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His prisoner…his wife…his passion. Rules-of-Command

Love is the last thing on Commander John Rousseau’s mind when he claims an American woman as his wife. He’s simply following orders – although he is drawn to Emma’s soft skin and sweet nature, despite her outspoken reluctance to accept him as her husband. Determined to tame her, he promises to spank her for disobedience, and she soon finds out he’s a man of his word.

As Emma comes to grips with her marriage to a strict Free Island soldier and struggles to obey his many rules, she finds her heart softening to him. John holds her at a distance at first, but as the passion between them flares, a deep intimacy and mutual trust takes root. An impending battle finally prompts confessions of love…but will it be too late for these unlikely lovers?

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Shana’s Guardian by Sue Lyndon

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


The historical background of this story is what made it interesting. Collapse of the world….societies reverting back to a time similar to an era long since passed. Where men protected their women….where they were treated much the same as children in some respects. There was not a whole lot of sting factor in this book, unless you count the amount of spankings that Shana received. Spankings for being bad and spankings to relieve guilt. But that is all they were, just spankings. Shana grew up with Daman as her uncle (10 years older than herself) and deserved of her respect but she’d not been acquainted with any other man outside of him. To go from a submissive niece to a submissive wife…not sure I really like that. Even Daman’s attitude at times gave me pause, as I’ve not seen/heard Dom’s speak that way or treat a sub that way. Then again, they did kinda have this whole Daddy/babygirl thing going on. As with most kink, to each their own and that goes for this book too. It is not really my cup of tea, but another might enjoy a sip here and there! I did enjoy the fact that Shana became secure in her position, once she was secure with Daman’s feeling for her. All in all, not too bad of a read.

Reviewed by Cat

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Do you use a pen name? If yes (or no), why?  

Yes, I use a pen name, but my friends and family all know what I write and many of them know my pen name.  I’m not terribly secretive about it, but my real name is difficult to spell and I have a part time job in education, thus the need for a pen name.

Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience?  

The BDSM and spanking romance stories I write are definitely based on what I find sexy and interesting.  I think I’d have a difficult time writing about a topic that didn’t appeal to me on a kinky and emotional level.  I’ve always enjoyed reading M/F stories with the man as the dominant and the woman as the submissive, and those are the kind of stories I enjoy writing.  But who knows?  Maybe one day I’ll challenge myself to write something different.

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica? 

I have a few books in edits and several works-in-progress I hope to finish sometime this decade.  I love writing bdsm romance and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

What’s the most surprising piece of feedback you’ve ever received from a fan of your writing?  

Not long after Valentine Submission was published, I received an email from a man telling me he’d read my story to his wife as a bedtime story…and then they proceeded to have “the greatest sex ever.”  I definitely wasn’t expecting an email like that, but I took it was a compliment and thought the idea of a man reading his wife a bedtime story was sweet.

When you’re writing BDSM/kinky-related erotica, is there a particular movie or music that you might watch or listen to that helps you get in that frame of mind?

I always have music playing.  I listen to a lot of NIN, Perfect Circle, Evanesence, and Tori Amos – at least according to the “most played” list on my iPod!

If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first?  

I think my new release, Dark Without You, is a great place to start.  It’s an erotic romance novella with a spanking/domestic discipline theme.  Here’s an excerpt:

When the bus was in eyesight, Andy shouted, “Race you!” and sprinted ahead. Alice followed clumsily. Three Long Island iced teas had been two too many. Andy, however, had had three beers and seemed as steady as a sober man after a good night’s sleep.

“You know I can’t hold my booze, Andy,” Alice complained breathlessly after she reached the bus.

“I remember well,” he said, moving closer, invading her personal space. “And I hope you’ve behaved yourself in college, Ms. Grove.”

Unbidden thoughts of the various parties Andy had pulled her out of during high school flashed back, along with the memories of his constant threats to take her over his knee. She’d always thought those threats to be empty, but the image caused her cheeks to flush and another tremor of wet heat shot between her thighs. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. She peered up into his smoldering eyes, lost in the conflicted memories of yesterday.

“Alice Grove at a loss for words,” he mused. “Call the newspapers.”

Alice recovered herself and punched his shoulder. “I’m adult now, in case you haven’t noticed.” The memory of Andy’s threats embarrassed her more than ever—and to her confusion, left her pussy aching with need. During her freshman year of college, he’d promised to finally take her over his knee the next time she cursed at him. Would he, really?

“I have noticed.” His eyes darkened, and she squirmed under his penetrating gaze.

 What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option!  

 I’ve always been a chocolate girl.

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Dark Without You by Sue Lyndon
Total Love. Domestic Discipline. He takes her world firmly in hand…

Alice Grove owes her brother a lot. After all, he adopted her after their parents died and worked several jobs just to keep food on the table. When he asks for her help keeping a musician from the band he manages happy until the end of their tour, Alice is more than willing. She’ll do just about anything to please the enigmatic drummer she’s had a crush on since they were kids.

Andy Steel detests life in the limelight. Touring for weeks on end with no company besides his fellow band members, trashy girls, and an endless supply of booze doesn’t suit his old-fashioned ideals. He aches to have a long-lasting relationship with just one woman–but not just any relationship. He expects obedience inside and outside of the bedroom, and he won’t hesitate to enforce his rules by giving his woman a good spanking. When he meets up with his childhood friend Alice in Chicago, all grown up and aiming to please, Andy knows the heat they generate is something special. Until he hears about Alice’s real reasons for joining the tour, and until she skips town without so much as a good-bye. Andy has no qualms about chasing after her, but he may not like what he discovers along the way.

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Valentine Submission by Sue Lyndon



Story rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


He’s the man of her dreams . . . and he’s a Dom.

Desperate for some peace and quiet after an ugly divorce, Anne escapes to the beach for an impromptu vacation. But instead of r&r, she finds unexpected passion in the arms of a longtime friend, Jack, who happens to be a widowed Dom. Anne is open to his lifestyle and asks him to teach her submission. But when she realizes she’s lost her heart to him, things get complicated. Not only is she due back at her job in two weeks, but she fears competing with the memory of Jack’s wife. Maybe it’s not meant to be.

Anne’s sweet submissive nature brings the Dom in Jack to life, and he finds the first happiness he’s known in a long time. He plans a special surprise for her in his playroom on Valentine’s Day – only to discover she’s left without saying goodbye. The chase is on. If Anne thought she could leave him that easily, she’d better think twice…

Valentine Submission is an erotic romance with elements of BDSM.

Valentine Submission is a short story that really wanted to be a novella or novel. Well written with characters that are easy to like and identify with, it’s shortcoming is, well… it’s too short.
Anne has been divorced a week when she goes to a bed and breakfast owned by the friend of her jerk off ex husband. Her plan is to stay there a full two weeks just like she had planned before her divorce, but alone. She’s not sure how the owner Jack is going to react to seeing her since they haven’t spoken since she divorced his friend. Turns out she has no reason to worry because Jack has a small crush on Anne after living the life of a widower for over a year.
Yes, it’s a little complicated that Anne and her husband were friends with Jack and his now decesed wife Penny. And Jack and Penny lived a D/s lifestyle complete with a locked up playroom in the bed and breakfast. While she was alive Penny explained dominance and submission to Anne and now Anne finds herself attracted to both Jack and BDSM.
Even though the story is a  little  too convenient in places, Valentine Submission is a good read for someone starting out reading BDSM themed books. As a Dom Jack is likeable and seems sincere with his feelings for Anne. He’s a good, positive representation of how a Dom should act.
Like it’s mentioned above, this story seemed like it wanted to be longer. The two week timefame seemed rushed. Anne getting together with Jack, being intimate, thinking about moving four hours away to be with him, changing jobs, and him collaring her all happened too soon. Perhaps someday the author will consider releasing a longer version of this because that would make an interesting read. If you’re looking for hardcore BDSM you’ll want to skip this, but if you’re looking for something lighter and are just dipping your feet into BDSM themed books give this a go. It’s worth the time.
Reviewed by Elizabeth

Snowed in With Santa
Sue Lyndon
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Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Looking for a little holiday cheer? Do you have the song stuck in your head, “Here comes Santa Claus; here comes Santa Claus…”? Alana is this person who needs some holiday cheer. She’s a recent college graduate who’s job opportunities didn’t pan out as she hoped. She did complete college a semester early, in December. This would have been fine had she not been a teacher and in the Northern Hemisphere. As we all know, teachers start work in the late summer for US schools. Like many other teachers, Alana picks up a job in retail during the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, Alana is dressed up like an elf to be Santa’s little helper, not working as a cashier for one of the many stores at the mall. Personally, I’d rather be an elf. It’s more fun, especially when the costumed Santa is a hunky man. Jared dresses up as Santa to help out. He is the more experienced man who is fantasizing naughty positions with “south pole” and a cute little elf.

This story is very short and what I would consider SugarKink. Since it’s a holiday feel good story, it is sweet and fun. Alana enjoys a smexy time with an experienced kinky older man. He’s also smart and successful, what more would a new college graduate want for a winter fling? The BDSM elements are rather light, hence the SugarKink designation. Still, they do generate a spark of heat. I recommend this book for Christmas lovers who want their stocking stuffed with a little bit more than a regular candy cane.

Reviewed by Book Addict