book in the traditional sense. Perhaps it would be best if I fleshed out the plot a little and let you decide for yourself.

Justine Laing is a triathlete whose career has just ended due to a sports injury and an aging body. Washed up at 33 with her funding cut off, she comes face-to-face with the reality that she needs to find a way to earn a living yet she has no real-world job experience or skills. Growing increasingly desperate, the socially awkward Justine accepts an invitation to a party with a guest list comprised mostly of shakers and movers who may be of some assistance in her job search. Partly due to her disdain for social niceties, the evening is a bust on the job front until Joshua comes along and offers her a lucrative challenge: work one year as a galley slave on a replica slave ship in exchange for a million dollars.

Granted, the premise is over the top, but no more so than your average episode of CSI. Once you make the leap, the writing is good enough for the scenario to work. Of course, Justine doesn’t leap at the opportunity; however, she eventually convinces herself that a year of extreme hardship is an acceptable tradeoff for long-term financial security.

Up to this point, the story is fairly engaging and accessible to the average reader. When the reality of Justine’s decision starts to materialize, the story turns progressively grim and difficult to enjoy, despite the high quality of writing. Basically the remainder of the book chronicles the equivalent of life and working conditions onboard a slave ship in antiquity, only with a layer of modern sadism and inhumanity because this is being perpetrated for the enjoyment of perverse power players.

The author does a good job of conveying the atrocious conditions under which the main character and her fellow galley slaves, most of whom are for all practical purposes real slaves, must live. The galley slaves, all naked women, are in 24/7 bondage and whipped if they so much as fall out of their rowing rhythm due to fatigue. For relatively minor offenses, errant slaves are publicly placed on a punishment horse, with buckets of rocks and bricks tied to their big toes in order to add extra torment to their ordeal. To curry favor with the cruel overseers slaves are encouraged to “willingly” offer their mouth.

Although in most respects this book is very well written, I did not find it to be an enjoyable read, and most definitely it did not strike me as being the least bit erotic. Truthfully, I was thankful that book I ended midway through the Year of the Oar. Although I am idly curious about what becomes of Justine, I’ll get over not ever knowing. There’s no way I would choose to subject myself to revisiting that dreadful experience.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Sex in London edited by Elizabeth Coldwell sexinlondon

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This is a solid eleven-story anthology with good writing, engaging stories, and a nice variety of themes. I recommend it for fans of contemporary erotica and modern Anglophiles.

Each of the stories has something to offer, and they are surprisingly varied. Each makes convincing and imaginative use of London’s unique topography, and shows a slightly different side of the legendary city.

“Double Exposure” by Jay Lawrence opens the anthology with a solid shot, a really enjoyable little voyeuristic tale that sets the stage nicely for things to come. Notable offerings include “Falling Down” by James “Grim” Desborough, where a game of chase that begins on the tube becomes some severely hot rough-and-ready sex in London’s seedy alleys. Also, “The Woman From Aldgate West” by Neil James Hudson was a wonderful, odd sort of supernatural little story in the weird tale vein with an interesting premise and lovely tone. Frances Jones’ “Artefacts” would have been at home in a supernatural-themed anthology, though there’s nothing explicitly supernatural about it, the implications are beautifully done. “Lost Property”, by Elizabeth Coldwell, answers the question of what happens to things left on the subway, and who returns them to their owners; in this case, a suitcase full of some very, very naughty things.

It’s really hard to spotlight the standouts, when they are almost all, to a one, superb. Yes, there are a couple of duds, but there’s no need to pick on them when the anthology is so solid, with eleven stories to choose from. And, well, what didn’t work for me might really work for someone else.

As far as kink goes, it’s not super-heavy. We have rough sex, spanking, risky sex, voyeurism, little bit of genderfuck, and even more rough sex. Largely, it’s lightweight, but I just can’t dock it for having kinky content that wasn’t kinky enough when each story took what it had and ran with it so well.

Highly professional work on every level, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed by Naamah