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The Dominion of Brothers Series finally brings you the most anticipated couple: Diesel Gentry and Paris Dalqeaute in—

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RIGHT ONE 4 DIESEL reduced 500x700

Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 5


MM / some MMfM, MMMM, & Mf / Erotic Romance / Drama / Action / BDSM – D/s / Explicit Hot Language

Diesel Gentry knows exactly want he wants. Like his brother, he wants a Unicorn, a life slave to surrender her every desire and need to him— who is, in essence and body, the very same woman his brother, Trenton Leos, already possesses. He also wants Paris Dalqeaute.

He had that powerhouse body in his domineering grip once before, but Diesel purposely let the fallen angel slip through his fingers. Being a Master of Doms within the BDSM lifestyle, Diesel knew he had to set Paris free— thinking and hoping Paris would eventually come back to him, submit to Diesel willingly, and not just because Paris’ job description required him to. After all, Paris had been hired as the director for the fetish and BDSM events down at the island resort Diesel and his brothers owned. Except Paris never did return; while he proved his value to his title, he has also been using his work to hide from Diesel.

It’s been a year now and Diesel’s bed and life have remained empty ever since. It’s time the running stopped.

Finding Paris wasn’t going to be the hard part— breaking down his walls to trust the two of them to commit to a life together was going to be the real challenge.


But even if Diesel succeeds, there is a problem with their future— what’s to come threatens the lives of everyone Diesel loves— and he doesn’t even know it yet.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Right One 4 Diesel is a part of a series that, until now, has been comprised of largely standalone books. In this next installment to the series, that readability is no longer the case. Right One 4 Diesel is not a standalone read; it is an action-packed novel that does not allow room for re-introduction of its supportive characters who were introduced in Books 1 through 4 of the Dominion of Brothers series. While it is recommended that you read all of the books in the series, Books 1 and Book 4 are needed to be able to follow along with the least chance of encountering “holes” in information or plot.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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“Did you come here to surrender to me?”

There was the question that frightened Paris the most.


He wanted Diesel. He was trembling, he wanted Diesel so exuberantly; had wanted him again and again ever since that night in New York. Only Paris wasn’t sure he could give into Diesel’s demands of submission like that ever again— and be his slave.

Paris could feel that little panic storm lighting up again. He’d not felt it since that time he sat in Dominus Trenton Leos’ office while Patronus ordered him to strip down and surrender his wallet and hotel key over to them. Once again, he could sense it crawling out from whatever deep hiding place he’d managed to stuff it away, like some keepsake in a trinket box long since forgotten.

He glanced down his body, watching as Diesel unzipped his slacks then peeled them open. He could make out a bit of the mischievous grin on Diesel’s face out of the corner of his eye as Diesel peered over Paris’ shoulder and gazed down to soak up the sight of Paris’ body, just as he himself had. All while Diesel’s firm hands carried on with an agenda— pushing all the way down into Paris’ briefs. Followed by fingers that snaked around the hardening flesh of Paris’ cock and began stroking him gently while he felt a much thicker and harder cock press against his backside.

Diesel’s hand moved farther down to cup his scrotum before returning to the erection that was growing fiercely behind the ever tightening fit of his clothes, made tighter by the present demand of Diesel’s hand fisting around his shaft. Another lick on his cheek, a caressing slide of his tongue with a tease of suction— taunting him. “Paris— tell me you want this—”

“Of course, I want you. That’s why I’m here.” Paris panted.

“But do you want to surrender to what I can give you?”

Paris shook his head— not that he didn’t want to submit, but he didn’t know what Diesel was offering to give. He was confused. Diesel had demanded he be his slave. Only, Paris wanted to be far more than that and that was even scarier for him. He’d never wanted to be with anyone, let alone stay with anyone before. But surrender and stay were not the same words.

Sex with Diesel would obliterate the ranks of any previous lover Paris had ever bed with. But it would be all the more painful when it was over. He wasn’t sure he could handle it; not again. It’d been hard enough the first time, not knowing the feelings he had. It had confused him— ruined him.

“What do you want, Paris? Do you want me to stay— do you want to feel my cock deep inside you?” Diesel’s hand pumped on him harder.

Damn, it was too much. Paris gripped his pants and shoved them down to release his cock, giving it over to Diesel’s fist. He couldn’t stop the moan that escaped once he was in the full grip of Diesel’s clutches. He dropped his head back on Diesel’s shoulder— fear and walls slipping to the seductive needs of a wanton manwhore— he was folding. How could he possibly escape this man? He couldn’t possibly refuse Diesel his service. Oh, he could surely trybut he did want Diesel inside him, wanted to be fucked like no other had ever fucked him. The first and only time such desires had scared Paris. Terrified him like no other. Yeshe could try, but not a night would pass before he’d find himself following the man around the island, licking at his boots for another chance to take him up on the offer. But dammit, he was the director of this place. How was he supposed to be the man in charge of the resorts special events and kneel at this man’s feet in front of everyone at the same time? The very question burned images in his mind of just how certain Paris was that Diesel had every intention to have him completely nude, exposed, and vulnerable in front of all eyes on the island. Paris knew he would not be spared or denied any of the resort’s tantalizing moments it had to offer, though they would be humiliating for him. Diesel would see to it Paris was delivered to him as a slave and then exploited and nurtured to the fullest satisfaction.


He could not go through with it.



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We Came— We Saw— and then we made it sexy.

And that’s pretty much how the Twins came to write Erotic Romances and Dark Fantasies. Both Talon P.S. and Princess S.O. have been writing together since they were kids, always challenging and competing with each other, and always each other’s biggest supporters.

Writing has always been an affair creating Fictions of Dark Apocalyptic Fantasy and Film Scripts in the Action/Drama and a few Sci-Fi’s. It wasn’t until they began an ancient history tale that the works turned to the Erotic Genre and they’ve been hooked ever since.

After a life time of gathering experiences, and honing their story telling skills, they have finally started putting them to novel size tales. Sadly, Talon passed away in 2012 leaving the books he started with his twin, entrusting her as his ghost writer, making her promise to see them completed before joining him.

So have those book moments ready, as Talon always says—

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Feb 23rdThe Novel Approach

Domming the Heiress by Talon p.s.domming

Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 1.5

You can’t depend on your eyes, when your desire is out of focus.”

Heiress Amelia Quinneth had always been known for topping from the bottom. Being Vice-President of the family fortune and firm makes letting go of control more than just complicated. Nevertheless, submission is the one thing she desires most at the end of the day and no amount of control over her life can get her to that unobtainable bliss. That is until frustrated by lack of satisfaction; she finally reached out to Dominus Trenton Leos to be paired up with a Dom that could take charge and satisfy her needs.

However despite her request, she never expected she would have to meet her new Dom, while remaining blindfolded for the next thirty-six hours with him.

Amelia’s Dom turns out to be a Head-Master who quickly shows her who is in charge and strips away every layer of hers, one by one, until she found the true euphoria that comes from understanding her surrender.

Her very walls that she kept to define her fantasies have been torn down, but in order to find out who her new Master is, there is one more wall she must let go of and she’s not sure she can.


~Chronological Order of titles available now~

Book 1: Becoming His Slave

Book 1.5: Domming the Heiress

Book 2: A Place for Cliff

Book 3: Rough Attraction

Book 4: Taking Over Trofim

US: http://www.amazon.com/DOMMING-HEIRESS-Dominion-Brothers-Book-ebook/dp/B00N2YX87S

website: http://talon-ps.com


Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 1

Written by Talon p.s.

BDSM & D/s / MF / Erotic Romance / some MM & FF

Katianna Dumas hovers on the edge of passion, caught up inside the exquisite eroticism she crafts as an author. Her erotic novels seduce readers with tales of new and unknown heights of pleasure to which Katianna herself, is inexperienced. That is until one night she couldn’t even remember; she confessed a secret desire to Trenton Leos, who’s now intent to bring her fantasy to life and lure her into his world of Dominance and Submission where he’s not just any Dom, he’s the Dominus. The Master of all Doms.

Life with the Dominus promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but therein too lies danger, and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to hang on. Especially when being with Him means submitting her life to Becoming His Slave.


“You might be surprised—” he licked at her fresh untortured nipple. A new plan of action coming to mind as to what he wanted to do with it. “Not that you have a choice in the matter.” He added as he sat back, pulling her with him, keeping her arms locked in his hands, but shifted so he could manage them with one grip, freeing up a hand to touch her with.

“It won’t be one of those big black collars with spikes, will it?”

“No.” He felt her relax with that, but her eyes followed his hand speculatively. She obviously could see he was up to something. While he answered her questions his mind was vastly set on something else and he was certain it showed in his eyes.

“Good— I don’t think the English bull dog look would go well with my wardrobe.” She meant it as a joke, but he could still make out the layer of trepidation in her voice. “What—” she paused, eyes fixed on his fingers when he dipped in his shirt pocket, but keeping the item he fished out concealed in his closed fist, “w-what else can you tell me about the ritual?” Her words slowing as she monitored his hand cautiously.

Trenton’s grin deepened, just knowing what he had in store for her was thrilling, but watching her apprehension build, watching his hand, added to the thrill, “I‘ve decided the ritual will take place over the course of three days.”

Her brows climbed up her forehead, “Three?”

“Yes. To cover each aspect of our desires— both mine and yours. The ritual starts with moving you into the house. The first night will cover trust, the second will be for obedience, and the third night will be the final surrender.” He felt her tense against him as he revealed his intentions for their ritual. Each step marking her submission to him as his slave forever. He was actually holding her arms tightly locked now, restraining her, but she hadn’t started to struggle or use her safeword yet and that was good progress for her. “Our first night is the most important. You will spend most of that night kneeling at my feet and you will learn to trust me, trust being completely under my care then it will end with the claiming.”

He let his hand open up, revealing the two stainless steel clips in his palm. She jerked against him this time, her eyes widening.

“The claiming you demanded— the one you have secretly desired all your life, I will deliver to you on that first night.”

Domming the Heiress by Talon P.S. domming

Link to buy Domming the Heiress (Dominion of Brother: book 1.5)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This was one of those rare books where the sex scenes almost got in the way of a good story. Amelia Quinneth is heir to a large corporation that she has been running for years. She is sexually submissive, but  since she is so much in charge of all other aspects of her life, she can’t seem to let go. She finally approaches the head  Dom of her BDSM Club and asks him to find her a Dom.

The man he sends is actually able to bring Amelia to a level of submission she has never achieved before. But the identity of the man is an absolute secret. She doesn’t realize it’s because she knows the Dom and believes he would be completely unsuitable. The sex between the two of them is white hot and arousing, but it would have been nice to see the story developed a little more, including why Amelia had the hang ups she did.

In spite of that, this was an enjoyable read, well written, with interesting characters, a nicely developed plot and incredibly hot and explicit sex scenes. Expect lots of BDSM activities, a strong yet vulnerable heroine and a hero who can’t resist his sub.

Reviewed by Karen H.

The April winner of the book of the month is Becoming His Slave by Talon ps. Link to buy

Description becominghisslavefix

Trenton Leos isn’t just another Master of Doms; he’s referred to as Dominus. The Master of them all. Known internationally for his skill with a cane and for serving up the most delectably trained slaves for the Masters who love to possess them. As Dominus, he has everything he could want out of life except one, his own personal slave. Waiting till he finds the one perfect unicorn for the ultimate surrender— their life to his dominant control.

When a friend introduces him to her newest star writer, he’s certain he’s found his Life Slave. But as he starts to obsess over the nervously petite woman, he soon realizes she can’t surrender a life she doesn’t have control over. So he must make the first sacrifice—by letting her go.

Katianna Dumas, a writer of erotic romance is no stranger to the allure of eroticism and Trenton Leos is probably the sexiest lure she’s ever fantasized about. Only there’s just one problem, she doesn’t play his game.

For four years she’s known the Dominus as little more than the man who‘d given her the chance to stand on her own for once, as a friend he kept his distance. Close enough to tease the senses, but not enough to be an embellishment in his bed, even though she likes it when he looks her way.

After a mishap at Club Pain Katianna will find herself in the protective custody of Trenton Leos for the night and something happens that will change everything for the two of them. Katianna can’t remember what secret desires she exposed, but now the Dominus is demanding to court her for the ultimate submission—to become his Slave for life.

Life with Trenton promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but it also comes with dangers and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to hang on bear to be let go if she fails to keep up with his desires that constantly overwhelm her.



Becoming His Slave by Talon p.s. becominghisslave

Link to buy Becoming His Slave


Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Wow, this was a very hot book. Many scenes were described so well that I felt that I was in the middle of them. The author did a lot of research getting the scenarios just right and I definitely would love to meet any of the main men in this story.

There were a few words that were misspelled and a couple that were used improperly. The author should have written two or three books instead of cramming so much into one. I did enjoy the book and would absolutely read another by this author.

Reviewed by Ronda