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cassie and the fire captain KD coverCassie And The Fire Captain by Katherine Deane

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When twenty-four-year-old Cassie Stevens meets Eric Waters, her town’s hunky new fire captain, she assumes he is way out of her league. Cassie isn’t a beauty queen like her mother, and a mature, no-nonsense man like Eric would never be attracted to a fun-loving tomboy like her, especially considering her penchant for getting herself in trouble. So it comes as a shock when he stops by the diner where she works, steers her out of an altercation with some rude customers, and promptly asks her out on a date.

It doesn’t take Cassie long to realize that she has finally met the man of her dreams, and Eric seems to enjoy her sense of humor and playful ways. But after she pulls a foolish prank on him during their first date, he takes her over his knee for a spanking, and she quickly discovers how much a man’s firm hand can sting when applied to a naughty girl’s bare bottom.

Eric’s attention and affection make Cassie feel more loved than she has ever felt before, and despite her sore bottom, his discipline leaves her aroused and yearning to be his. But just as she’s about to give him her heart, it seems he’s no longer interested. Can Cassie put aside her fears and trust Eric, or will her doubts set off a chain of events which will tear their relationship apart?

Publisher’s Note: Cassie and the Fire Captainis an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Five minutes later, they were back at the fire station. She writhed over his lap as he administered hard smacks and soft caresses to her pantied bottom while sitting on the back of the sole fire truck. Since everyone else was at the meadow, it was the perfect time for a little fire starting, as Cassie had called it.

He reached inside her cotton panties and stroked his finger along her wet pussy lips. “God, Cass, you are so wet for me.”

She groaned as he flicked her hard nub, continuing to spank and rub.

“We don’t have time to draw this out, honey, sorry.”

“That’s okay,” she said, shuddering over his lap, her thighs clenching together as the moisture trickled down her leg. “Quick is good too. But can I try something I’ve been fantasizing about for a while now?”

“What do you have in mind?” He let her stand up.

By the devious grin on her face, it was something creative and naughty, that much was sure.

“Lay that blanket on the edge of the truck and sit tight, big fella.” She grinned. “I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Then I’m going to show you how I think a fire truck should be used.”

Before he had a chance to reply, she was sprinting through the station house, flinging her panties at him as she ran. He stifled a chuckle and tried to read her mind. She’s going to grab a hose, and attempt something phallic and delicious.

“I’m ba-ack,” she drawled, clomping up behind him, and his eyes felt like they would bug out of his head.

So much better than a hose.

She teetered and stomped toward him, wearing only his boots, the suspenders attached to the top of the boots and lovingly accentuating her pert breasts, topped off with a huge grin and his fire helmet.

“Ya think I can put out a fire like this?” she asked coyly.

He growled and leapt for her, grabbing her around the waist as she laughed and flailed her arms. “Little girl, you are going to be the death of me yet,” he swore softly as he bent her over the back of the truck, admiring her beautiful naked ass, and her long, lean legs hiding in the ridiculously oversized boots. “What am I going to do with you?” He smacked her ass hard, bringing a blush-colored handprint out on her cheek.

“Ah gue-ess ya could spank me a little more, city boy,” she drawled and pressed her ass out.

boughtandtrainedBought and Trained by Emily Tilton

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This was a story about a young woman who signs papers agreeing to become a concubine, then has her memory wiped out so the people involved can fulfill her capture fantasies and show her “true” sexual nature.

Rose was captured, then “broken” by Leo through various hard core BDSM training techniques, then finished her training at “The Institute,” which supplies concubines to wealthy men. The women are sometimes volunteers and others, like Rose, are “pickups” who need to live out their capture fantasies.

Eventually, Rose and another trainee, Hannah, are added to the family of David and Grace, who purchased them from the Institute. But what happens when Rose regains her memories?

I found it very hard to get through this book. First, the business of training slaves is not an area I find appealing. The punishments are severe (caning, bondage, spanking, flogging and more) and being allowed to orgasm just doesn’t seem like enough reward. Finally, the plot was thin and the sex scenes lackluster.

Reviewed by Karen H

geoffreysGeoffrey’s Rules by Emily Tilton

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


What an emotional roller coaster ride we have found in the wonderful story. Chloe is a grad student, sharing an apartment. As she should have been studying her thought traveled to an erotic book she had read that morning. With her thoughts overheating her body, she knew that it was only one thing she can do to give her some focus, she finds herself in the bathroom hands in her panties and then busted as she calls out.

Geoffery is a Dom used to getting his way. He spots Chloe in the cafe, and almost walks in on her being naughty in the public bathroom. As Chloe leaves the bathroom, she is handed Geoffrey’s business card. The unknown is always intriguing, being caught by a strange man doing something so very naughty.

Geoffrey is very specific in his needs that are governed by his rules. Chloe doesn’t have much experience with men, but even less in the BDSM lifestyle. For a new sub that is new into BDSM Geoffrey would be over the top. He is strong and intense. His patience shows through as he guides Chloe through the steps, that will change her whole way of thinking, but little does he know it will also change him as well.

Chloe will fight against a few things, her academic mentor, A new “Dom” and his ideas… she will even fight her own self and her need for independence. Being a sub does not make you weak, it does not make you a floor mat, it does not make you less than what you want to be. Chloe will indeed come to a crossroads where she will have to make a choice. .

Amazing Ms. Tilton, I’d recommend this read to anyone!! Thank you for allow me to review. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Daria

achingAching to Submit by Natasha Knight

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Story rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


‘Aching To Submit’ starts the reader right off with a great scene to set the mood. Interestingly, the introduction to Sophie is her masturbating to a BDSM picture on her computer. While she cannot replicate the marks from a cane on the model’s buttocks, she does try to emulate the stance she sees in the picture before closing her eyes and teasing and masturbating to the fantasy playing out in her imagination that she is the girl in the picture. This is how one starts a book.  And this is just the Prologue.

Sophie finds herself living in Amsterdam, where her husband was born, after moving there from Arizona due to her husband’s job. While he travels for his work, Sophie explores the city, and apparently discovers a dungeon called L’Opera. She does not quite understand her attraction, but she finds herself walking slowly past it all the time, but never tries to enter. Eventually she does, and is fortunate enough to meet the owner, Kyan van de Brink, who is a very honorable Dom. He shows her the place, or attempts to, but Sophie cannot handle it and runs out. However, she is still drawn to the dungeon. The conflict though is, as far as Sophie knows, her husband Michael is vanilla. However, she has never expressed her secret desires to him, so for all intents and purposes, Michael believes his wife Sophie is vanilla as well.

When Michael becomes suspicious and follows Sophie, he learns many interesting things about his wife that comes as a surprise to him. However, he is a loving husband, and it would appear a latent sadistic Dom. The exploration into the D/s lifestyle is handled very well, with caution, safe words and consent being strongly stressed. However, the scenes between Michael and Sophie, as well as the scene at the dungeon with another participant are very hot and should satisfy most readers. The side story involving Michael’s family as well as the couple’s attempts to have a child are not overwhelming, but are used to move the story along and give additional background information for our main characters.

‘Aching To Submit’ is a must buy and read for anyone looking to add to their collection of BDSM erotica. The characters are believable. The scenes are believable and not over the top, and the mental and emotional challenges and growth feel like something that many people would go through as they start exploring their kinky side. Enjoy the read.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven